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September 29, 2017

San Diegos Hepatitis Outbreak Election Annulled by Kenyas

Supreme Court
BY Megan Sweeny
Staff WRiter BY Evan Gold fused to conduct the presiden-
Staff Writer tial election in a manner con-
San Diego Countys Board of sistent with the dictates of the
Supervisors unanimously de- On Friday, September 1st, Constitution and committed
clared a local health emergen- Kenyas Supreme Court an- irregularities ... in the trans-
cy on Friday, September 1st, nulled the presidential election mission of results. The court
after a hepatitis A outbreak of August 8th, which reelected did not find any wrongdoing,
killed 15 and hospitalized President Uhuru Kenyatta, however, on the part of Presi-
hundreds. on the grounds that the Inde- dent Kenyatta.
pendent Electoral Boundaries After hearing the election
Hepatitis A is a serious Commission (IEBC) did not had been annulled, Odinga
disease that attacks the liver handle the election properly stated, I am happy to be Ken-
Photo via
and has often proved fatal. It Since the outbreak in March, and according to Kenyan law. yan todayit is a historic day
is found in human feces and mal. It is the largest surge to 19,000 have been vaccinated. The new presidential election for the people of Africa. The
spreads through exposure to occur in 20 years, with more Of those vaccinations, 7,100 is planned for October 17th, ruling marks the first time that
unsanitary conditions, es- than 380 cases confirmed to were administered to the at- 2017. an African court has annulled
pecially those related to not date. County officials have risk homeless population, Kenyattas opposition, Raila a presidential election with
thoroughly washing ones reported that 70% of those in- Wooten said. Odinga, claimed that comput- irregularities. President Ken-
hands after using the re- fected were homeless, illicit On Friday morning, a pri- er systems of the IEBC were yatta respected the courts de-
stroom. However, most out- drug users, or both. vate company working with a hacked in order to provide cision and agreed to the new
Dr. Wilma Wooten, the Kenyatta with an unfair ad- election.
breaks are associated with city contract began distribut- vantage. According to Odin- Odinga served as Kenyas
sexual contact or specific countys public health officer, ing hand-washing stations to
signed the declaration to raise ga, official forms differed from second prime minister from
foods or objects contaminated locations where the homeless electronically recorded results 2008-2013 and ran for Presi-
with the virus. the publics awareness of the population typically reside. of the election. The Supreme dent in 1997, 2007 and 2013,
Since March of this year, health crisis and to request Next, street cleaning crews Court investigated Odingas losing to Kenyatta in 2013. The
local epidemiologists have the states assistance in legal working for the sanitation claim and substantiated it. A candidate is a member of the
noticed a pattern of infection protection for safety mea- plan were to shoot high-pres- technology expert for IBEC traditionally moderate to left
spreading quicker than nor- sures taken earlier that day. sure water spiked with bleach was murdered 10 days prior Orange Democratic Move-
to the election. Odinga and his ment. Kenyatta, on the other
Nuclear Testing In North Korea in efforts to remove feces,
blood, bodily fluids, from any lawyers claimed that approx- hand, is a part of the Jubilee
Party of Kenya, which was
Our president, Donald contaminated surface. imately seven million votes
BY CARSTEN FEHLAn went to Kenyatta that should formed in September of 2016
Staff Writer Trump stated in August that Free vaccines have been have been recorded in Odin- through the merging of the
nuclear threats, will be faced issued for those without in- gas favor. Jubilee Alliance Party with 10
On September 3rd, North Ko- with fire, fury, and frank- surance at any county health The court stated that the other political parties.
rea conducted a nuclear test ly power. But within hours clinic. IEBC failed, neglected, or re-
North Korea responded stating
near the Punggye-re test site.
North Korea says that it tested that they are considering fir- World War II Bomb Discovered in Frankfurt
a hydrogen bomb that could be ing on U.S territory in Guam. BY SARA EVANS The bomb weighed 4,000 Germany has encountered
mounted on an ICBM.The test, This caused fear in Americans STAFF WRITER pounds and was most likely this situation before, and took
North Koreas sixth in eleven that they had developed mis- dropped by Britain in an ef- educated steps to inform the
years, created an earthquake siles that can reach Guam. In Frankfurt, Germany, almost fort to fight Nazi Germany. public and keep people safe.
with a 6.3 magnitude. In 2017 North Korea has 60,000 people were evacuated The bomb probably landed German authorities acted
Earlier, on August 29, North been building up their num- when a British World War II and failed to explode before fast and remained calm as
Korea launched a missile over bers of missiles and chemical bomb was found. The bomb plummeting into the ground. they handled this daunting
Japan. The missile reached weapons, raising the ques- was found in a construction The scale of the evacuation task. This sort of discovery
550 km in height and flew ap- tion of what will they do with site and had to be deactivated was huge. People left their is not uncommon in Germa-
proximately 2500 km around them. The leader of North Ko- in order to declare it as safe. homes and possessions and ny. Many other unexploded
the country of Japan before it rea, Kim Jong Un, has stated Authorities recognized this relocated to other cities, or bombs have been found in the
crashed in the Pacific. many times that he has many potentially dangerous situa- to shelters. In addition, all country, being that it was a
The United States, obvious- missiles that are able to reach tion and recommended that the hospitals and clinics were major force in World War II.
ly concerned with these trials, mainland U.S. This could be a anyone living in Frankfurt evacuated in order to keep all
says that all options are on problem for the U.S, which has evacuate as soon as possible. the patients safe.
a poor relationship with North
Rohingya Crisis Continues
the table with regards to how
to deal with Korea. US De- Korea. There is no definitive
fense Secretary Mattis warned reason for North Koreas sud-
there would be a huge re- den buildup of missiles and against her.
sponse to any threat given by nuclear tests but some say it is A third of the Rohing-
Korea on the US or any of their to compete with the U.S. ya population in Myanmar
territories or allies. has left the country as what
Betsy DeVos on Campus Sexual the UN is calling an ethnic
cleansing rages, something
Assault Legislation process either protects every- that the government of Myan-
BY NIZHONI HAWTHORNE one, or it protects no one. De- mar denies.
Staff Writer Vos said that she will meet with The evacuation started
university officials and experts when a group of Rohingya
In a speech given at the Antonin militants attacked police out-
Scalia Law School in Virginia, to come up with a new plan.
In response to her plan to re- posts and a military base, kill-
Secretary of Education Betsy ing a few guards. In response,
DeVos said that her depart- place the failed system, many
sexual assault survivors were the Myanmar military began
ment would revisit the Obama to raid villages, claiming to
Administrations guidelines on shocked, believing that the dis- Photo by European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations via Flickr
missal of the Obama Adminis- look for members of the mi-
campus sexual assault, which BY NIZHONI HAWTHORNE The UN Secretary Gener- litia. As a result, thousands
protected students under Ti- trations guidelines will make it
harder for survivors to get re- STaff Writer al Antonio Guterres has said have had to flee. Thousands
tle IX and even threatened the that the attacks against the have been displaced inside
loss of fundings for schools that lief. Supporters of the previous
guidelines think of DeVos as The Human Rights Office Rohingya are completely un- the country.
didnt do enough to stop sexu- of the UN declared that the acceptable. The humanitar- Refugees arriving in Ban-
al assault and harassment on nothing more than a defender
of rapists, and find no reason to crimes against the Rohing- ian situation is catastrophic, gladesh have spoken of their
campus. ya could amount to crimes he said. The UN human rights villages being burned and
Title IX bans sex discrimi- trust her because she is part of
the Trump administration. against humanity, and that it chief, Zeid Raad Al Hussein, men, women and children be-
nations in educational insti- regretted the Myanmar gov- has called the violence a ing slaughtered. The military
tutions that receive federal On the other side of the de-
bate, supporters of DeVos de- ernments failure to act upon textbook example of ethnic has denied this, saying that
funding. The Obama Admin- recommendations set out by cleansing. the Rohingya burned their
istration issued the Dear Col- cision think that the guidelines
put in place by the Obama ad- the UN, like lifting restric- The words of Secretary own villages.
league Letter in 2011, which tions of the Rohingya. General Guterres and Zeid The Rohingya Muslims
gave instructions on how ministration were too harsh on
accused rapists, and failed in Since August 25, at least Raad Al Hussein have only have always a minority in
schools should investigate and 370,000 Rohingya Muslims added to the growing interna- the mostly Buddhist country
arbitrate accusations of sexual protecting due process rights
on campus. The guidelines have fled into Bangladesh, and tional criticism of the military of Myanmar, and the govern-
violence. The letter has become thousands more are escap- actions in the Rakhine. The ment does not even recognize
a symbol for the support of sex- were unfair to the wrongly ac-
cused and accused these peo- ing every day. Women have Dalai Lama has also criticized them as citizens. Myanmar
ual assault victims to some, but been raped and hundreds are the military and Daw Aung sees them as immigrants from
a symbol of the failure of due ple with little evidence, they
said. Being accused of rape thought to be dead. Other ac- San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Bangladesh that came over
process on campuses to others. counts describe babies being Prize winner and effective when the country was under
DeVos said she plans to replace destroyed careers, and even
brought some close to taking thrown into rivers and decap- leader of the country who has British rule. They were de-
these guidelines in order to itations. Ultimately, the crisis yet to say anything about the scribed as one of the largest
protect both the sexually ha- their own life, DeVos men-
tioned in her speech. We must in Myanmar has resulted in situation. Other Nobel stateless populations after a
rassed and the accused. Due the death of hundreds of peo- Peace Prize winners have census was released in 2014
process is the foundation of do better, because the current
approach isnt working, DeVos ple and the displacement of also criticized her silence, and and didnt count the Rohing-
any system of justice that seeks thousands. many people have protested ya as citizens.
a fair outcome, she said. Due said.