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Personalized Student Career Plan

Name: Sadie Carpski 5 Date Updated: 5 January 2016

Part I: Career Paths

My Career First Choice Careers: Pathways to this Career:


Agriculture Archaeologist 4-Year College

Archaeology Historian 4-Year College

Teacher 4-Year College

Dog Walker Directly Enter Workforce

Second Choice Careers: Pathways to this Career: (Military,

(Backup Plan) Apprenticeship, Technical School,
2-Year College, 4-Year College)

Welder Apprenticeship; Trade School

Paralegal 2-Year College

My Top Military My Top My Top My Top 2-Year My Top 4-Year If I started a

Careers: Apprenticeship Technical School Careers: College Careers: Business:
Careers: School

Intelligence Welder Welder Paralegal Archaeologist Dog

Officer Walker

Part II: Career Plan

Refer to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook for information

Career Name Pathway Education/ Salary Benefits Disadvantages


Archaeologist 4-Year College Masters $61,980 Love Few jobs

Degree` archaeology available
Add to Not a
humanitys growing
knowledge field
about the past

Teacher 4-Year College Bachelors - $57,200 Teaching is Schools that

Secondary very rewarding pay are very
Education Love history competitive
Can also Could make
coach sports more
Dont need money in
higher private
education sector
Masters or
higher to
really move
up pay

Historian 4-Year College Masters $55,180 Love history; Not a

Degree rewarding growing
Teach college field
or work in Need a lot
museum of schooling
Write books & for a good
articles job

Part III: Choosing a School (if Military, look for an ROTC program)

Majors that will lead to my Career: Other Majors Im Interested in:

Archaeological Science History; Secondary Education

Top 5 Schools: Location: Tuition: Benefits: Disadvantages: Naviance? Y/N

Penn State University Park, $50,870 Mom went Far away Y

PA there Out of state
Love the tuition =
school expensive
& education

University of Maine Orono, ME $23,992 Cheapest Far away Y

tuition & fees

University of Burlington, VT $31,960 Beautiful Far away Y

Vermont campus

Rider University Lawrenceville, $58,615 Lowest Not as good Y

NJ required SAT programs
scores Expensive!

University of Kingston, RI $28,149 Lower Far away Y

Rhode Island required SAT