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September 29,2017

Welcome New Teachers!

Get to know the newest members of LJHS faculty

BY NUSHEEN BARADA- A - In this year I would like by the beach and I really like
GAN for the students to accomplish the beach. I also really like the
STAFF WRITER a certain level of knowledge weather and more important-
for art and photography. ly its a real solid community.
Susanne C. Friedrich - Pho- Ive been really impressed
tography and Art Q - Do you have any fun fact, with the student body in
secret talents ect ? these two weeks.
Q - What is your education/ A - Something that you may
professional background ? not know about me that I can Q - What are you looking for-
A - I grew up in North Caro- play the harmonica, I also en- ward to in this school year ?
lina and I attended Duke Uni- joy juggling and hula hoop- A - I am looking forward to
versity in North Carolina, and ing. coaching sports, more impor-
then transferred to Western tantly soccer, because there
Michigan University to study Q - Anything to add? were no sports teams at the
industrial design and then I A - I am very happy to be at school. I am also looking for- Susan Friedrich
continued to Arizona State to La Jolla High School and hope ward to getting comfortable Kale Major.
Photo Courtesy of Nusheen Barad- Photo Courtesy of Nusheen
study art education. to have a great year ahead. I with the new classroom, to agan Baradgan
feel very positive vibe from teach the students that math
Q - Why did you choose La everyone at this school. and learning can be really New UTC
Jolla High School ?
A - Ive been teaching for Kale Major- Math
fun and entertaining, and to
enjoy interactive and student Mall Apart-
the past twenty years and for centered lessons so I hope the Disney Parts ment Breaks
the past ten years I taught art
at Clairemont High School.
TQ - What is your education/
professional background ?
students can enjoy the class.
with Netflix Ground
Since Clairemont High School A - Ive been teaching for Q - What do you hope the BY EMMA FISH BY EMMA FISH
downsized their art program, about twelve years, I started students will accomplish this STAFF WRITER STAFF WRITER
and there was an opening at to teach in Santa Ana where year ?
La Jolla High School , I trans- I grew up for two years when A - I hope all my students are A dream is a wish your If you love the mall and never
ferred to La Jolla High School. I earned my teaching creden- successful and for each stu- heart makes is a song from want to leave, then the Uni-
tial at Chapman University, dent success has a different the Disney classic Cinderel- versity Town Center apart-
Q - What they are you look- and then I came down to San meaning. la. Disneys new dream is to ments are for you. The new
ing forward to in this school Diego and I taught at a school leave Netflix and start their UTC apartments are opening
year ? for Creative and Performing Q - Do you have any fun fact, own streaming platform. For in 2019. The building will be
A - Throughout this school Art for the district for eight secret talents ect ? a long time one of the big- 23 stories high with all the
year I hope to meet all my years. Most recently, I taught A - Its kinda interesting that gest streaming services in the amenities pool, spa, gym with
students and find out who is at a private boarding school I ride my bicycle about ten business has been Netflix. Its exercise classes, library, office
passionate about art and to in the Czech Republic for two miles every morning to school known for many movies of space, underground parking
do some outside projects for years and then I came to La and something that I my stu- all types but soon, one wont and an outdoor cooking and
the next years Del Mar Fair. I Jolla High School. Ive always dents dont know about me is be offered anymore. After the grilling station. The apart-
usually have an exhibit at the been math teacher. that I played professional soc- end of 2018 the beloved Dis- ments are also going to have
fair. cer while I was in the Czech ney movies will no longer be a top floor lounge with ocean
Q - Why did you choose Republic. offered on the service. This view and a sports bar with a
Q - What do you hope the LJHS ? includes all Disney and Pixar pool hall on the third floor.
students will accomplish this A - I choose LJHS because Q - Anything to add? movies. The Chief Executive This huge two hundred mil-
year ? the location is nice, I grew up A - Im happy to be at LJHS. Officer of Disney said that lion dollar project is going
Netflixs relationship with into the space that used to be
Disney is still strong, but they the parking lot for UTC. This
wanted to start their own plat- new complex is supposed to
form to enter the streaming be good for business at the
business. Opening in 2019, mall. There is not a current
this new system will have all asking price for the rent al-
the old and new Disney mov- though the surrounding ar-
ies and will focus on making eas average rent is two thou-
new original series and mov- sand six hundred and fifty
ies. So binge on all the Disney one dollars This is the first of
you want on Netflix until the many buildings Westfield is
end of 2018, then be ready to doing all over the world.
make the switch.

J.J. Watt and Harvey

One mans quest to help Houston Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

BY SAVANNAH DENNIS ally donated $1,000,000 to money affects as many peo-

STAFF WRITER Watts fund. Other generous ple as possible. He has also
donors include, Charles Butt, been personally volunteering
From a starting goal of the owner of a supermarket in Houston by supplying the
$200,000, J. J. Watt, the de- chain in San Antonio, and the victims with food and water.
fensive end for the Houston Houston Rockets owner, Les- Due to his generosity, sixty
Texans, has collected over lie Alexander, who have both six thousand people have
$31,000,000 for victims of helped the flood victims. petitioned to rename a Tex-
Hurricane Harvey in Hous- When times are tough and as highway to the J. J. Watt
ton. Using the website You- things look bleak, people step Parkway. The people of Hous-
Caring, Watt has been able to up to help their fellow hu- ton love and appreciate the
receive donations from hun- man, says Watt on an update efforts made by their fellow
dreds of thousands of com- video on twitter. I want to Houstonian, J. J. Watt.
passionate people across the work right by the donors and Were gonna try to help as
country. He and his fans have I also want to do right by the many people as we possibly
shared this cause on social city of Houston and the sur- can, adds Watt in another
media and other news outlets, rounding areas to make sure update video on Twitter. The
leading to a plethora of dona- we help to rebuild as many hurricane devastated Hous-
tions and support. lives as possible. ton and many other cities,
Ellen Degeneres, Tyler Per- Watt has been meeting but the Houston Flood Relief
ry, Amy Adams Strunk, and with organizations and the Fund has been bringing lives Photo Courtesy of San Diego Busi-
many more have individu- military to make sure that the back to the people. ness Journal
September 29,2017 9
ties aid

Hurricane Harvey has come
and devastated the good peo-
ple of the lone star state, Tex-
as. Leaving the proud people
who reside there and their
houses, stores, and vehicles
in ruin. Additionally, Families
and animals are marooned
or stranded, and at the wa-
ters mercy. Towns and cities,

McGregor on the Big Screen

such as Houston are engulfed
in water. In response, many
citizens and major celebrities
have made many donations
both large and small in sup- Legendary MMA fighter signs Film deal Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Com-
port of this disaster. mons
Celebrities such as Dwayne
Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jennifer
Lopez, and Sandra Bullock KIANA SEVA fessional MMA career and his Devlin. From the 24 second in 2015. Additionally, McGre-
have committed thousands STAFF WRITER recent match against Floyd trailer, there are many short gor has a professional record
of dollars towards aid re- Mayweather. The film was scenes most likely showing of 21-3-0 (wins, losses, draw),
lief for those afflicted. Oth- Conor McGregor, an Irish- announced before McGre- the last four years of his life signed to Ultimate Fighting
ers such as Tyler Perry have born Mixed Martial Arts gors fight with Mayweather, starting from the beginning Championship (UFC), and
made a combined donation fighter, who currently is the but there is no information of his career. McGregor former UFC featherweight
of $1,000,000 with the contri- Ultimate Fighting Champion- regarding the release date. gained interest in MMA in champion. McGregors ex-
bution of others, in this case, ship lightweight champion, 2006 and had his first fight tensive and successful career
Beyoncs pastor, Rudy Ras- will star in his own movie, Some people that will be the next year winning the makes him well deserving of
mus. He has already decided Notorious. The film will featured in the film include first round with a TKO. He a movie in his honor.
that $250,000 of $500,000 will show the last few years of his Arnold Schwarzenegger, also had a 14 win streak from
go directly to Bread of Life. life, starting with him in Dub- Dana White, Jose Aldo, and 2011 to 2013 and won the UFC
This furthers their efforts in lin and leading up to his pro- McGregors girlfriend, Dee Featherweight Championship
helping as many as they can
by providing food to the des-
titute.also, President Trump
has contributed a donation
of $1,000,000 to Harvey relief
efforts. However not all celeb-
rities are necessarily contrib-
uting by means of funds, but
instead by rallying the masses
to show their support.
Disney channel actress,
Zendaya, has been tweeting
to gather support and collect
more donations for Harvey
aid relief. Some celebrities
have gone as far as to initiate
fundraisers, such as J.J Watt
and Ludacris. Watts foun-
dation has raised a whop-
ping $9,000,000 through his
fundraising efforts. One con-
tributor happened to be the
owner of the large franchise,
Walmart, which donated a
check of $1,000,000. Rap sing-
er Drake also donated a gen-
erous amount of $200,000 to
Watts initiative. Ludacris
Foundation has decided to
Salman Rushdies New Novel Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Com-

raise a thousand dollars for

every family affected and as Author speaks at local charity luncheon about novel inspiration
of yet, has raised $200,000.
Recently Solange Knowles
stated on Instagram that on BY NATHAN MILLER troversy for his most famous British government to be in The novels main theme is
September 28th, the proceeds FEATURES EDITOR novel, The Satanic Verses, hiding for 10 years. None- the concept of how someone
from a concert in Boston will in which he espoused his be- theless, Rushdies novels can be both good and evil.
go to Hurricane Harvey relief. On September 17, 2017, Sir liefs on the Islamic faith. The are works of art and inspire The novel follows a father
This goes to so how much Salman Rushdie, an acclaimed title of the book, refers to a many. and his two sons who move
others can accomplish, when novelist, addressed hundreds, sacred aspect of the Quran At the luncheon, moderator, to a new apartment in New
many people are in trouble. and promoted his new nov- that is said cannot be replicat- Steve Lerer, led the discussion York City. Similarly to Alfred
It goes to shows that when el, The Golden House, at ed. Thus, Rushdies decision with Rushdie, promoting in- Hitchcocks film, Rear Win-
someone is hurting or in trou- the 14th Annual Words Alive to republish these verses, sightful and interesting ques- dow, all of the residents of
ble, we as a people will hold Luncheon, an organization is figuratively considered a tions about the premise and this apartment complex are
out our hand to assist them that promotes literacy for un- crime to the Muslim people. inspiration of his new novel. able to watch one another.
in any way we can. With the derprivileged youth. Additionally, Rushdie used Rushdie noted that his major The novel is told from the per-
help of these handsome dona- Rushdie gained fame for important characters in the inspiration for all of his work spective of an aspiring film-
tions made by several celebri- his 1981 novel, Midnights Quran in a derogatory fic- is Charles Dickens, because maker, who watches his new
ties, millions of dollars have Children, about Britains col- tional manner, assigning re- he imitates life in his sto- neighbors with intrigue.
been contributed to those onization of India. Rushdie ligious names to prostitutes ries; therefore, Rushdie said,
families who have lost almost won the Booker Prize, and and murders. After the pub- A novel is a mirror walking
everything. These efforts will the Booker of Bookers for this lication of this novel, many down the road. His new nov-
go far in restoring the life work, being noted as one of Muslim countries banned el, The Golden House, paral-
these people held so precious- the best novels ever written. this work, Rushdie received lels current events and allows
ly before it was ripped away However, Rushdie claimed numerous death threats, and them to play an integral role
from them. international fame and con- Rushdie was ordered by the in the novel.

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