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Halloween attractions go head-to- The great climate debate! A look at the life & music of
head Tom Petty

Vol XCII - Issue 2 - October 31, 2017

California to Become Sanctuary State TOP STORIES

BY JESUS SANCHEZ or prohibit Immigration and star lauches inclusive line
STAFF WRITER Customs Enforcement or the
Department of Homeland Se- CALIFORNIA FIRES: Natural
On Thursday, October 5th, curity from doing their own disasters destroy the North
Governor Jerry Brown signed work in any way. Many legal and South
a sanctuary state legisla- experts speculate that fed-
tion limiting who state and eral officials may take this CATALONIAN INDEPEN-
local law enforcement agen- to court and try to block the DENCE?: Autonomous
cies can detain and transfer law. However, there have region moves to break from
to Federal Immigration Au- been cases in court where the Spain
thorities. Senate Bill 54 will court have suggested the 10th
go into effect in January, and Amendment which states, LJHS STUDENTS COMPETE
has been called unreasonable The powers not delegated to AT HOCR: Rowers head to
by U.S. Attorney General the United States by the Con- the Head of Charles Regatta
Jeff Sessions. This is part of stitution, nor prohibited by HALLOWEEN IN LA JOLLA:
an ongoing debate on how it to the States, are reserved What to do on Octobers
much states can limit federal to the States respectively, or biggest night
immigration laws from being to the people, ruling that the
enforced. Many supporters federal government is not TWiLIGHT ZONE: La Jolla
have stated that this legisla- able to force local authorities extend protections for immi- viduals from being held un- Highs most recent theater
tion is helping a bigger effort, to enforce federal laws. grant workers and tenants. less one or more offenses from production
because it helps protect ap- Thomas Homan, acting di- Trump and other officials a list of 800 crimes outlined
proximately 2.3 million hard rector of U.S. Immigration have tried to justify these ac- in a 2013 state law have been REPLACING AUTOSHOP?
working illegal immigrants and Enforcement, stated that tions by stating that illegal committed. This will also lim-
living in California. Governor his agency would have no immigrants are violent and it how much access immigra-
Brown stated that this would choice but to conduct at-large cities where there are immi- tion agents have to personal
not hinder police and sher- arrests in local neighborhoods grants, crime rates are high- information. There is nothing
iffs agencies ability to track and at worksites. In response er. Author of the bill, Senate in this bill that states what This is your
dangerous criminals, but will to this, Brown signed bills on President Pro Tem Kevin de will happen if law enforce-
protect hard working families Thursday that would prevent Len has stated that this leg- ment agencies dont comply,
illegally in the U.S. some cities and counties from islature will send a strong but the attorney general has
Governor Brown stated, adding beds to immigrant de- message against federal pol- the power to prosecute any
This bill does not prevent tention centers, and would icies, and stated that actions sheriff or police agencies that The official school paper of
La Jolla High, the Hi-Tide
Women Allowed To
such as these have portrayed dont comply. Throughout
these families as worse than California, there are many has been giving voice to
students for 92 years.
Drive In Saudi Arabia
they actually are. He has also agencies that have already
pointed out that crime rates developed boundaries against
are actually lower in sanctu- helping immigration agencies We welcome ideas and
ary states than in states that through sanctuary city rules, submissions of any type at:
have more U.S. citizens in or through personal policies.
This law will prohibit indi-

Boat Ignites in San Diego Harbor

Firefighters were wary of
applying water to the in-
Photo via BBC is urgent and an economic ne- side of the vessel, fearing it
BY SAVANNAH DENNIS cessity. The prince is an influ- might sink or roll, causing
STAFF WRITER ential member to the govern- an environmental problem.
ment. Having women drive The Coast Guard and Har-
After thirty years, women in has become an urgent social bor Police stepped in to help
Saudi Arabia will be allowed demand predicated upon cur- put out the blaze.
to drive after King Salman rent economic circumstanc- According to the Coast
bin Abdulaziz Al Saud signed es, says Talal. Guard the boat was carry-
a royal decree on September The law has been taken pos- ing diesel fuel and fuel oil.
26th. Once the issues of the itively in the United States. One firefighter was taken to
law are sorted out, the order The US would certainly the hospital because of heat
will be carried out by June welcome that, says Heather Photo via KUSI exhaustion. The fire caused
2018. Nauert, the State Department NUSHEEN BARADA- heights. The boats interior a lot of attention from locals
The decision was mainly spokesman. RAN kept burning all through and or tourists that were
made due to economic and The ban was put in place STAFF WRITER Friday and Saturday. The walking by the waterfront.
political reasons. Before, the because the country follows cause of the fire is still being Some businesses closed
women of Saudi Arabia would Wahhabism, the strictest ver- On southbound Highway 5 investigated, but authorities because the smoke made
have to get a ride from a male sion of Islam. However, the towards the airport, black do not believe it to be arson. it hard for employees and
family member or hire a driv- original Islamic decision al- smoke and flames rose from After deciding that the customers to breathe. Men
er to get to work. This led lows women to drive. the vessel, the thick scent of fire was too hot to battle and women, children were
women to be wary of getting Under the former ban, wom- smoke making it very hard on-board, firefighters mon- requested to leave the scene
a job. On average, the month- en would be fined and impris- to breathe. itored the fire and sprayed because of the conditions.
ly cost of a driver would be oned for driving. In 1990, a On Friday September 29 water on the hull from out- The Norton Sound was a
about a thousand dollars. This group of 47 women challenge at 9:29 am a fire erupted for side to cool the vessel, but 1944 fishing and research
now allows women to earn the ban. They each lost their unknown reasons inside the could not enter until tem- vessel from Alaska and
money without wasting it on job, and were shunned and 120-foot fishing vessel Nor- peratures dropped to a safe had not left the harbor in
a driver. Many car companies prohibited from traveling. ton Sound. Firefighters tried level. When they apply months. The Coast Guard
has started to advertise their Manal al-Sharif, a womens to stop the spread of flames the outside, the could not contact its cur-
products to women, such as rights activist in Saudi, tweet- that Friday morning but water is boiling off, so its rent owner because it had
Volkswagen Middle East. ed, Saudi Arabia will never they were told to back off pretty hot, said Steve Ricci, been recently sold and the
Prince Alweed bin Talal be the same again. The rain because the temperatures deputy chief of operations new owner was not in its
said the push to pass the law begins with a single drop. inside the boat reach unsafe for the fire department. records.
October 31, 2017

The Climate Change Debate:

The La Jolla High School

Shayna Kobrinetz
Tucker Carlson vs. Bill Nye
Brooke Kaufman BY EVAN GOLD
Nicolas Nunez
Despite evidence published
NEWS EDITOR by world-renowned scien-
Cameron Hickman tists, skeptics continue to
argue that climate change is
OPINIONS EDITOR either nonexistent or insig-
Adina Keeling nificant. Often, those who
believe climate change is in-
Benjamin Deckhut
significant refuse to acknowl-
edge that humans are major
SPORTS EDITOR actors in the warming of our
Sophie Bolinger planet claiming these changes
are occurring naturally.
STUDENT FOCUS EDITOR One of the most public
Chantal Lanatta leaders in the movement to
reduce the human impact on
climate change is Bill Nye.
Monaghan Cromeans
Nye is a mechanical engineer
FEATURES EDITOR and a graduate from Cornell
Nathan Miller University. He was the host of
a childrens science show on
CARTOONS EDITOR PBS called Bill Nye the Sci-
Tanner Ford ence Guy.
Conversely, one of the most
public climate change de-
Robert J. Boyd
niers is Tucker Carlson from
FOX news. Carlson is a politi-
cal commentator and the host
of Tucker Carlson Tonight. Tucker Carlson speaking at CPAC in Wash- Bill Nye at the 2016 Politicon at the Pasa-
STAFF WRITERS In late February of this year, ington D.C. on February 11, 2012. dena Convention Center
Carlson and Bill Nye faced Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr
Kennady Armstrong off on Carlsons show. The
Nusheen Baradaran FOX news anchor went as
Jenna Crist far to debase Nyes credibility mate change. fuels. During deforestation concentrations. If this is not
Savannah Dennis claiming Nye was not a man Both Nyes explanation of processes, less carbon is be- enough for climate change
Kate Dobak
of science, but rather a bul- why humans are the ma- ing absorbed by trees and the deniers like Tucker Carlson,
Sara Evans
ly to climate change deniers. jor contributors to climate carbon already stored in trees it has also been empirically
Carsten Fehlan
Emma Fish Bill Nye fired back citing evi- change and his reasoning as is released. As in any combus- and scientifically proven that
Maya Gessner dence supporting the human to why people deny the cause tion reaction, the burning of greenhouse gasses do in fact
Evan Gold effects on climate change of global warming are just fossil fuels also creates car- warm the atmosphere. The
Nizhoni Hawthorne and explaining a psycho- and will be supported with bon dioxide. According to a Global Land-Ocean Tempera-
Bobby Murphy logical phenomenon called evidence in the following re- variety of studies, for over 15 ture Index parallels the Keel-
Sydney OConnor
cognitive dissonance. Nye port. years, Carbon Dioxide levels ing Curve suggesting that
Thomas OLoughlin
claimed that most climate The data proving that hu- have increased steadily sup- Carbon Dioxide warms our
Brody Odmark
Caroline Porche change deniers reject the idea mans have a major effect on porting the notion that not atmosphere.
Jesus Sanchez of climate change because global warming and climate only is the greenhouse gas If we know industrial ac-
Kiana Seva the evidence in support of it change is overwhelming. being released, but it is being tions release an abundance
Megan Sweeney contradicts their worldview. Gases such as Carbon Di- released at increasing rates of carbon dioxide and only
Hali West
Carlson attacked Nye for oxide trap heat within the due to human activity. look at rising levels of car-
Ilias Benbatoul
looking down upon skeptics Earths atmosphere, warm- In 1958 Charles Keeling col- bon dioxide and the relation-
Annabelle Reeves ing the planet. Interesting- lected data on Carbon Diox- ship between the greenhouse
Emily Gold of climate change, asserting
that extreme skepticism is ly enough, the majority of ide levels from the Mauna Loa gas and rising temperatures,
the foundation of all science. carbon dioxide released into Observatory in Hawaii. The we have enough evidence to
Nye qualified this statement the air comes from industrial work of Keeling led to the dis- prove that human activity in-
in his rebuttal stating that in activities and man-made ma- covery of the Keeling Curve creases the rate at which our
the case of climate change, chines. NASA states, Carbon which explains rising levels of planet is warming and, thus,
Its a settled question. Hu- released through carbon dioxide while taking contributes to climate change.
man activity is causing cli- human activities such as de- into account natural seasonal
forestation and burning fossil variations of carbon dioxide

YEARS What is the best way for students to
learn? have, more or less, been tak-
STAFF WRITER and teach themselves the next guide them through the en- ing care of us our entire lives,
days material, so many hours tire course. Most professors we dont truly know what
Is teaching yourself the best would be added on to pre-ex- expect students to learn some the price of living is. In and
The Hi-Tide, an open forum, is the
way to learn? Personally, I isting assignments that there things on their own. Teaching outside of academics, there
official student newspaper of La
think going to school is the would be no time for hobbies yourself can be helpful as it are things we have to figure
Jolla High School. Unless otherwise
best way to learn, as teach- or extracurriculars. Currently, makes you persevere through out on our own because the
noted, opinions voiced in the Hi-
ers who are experts in their colleges are looking for more problems you dont know training wheels dont stay on
Tide belong to the individual au-
thor. The Hi-Tide welcomes letters, subjects can pass their knowl- than a good GPA. Studying how to solve rather than giv- forever. Since it is not always
opinions, or media submissions of edge onto students. Kiana is an important skill to have, ing up on them. As you get certain that someone will be
any type, in any language, from Seva, a freshman at La Jolla and tests and quizzes force older, you gain more respon- there to help, students should
anyone. You may email submis- High, says, I think teach- students to rely on them- sibility and part of that has to have the tools they need to
sions to ers should teach students selves in order to get a good do with being independent. succeed within themselves.
or drop them off in Room 514. The because its good to have an grade. Students should be Although I believe the bulk Yet, without teachers we can-
Hi-Tide reserves the right to refuse explanation of what youre aware of how they learn best; of a class should be taught by not be truly certain of where
any material. To advertise with the doing. To me, teaching your- for example, whether they are the teacher, having to learn by to begin. Schools can improve
Hi-Tide or to purchase a subscrip- self means learning the lesson auditory, visual, or kinesthet- yourself becomes important the way they teach by going
tion, please email us or call (858) on your own rather than by ic learners. later in life when you leave more in depth with each topic
454-3081, extension 4514. No part the teacher, like reading the With that being said, high home. Outside of school, there and taking more time to in-
of the Hi-Tide may be reproduced textbook before a lecture. If school is meant to prepare are many things about inde- volve the students with the
without written permission. students were to go to school young adults for college. At pendent living that no one material so that what they
each day and then go home university, students cannot has taught us, like how to pay learn stays with them.
rely on their professors to taxes. Because our parents
October 31, 2017 3
Liberal Television Shows On Hurricanes and Global
Many television shows have a political, most
of left leaning, bias. However, this is not Warming
necessarily harmful to society. The effects of global warming have become too strong
STAFF WRITER one is choosing a show to
watch they should not have to
to ignore. So what actions can we, as citizens, take?
Nowadays, there are many worry about being offended. BY ANNABELLE REEVES canes but it is making them time. Hurricane Irma has be-
television shows that lean There are many shows now- STAFF WRITER significantly worse. What is come the second category 4 to
left. Dancing with the Stars, adays that like to poke fun at happening is the sea level is hit the United States. This was
Star Trek: Discovery, and The conservatives, but if it is too In the past two months there rising and this has been in- the first time in 166 years of
Orville do not have a strong offensive, many other shows have been two catastrophic creasing the flood damage in weather records. We should
political viewpoint, so gen- exist. Even though many hurricanes to hit the United the coastal towns. be outspoken about the situa-
erally both sides of the polit- shows are politically biased States. Hurricane Harvey in As a category 5 hurricane, tion now instead of forgetting
ical spectrum watch. Even such as Late Night with Jim- Texas, and Hurricane Irma in Irma sustained 185mph winds about it. We cannot be having
though everyone should be my Kimmel, Saturday Night Florida. They have both been that lasted for 37 hours which billions of dollars going to re-
able to watch a show with- Live (SNL), and Ellen, not all devastating storms that have was the longest record record- covery effort every year. Its
out getting offended, I believe of these are necessarily of- ended with billions of dollars ed world wide. Most leaders time we take action on the
that a larger quantity of lib- fensive and, regardless, there in damage. The recovery is have come out and said that situation at hand. We can stop
eral television shows is not are plenty of other shows said to take a long time, some it is harmful to talk about the global warming by powering
harmful to society and should that arent biased. I also be- experts even say it could take issue of global warming to our homes using renewable
not be upsetting. lieve that the more offensive years. A ton of people have those who have been affected energy, using electric cars,
Liberal television shows are shows are bad for children donated or have gone to join by the hurricane, but now is investing in energy efficient
not that bad because most do to watch. Everyone is born in on the rescue relief. During the perfect time to talk about appliances, pull the plug on
not portray negative messag- without having the tendency this horrific time we ask, what this situation. We need to do your appliances, etc. There
es, there is a large variety, and to negatively stereotype or be is the cause of these deadly whatever to decrease global are many things we can do
the news stations will report biased against specific people. hurricanes? warming instead of increase starting our own home. If the
on everything. Liberal shows Young people are influenced With the growing severity it. Something needs to be problem of global warming
tend to have a variety of dif- by the outside world, shows, in these storms, there is a con- done so that these storms do continues we may be facing
ferent shows and since there books, etc. so it is import- nection with the warming of not worsen like it has over the more tragedies such as these
are so many, you are bound to ant to pay attention to what the planet, that is the reality years. These hurricanes have hurricanes more frequently.
find one that you like. shows kids are watching. of it all. The climate change gradually gotten worse over
Nevertheless, when some- is not causing these hurri-

Lets Talk About Gun Control

The shooting in Vegas has once again stirred the debate over gun control. But
talk wont solve any future problems. Action must be taken. Now!
BY NIZHONI HAW- past thirty-eight years, there ular occurrence and it seems On June 12th, 2016, a se- shooting since, while Ameri-
THORNE have been nine shootings in as though theres nothing we curity guard opened fire at ca has had two of the largest
STAFF WRITER San Diego. One of the most can do to about it. Pulse, a nightclub in Orlando. mass shootings ever recorded
recent occurred earlier this Im not saying that the Sec- Forty-nine people were killed in the span of a little more
After the mass shooting in year at a pool party in an ond Amendment needs to be and fifty-eight were injured, than a year.
Las Vegas, its evident that apartment complex disqui- revoked. Im just saying that making it the deadliest mass Between January of 2009
America desperately needs etingly close to where I live. there have been too many shooting in modern Ameri- and July of 2015, there were
to change its gun control Another occurred in a Mc- incidents involving gun vi- can history. People mourned, reportedly over one hun-
laws. Time and time again, Donalds, where the shooter olence, and that violence di- and gun control laws did not dred and thirty-three mass
gun control advocates have killed twenty-one people. I rectly correlates to the way change. Fast-forward to Oc- shootings. Mass shootings
cried out for change, and yet was a little shocked to find that people acquire guns in tober 1st, 2017: Stephen Pad- are defined as a situation
nothing has happened. Its a out about this situation, and our country. However, Amer- dock kills fifty-eight people where three or more peo-
little frustrating that the only confronted my friend about ica isnt currently at war and in an act of domestic terror- ple are killed. According to
way these gun control laws it who was with me at the the Second Amendment was ism and, tragically, his actions the Gun Violence Archive,
get recognition is when over time. She shook her head intended to form militias make it onto the top of the at least three hundred and
fifty people have been killed and sighed as I listed off the and to protect oneself. The list of Americas most devas- forty-six people have been
and over four-hundred are in- people who were killed. My amendment wasnt intended tating shootings. In response, killed in a mass shooting this
jured. mom told me about the Las for an opportunity to carry Trump tweeted My warmest year. Alarmingly, statistics
Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Vegas shooting while driv- around firearms with no rea- condolences and sympathies show that gun sales go up
and San Bernardino. These ing me to school on Monday son whatsoever. Yes, firearms to the victims and families of after mass shootings. A 2007
names probably sound fa- and I sighed and shook my are a means of protection, but the terrible Las Vegas shoot- survey showed that there are
miliar because youve heard head. Im sure that many there is no reason that any- ing. God bless you! While about 90 guns for every 100
them flashed across news people woke up on Monday one needs to own a weapon condolences and sympathies people in America. America
headlines, above mourning to the news and they sighed used in combat to kill people. are a sweet gesture, what has more firearms than any
families and candles shining and shook their heads. Why? There is no excuse for a per- the victims and families re- other country.
in the darkness among pic- Because mass shootings in son to want a weapon capable ally need is reassurance that In most states, people who
tures of the deceased. In the America have become a reg- of doing that. something like this can and want to buy a gun must go
will be stopped in the future. through two background
In Steven Paddocks hotel checks. In thirty-nine states,
room, police officers found a background check doesnt
forty-seven firearms, twelve have to be performed at all.
of which were modified with Also, private sellers dont
a bump stock, which makes have to perform background
semiautomatic weapons act checks, meaning that con-
more like fully automatic victed felons and abusers can
weapons. The bump stock al- purchase firearms. Nevada
lows firearms to fire off at a doesnt have a waiting period
faster rate and is quite easy to and doesnt limit the amount
buy, as it is legal under federal of guns a person can buy. Ste-
law. Its basically a loophole phen Paddock bought thir-
into acquiring a machine gun. ty-three firearms in the past
In the wake of this mass car- year, all legally. His record
nage Congress needs to step was spotless, and yet he will
up and do something. go down in infamy for his ac-
Look at Australias govern- tions. Our president needs to
ment, for example. In 1996, do something. Our govern-
a gunman killed thirty-five ment needs to do something.
people, and the government Gun control laws need to be
retaliated by forcing strict- changed in order to protect
er gun laws despite protest. the people.
Australia hasnt had a mass
Photo by Poeticbent via Wikipedia Commons
October 31, 2017

Boeing vs. Bombardier Gun Stocks Rise Following

Vegas Sooting
Battle of Business BY SYDNEY OCONNOR like the Orlando and Las Ve-
BY EVAN GOLD tion, the U.S. Department of thing that would directly STAFF WRITER gas shooting.
STAFF WRITER Commerce supported Boe- compete with the C Series Most of the U.S guns are
ing and suggested a tariff on and therefore should not be The Las Vegas mass shoot- imported from Switzerland,
Boeing, an American avi- Bombardier jets being sold pushing the government to ing was one of the most dev- and a majority of them are
ation company, and Bom- inside of the U.S. The tariff enforce these new policies. astating shootings the United purchased from occupants in
bardier, a Canadian aviation could reach up to 219.63%. Prime Minister of Canada, States has ever had. Texas, California, and Florida.
company, are currently bat- In a statement, Secretary Justin Trudeau, indicated that With about 60 people killed Quincy Krosby, the chief
and over 500 people injured, market strategist for Pruden-
tling over a legal dispute, of Commerce Wilbur Ross he would continue to support tial Financial states, These
which has led to the involve- explained, The U.S. values the Canadian company and the massacre has given U.S
citizens a lot of grief and trau- attacks, which are becoming
ment of international leaders. its relationships with Cana- back Canadas emphasis on ma. People are beginning to too common, too regular and
Boeing claims that Bombar- da, but even our closest al- science and technology. question their safety and feel a seemingly inherent part of
dier is using Canadian govern- lies must play by the rules. Trudeau had the support of that they need to be better our cultural landscape have
ment subsidies to introduce The subsidization of goods by British Prime Minister There- prepared for a dangerous sit- potential buyers of guns won-
one of its jets to the Ameri- foreign governments is some- sa May who said she has had uation. dering if they would be more
can market, thereby threaten- thing that the Trump admin- numerous conversations with Influenced by tragedies difficult to buy, or even out-
ing Boeings success. Bombar- istration takes very seriously. President Trump about Boe- like the recent shooting, the lawed.
diers C series jet was sold at A Canadian citizen and ings lawsuit and is concerned gun stock continues to rise Though guns may be used
absurdly low prices, Boeing 12th grader at LJHS, Max about jobs being impacted in as more and more people are for defense, the Las Vegas
claimed. The American com- Sodhi, condemned Boeing in Northern Ireland. purchasing one so that they shooting has served as a
pany argues that this made a statement claiming, By the Bombardier has a plant in will be able to protect them- wake-up call for U.S citizens
Bombardier more competitive U.S. implementing tariffs on Northern Ireland and tariffs selves. and has shown the dangers
and decreased Boeings sales. Bombardier, Canadas econo- on the company could result In just a few days after the that can occur when people
On Tuesday, September my will definitely suffer. in a loss of jobs. Las Vegas shooting, the gun are allowed to purchase guns
26th, following an investiga- Boeing does not offer any- stock rose over three percent. at their leisure.
The ongoing debate over
gun control has lead to the
possibility of stricter laws
being enforced. These poten-
tial new laws may restrict
the availability of guns so
people who want them, feel
pressured to buy them sooner
than later.
This factor has also caused
an increase in gun stock and
prices. Gun stock has in-
creased by 11.5% in the past
two years, due to tragedies

Top Ten Business Schools in

BY NUSHEEN BARADA- on Wall Street). graduate degree programs, ship.
RAN 3. University of Chicago including a traditional full- Regardless of their de-
STAFF WRITER (Booth) - Chicago, IL - the tu- time MBA program and a gree focus, students can take
ition is $66,540 per year (full- part-time MBA program with courses offered across Co-
Business is defined as an or- time), $6,590 per credit (part- classes in the evenings and on lumbia Universitys academic
ganization or economic sys- time), $179,000 total program Saturdays. divisions as electives, which
tem where goods and services (executive degree). 6. Stanford University - make up more than half the
are exchanged for one anoth- Business students use their Stanford, CA - Its tuition is MBA curriculum.
er or for money. competitive instincts outside full-time: $66,540 per year. 9. Yale University - New
Every business requires the classroom, too, in the Leadership is one focus of Haven, CT - Its tuition is full-
some form of investment and MBA Cup, a day of tug-of- graduate business programs time: $64,200 per year and
enough customers to whom war challenges, three-legged on Stanfords sunny campus. executive: $172,000 total pro-
its output can be sold on a races and volleyball games Students grapple with simu- gram.
consistent basis in order to against MBA students from lations of tough management As part of Yales integrated
make a profit. schools including the North- cases, like having to lay off MBA curriculum, graduate
Below is a compilation of western Kellogg School of employees. Each simulation students study raw cases
the top ten schools for busi- Management and the Depaul is filmed, too, so students can which requires them to an-
ness in America, based on sta- Kellstadt Graduate School of critique themselves and learn alyze a wide array of materi-
tistics garnered from various Business. from each other. als, such as stock charts and
college websites. Students also have more 7. University of California articles instead of standard
1. Harvard University - In than 70 clubs and organiza- Berkeley (Haas) - Berkeley, business case studies.
Boston, Massachusetts - On tions to get involved. CA - Its tuition is full-time: All students complete the
years tuition is about $63,675 4. Massachusetts Institute $56,009 per year (in-state); Leadership Development Pro-
for one year. of Technology (Sloan) - Cam- full-time: $57,560 per year gram and fulfill a global stud-
You need to have stelar ac- bridge, MA - Its tuition is full- (out-of-state); part-time: ies requirement, which typi-
ademic grades, you also need time: $67,938 per year. $3,169 per credit (in-state); cally involves a trip overseas.
to present yourself as a leader. Though graduate students part-time: $3,169 per cred- 10. Duke University (Fuqua)
The reason that Harvard Uni- at the Sloan School of Man- it (out-of-state); executive: - Durham, NC - Its tuition is
versity is the top is because a agement study at the campus $174,000 total program (in- full-time: $63,200 per year
lot of the students who grad- facilities in Cambridge, Mass., state); and executive: $174,000 and executive: $166,000 total
uate from the school end up their business education has a total program (out-of-state). program.
with really great careers, and broader slant. Graduate students at the The Duke Fuqua School of
high income.s. The academic courses are Haas School of Business ben- Business offers many options
2. University of Pennsylva- inherently global in nature, efit from the schools location to complete an MBA, all of
nia (Wharton) - Philadelphia, and there are dozens of op- near San Francisco, a hotbed which use the same core ed-
PA- $67,516 per year (full- portunities for students to of major businesses like Goo- ucational experience.
time) - also need stelar aca- travel and study abroad. gle and Visa. Students can complete a
demics. The school also has Action Its a convenient place to traditional daytime MBA, a
Students learn how to han- Labs for students to tackle find internships and jobs to Global Executive MBA, or
dle stress, make critical deci- real problems in existing com- supplement a business educa- a Weekend Executive MBA,
sions and lead a team outside panies in the United States, tion. among other programs.
the classroom on outdoor China and India. 8. Columbia University - Fuqua also offers a unique
trips called Ventures. 5. Northwestern University New York, NY - Its tuition is Cross Continent MBA, a
This school is Donald (Kellogg) - Evanston, IL - Its full-time: $68,792 per year and 16-month program that can
Trumps alma mater. The rea- tuition is full-time: $66,462 executive: $3,160 per credit. be completed in six locations
son that University of Penn- per year; part-time: $6,441 per At Columbia Business worldwide, such as London
sylvania is one of the top credit; and executive: $97,158 School, graduate students can and Dubai, United Arab Emir-
schools is because of where per year. pursue a full-time MBA, exec- ates.
the graduates end up (about Students at the Kellogg utive MBA, Ph.D., and Master
50% of the graduates end up School of Management can of Science in marketing, fi-
choose from a variety of nancial economics or leader-
October 31, 2017 5
Chinas Plan to Take
Your First Credit
Americas Economic Place Card
And How to Get One
BY KIANA SEVA sity of California, Berkeley, nomic power. They have also
STAFF WRITER and the California Institute decreased their poverty rates BY MAYA-LUCIA GESS- der 21 must have a verifiable
of Technology are the top incredibly. 88% of Chinese NER compensation before being
Would you rather bet on a five colleges in the world, all were living in extreme pov- STAFF WRITER approved without a cosigner,
stable economy with a pop- of which are in America. erty but in the last thirty-five like your parents.
ulation of 1.4 billion, or 323 The top seven worldwide years, it has been decreased Getting your first credit card When having little credit
million? The population of brands, Google, Apple, Mi- to less than two percent. is a big step into adulthood. history, it is suggested to go
1.4 would obviously have a crosoft, Amazon, Facebook, The same cannot be said Being responsible and keeping with Capital One for getting
better economy. Currently, AT&T, and Visa Payments, about America. The extreme track of your credit card bills your first credit card; but if
the One Belt, One Road proj- were all founded in America poverty rates have been low- and purchases is the first step. you have no credit history, it is
ect, is continuing in China. and their headquarters are ered but it was 12.7% in 2016, Understanding your billing crucial to have a secured credit
If they succeed, the United also in America. which is more than 10% than cycle, without being remind- card.
States will not have the most Our top colleges display that Chinas extreme poverty ed, and payment policies can College students can get a
global power, which gives we have the best education rate. help avoid possible fees. The student card from a major card
Americans the advantage in and since the top nine brands Since President Donald best time to get a credit card issuer easier which have more
education, the best economy, are in the United States, there Trump has canceled the is when you know you can af- flexible acceptance require-
and the best military. are thousands and thousands Trans-Pacific Partnership, ford the charges. ments.
The One Belt, One Road of jobs. This will drastically we do not have any influence Every card is different in- When in search for a cred-
plans to connect many coun- change if China becomes the in Asia. It was designed to cluding their features, rates, it card, it is significant to stay
tries across Asia, Europe, and leading global power. provide a counterweight to benefits, and fees. Getting ap- away from cards that are
Middle East by roads, high- Furthermore, we have the Chinas increasing econom- proved for your credit card is aimed to people who have bad
ways, railways, etc. best military, thus having the ic control, which included the most important. It can be credit. These cards generally
For the oceanic routes, most protection and safety twelve nations. hard to get approved when have annual fees of $100 and
it will have new ports and compared to other countries. Megan Sweeney, a sopho- you have no credit history. are very deceitful. Your first
ships going from China to So far, sixty-eight govern- more at La Jolla High, stat- If you had already been an credit card requires a lot of
the Indian Ocean, to Africa, ments and international or- ed, I do not think theyll authorized user on your par- work.
the Mediterranean Sea, and ganizations have approved succeed but either way it ents account, or if you have a Making sure you are pre-
Europe. These are being built to take part and China has will not happen short term. steady income, it will make the pared to take on the respon-
right now and are emulating invested one billion dollars The One Belt, One Road proj- process more straightforward. sibilities and being on top of
the ancient Silk Road. since the start. If everything ect will take time, but China Furthermore, applying for paying your bills, will help
Being the leading global works out, the trade routes definitely has a good chance a card at your bank is highly you succeed in the process of
power, the U.S. has the big- could collect 2.5 billion dol- of having the most economic recommended. The Federal getting a credit card.
gest and most productive lars annually. power. This shows how stu- Law states that anyone un-
economy, eight of the top ten Since China has the biggest dents probably do not know
colleges worldwide, and the country in the world and the extent about what will
best military. Harvard Uni- Mandarin is the most spoken most likely happen in the fu-
versity, Massachusetts In- language in the world, there ture.
stitute of Technology(MIT), is a good chance they will be-
Stanford University, Univer- come the worlds largest eco-

The Entrepreneur
BY BENJAMIN DECKHUT couple of ways that an en-
BUSINESS EDITOR trepreneur can get money to
start up. One
Although much of busi- way is to use their own mon-
ness is about numbers or ey, which is hard if you are
maintaining steady income just setting up. An entre-
through a certain type of preneur could also set up a
good or service, it is increas- sweat equity which his own
ingly important to look at an- soap company and instead

Costco Home Service

other aspect of business, the of buying advertisement,
entrepreneurial side. Espe- John spends his entire day
cially now as millennials are walking from house to house
being labeled as the greatest selling, or selling his soap to
entrepreneurial generation. family and friends. He does
Partners with Shipt? First the definition of an this until he can pay off of
BY SYDNEY OCONNER Business Magazine, Forbes, tomers seem to be appealed entrepreneur is important: his debt from buying materi-
SPORTS EDITOR claims, As more and more by this new overture, consid- a person who organizes and als and a place to work, after
consumers prefer the conve- ering Costcos low prices and operates a business or busi- this is paid off his soap com-
Earlier this year, Costco, nience of e-commerce, it is Shipts fast delivery service. nesses, taking on greater pany gets bought for 100k.
and its new business partner vital for Costco to refine its Soon, Costco might have than normal financial risks Johns work eventually paid
Shipt, announced that they online presence in order to the largest branch of grocery in order to do so. A few off in the end, as a long term
will be working together to remain competitive. We be- warehouses in the United words to point out from this investment.
offer a convenient home de- lieve the strategy to partner States. definition are business and Other ways to obtain
livery service. with grocery delivery com- risk, because without these money is through venture
Costco, which is a popu- panies can help the company two things there is no entre- capitalists, angel investors,
lar warehouse grocery store, maintain and grow its loyal preneur. hedge funds, crowdsourcing
will now pose an even greater customer base. Economist categorize the or through bank loans.
threat to other stores with its Since Costco is already so entrepreneur as an integral Why are entrepreneurs
new update. popular, their success will not part of production, the other important? An entrepreneur
Together, Costco and Shipt depend on their delivery ser- three being land. Labor and acts as a coordinating agent
enable grocery shopping to vice. Their main goal for the capital. The job of the entre- in a capitalist society. This
become more efficient to the home delivery service is to preneur is to combine all of takes the form of divert-
customers. Online shopping make their products more ac- these resources to create a ing resources into potential
has become more and popular cessible to Costco customers. good or service. profit opportunities. In other
each year but its somewhat Home delivery offers same How to entrepreneurs get words they promote capital
uncommon for grocery stores day shipping and promises the money they need for production.
to offer a delivery service. good quality products; cus- their ventures? There are a
October 31, 2017

First Woman to Tackle NFL Game

Mowins Makes History
New Surfing Equiptment
A game changer in the surfing world
BY Jenna Crist season games. She deserves BY Carsten Fehlan
Staff writer this opportunity. Many Staff Writer
others have also supported The surfing community
On May 16th, 2017, the very Mowins through her journey dates back hundreds of years.
first female play-by-play an- and are happy, excited, and The art of surfing alone is very
nouncer for the Nation Foot- grateful that she has gotten impressive from paddling out
ball League was announced. to this point in her career. into the ocean, paddling into

Photo via vimeocdn

This woman, Beth Mowins, Mowins game in her eyes was a wave and standing up. The
officially made history on Sep- successful and shes ready professional surfing stage is
tember 11th, 2017, when she to announce more in the fu- known to the worlds greatest
announced the Los Angeles ture. Though she received surfers competing in some the
Chargers vs. Denver Broncos lots of support and positive worlds top surfing breaks.
game. Although Gayle Sier- feedback, some negative com- Recently, surfing has been
ens was the first woman to ments have gone around as developing in technological
announce an NFL game, she well. However, Mowins said ways.. Kelly slater has created
did so for a regional broad- she wasnt concerned with a wave pool where surfers can
cast. Mowins was the first critics on social media. She surf on a wave that is creat-
ever woman to announce an told CNN Media, I do un- ed by machines. The machine
NFL game nationally, opening derstand people are probably creates an ideal left or right
a whole new scope for wom- watching a little more closely break of the wave with siz-
an reporters everywhere. because you are a woman, but es averaging around 6-8 feet.
Sierens, however, even called Im much more interested in The Kelly Slater Wave Pool is
Mowins the, perfect person just going out and trying to considered by many to be a
to carry the torch, in an in- prove myself. Mowins in fact surfers paradise.
terview with the New York will continue to do so as she The latest tool surfers are ers Balaram Stack, Imaikalani and flip the board so that they
Daily News showing her posi- announces more games this going crazy about is the surf- Devault, Noa Deane, Ozzie land on the board. Once they
tivity and support to Mowins. season . ing dock. Stab and Volcom, Wright, Mitch Coleborn and land they can take off and go
Beth Mowins father also told two major surfing corpora- Yago Dora. down the line.
reporters that Mowins start- tions, have teamed up. They This dock can also be very Surfers continue to find
ed commentating early on have created a 100 ft platform dangerous. When asked about ways to adapt to new situa-
Photo via amazonaws

during neighborhood kickball weighing half a ton that is it, Noa Deane stated that it is tions and push the limits of
games as a kid and has contin- dragged out into the water painful to get hit by the tail sanity. Kelly Slater looks to
ued do so for many sports till and creates a launching pad of the dock. If a wave comes push forward and create his
this very day. Stephanie Dru- for surfers to jump off into the in and youre in a bad spot in wave pool to be open to the
ley, ESPN events and studio wave. the dock you have to jump off public year round. Surfers
production senior vice pres- Some surfers think of it as onto the wave. look forward to finding out
ident, mentioned in a state- taking away part of surfing as Yago Dora also stated, It more about this dock and the
ment that, Beth has been an the surfing dock completely takes a while to get used to public are looking forward
important voice in our college removes the skill of paddling the dismount and landing on to seeing it for themselves in
sports coverage and she has into waves. your board correctly. The more local locations in the fu-
experience calling NFL pre- It is currently being tested surfers have to jump off the ture.
in Bali by professional surf- dock with their board in hand

New Tradition for the Iowa Hawkeyes

Photo via thecomeback

A heart warming new tradition that has touched many

BY Carsten Fehlan
Staff writer

Kinnick Stadium is home to

the Iowa Hawkeyes Football
VP Departs from Game team. It seats a little over
70,000 fans every week for
Pence leaves early from NFL game the Hawkeyes football games.
The Hawkeyes are 1 game Photo via thegazette
over .500 this year with a 4-2
BY Kiana seva left the game he tweeted out, record. This season a new tra-
Staff writer While everyone is entitled dition that has touched the
Prior to the football game be- to their own opinions, I dont hearts of many has begun.
tween the Indianapolis Colts think its too much to ask NFL
and the San Francisco 49ers, players to respect the Flag Right across the street is the
on October 8th, Vice Pres- and our National Anthem. University of Iowa Steads
ident Mike Pence left early It is ironic how he states that Family Childrens Hospital.
from th egame after the na- people can have opinions, yet The hospital is meant for chil-
tional anthem when players the NFL players have to go dren and their families heal-
kneeled during it. More than against their own opinions ing from sicknesses or harsh
twenty San Francisco players and stand for the national their parents and families.
diseases. This idea spread very quick-
kneeled during the national anthem. President Trump
anthem. Pences trip and ear- tweeted later on that he had ly throughout the Hawkeye Coach Ferentz has a grand-
The new building opened ear- community. It even reached daughter who was born pre-
ly departure from the game told Vice President Pence that ly this year and has been a
cost taxpayers over $240,000. he should leave if there are head coach Kirk Ferentzs maturely at 21 weeks and the
wonderful gift to Iowa City. desk and when he heard Steads staff did everything
Just like many other Trump protests against the nation- At the top of the building a
administration officials, Pence al anthem and that the trip about the idea it was too good they could do to give her a
cafe room has floor to ceil- to turn down. fighting chance.
traveled in a private jet, which had been planned for a while. ing windows with a perfect
are very expensive to say the Even though it had been pre- view into Kinnick Stadium.
least. Getting to Indianapo- planned, he seemed okay to The Hawkeyes first home Coach Ferentz and his wife
Families and children gather game was against Wyoming donated 1 million dollars to
lis took about $100,000 and be leaving the game early due on Saturday nights when the
going back to Los Angeles to the players kneeling during on September 2, 2017. After a the hospital in support of
Hawkeyes have a home game scoreless first quarter the fans what they do for he children
was about $142,000. After he the National Anthem. and watch the game from the and players from both teams and their families.
room. stood up, turned towards the
hospital and began to wave to Iowa has four more home
A Facebook fan page of the the children and their families games the rest of the season.
Iowa football team brought at the top deck of the hospi- But this new tradition is con-
up a great point to reach out tal. This heartwarming act of sidered to be the best tradi-
to these kids and their fami- kindness has swept through- tion in college football and
lies. Wouldnt it be cool if we out the country and brought teams are looking to it as a
made a tradition after the first lots of attention to it. way to give back to the com-
quarter of every home game, munity. The Hawkeyes look
to have everyone in Kinnick Iowa football players have to play for the children and
wave to the kids and their begun to visit the hospital their families week in and
families watching from the frequently and have been cre- week out.
University of Iowa Steads ating friendships and connec-
Family Childrens Hospital. tions with the children and
Photo via reviewjournal SPORTS
October 31, 2017 7
NBA Off-Season LJHS Students in The HOCR
A wild one in the books La Jolla students compete in the Charles Regatta
BY Bobby Murphy looking to make an impact in
Staff Writer their rookie seasons. Markelle BY nusheen baradaran
Fultz, Lonzo Ball, and Jayson Staff Writer
With the NBA season having Tatum rounded out the first
begun, one of the craziest off three picks, all of whom will The Head of the Charles
seasons in NBA history has be in the conversation for Regatta or HOCR is a rowing
concluded. The league wit- Rookie of the Year. All-star race held once a year in Bos-
nessed countless moves made Paul Millsap signed with the ton, Massachusetts. Rowers
by teams, many of whom are Nuggets. The Thunder made from all divisions and from all
attempting to build up ros- possibly the biggest splash off around the world go head to
ters with stars to dethrone the offseason in trading for head for gold in the nations
the reigning champion Gold- stars Paul George and Car- largest regatta.
en State Warriors, and some melo Anthony, who will team This year, La Jolla High
teams are blowing up their up with reigning MVP Russell School is lucky enough to
rosters and entering rebuilds Westbrook to look to gain su- have two rowers who are
for the future. From block- premacy in the West over the going to the Charles Regat-
buster trades, to free agent Warriors, Spurs and Rockets. ta. Chantal Lanatta, a junior,
signings, to the NBA draft, The Rockets made a big move and Ben Deckhut, a senior,
this offseason went down as a by trading for Chris Paul, who will have the opportunity to Jordi Lantta a graduate of La go because I have never gone
crazy one. A record seven all will form a great backcourt compete in this years regatta. Jolla High School, race at this and I worked really hard to
stars from the previous sea- with the notorious James Lanatta and Deckhut will be regatta. get where I am. Deckhuts
sons changed teams during Harden. The Celtics signed representing the San Diego Ben Deckhut has only been seat is the sixth seat on the
this offseason. free agent Gordon Hayward, Rowing Club. rowing for about one year. nine person boat, the sixth
The week surrounding the and also made a huge move by Lanatta has been rowing Deckhut originally started seat means that he is the lead-
NBA draft had many huge trading away Isaiah Thomas since 2015, and is very com- rowing because he thought it er of the power house and
moves of players from team and Jae Crowder to the Cav- mitted to the sport, Everyday seemed interesting and many sets the pace for everyone
to team. Dwight Howard aliers for star point guard Ky- that I commit, Im getting bet- hockey players row for off else on the boat. Ben is part of
got traded to the Hornets rie Irving. The Cavaliers had ter. She is very enthusiastic training. Deckhut is commit- the the mens junior eight di-
and DAngelo Russell got a big offseason as well. Along about rowing and always tries ted to rowing because he feels vision at the regatta. Rowing
traded to the Nets. On draft with acquiring Thomas, they to make her team the best. depended on, since rowing is to me means commitment,
day, the Bulls traded their signed former MVP Derrick When asked how she feels a team sport and there is no discipline, fun (sometimes),
all star Jimmy Butler to the Rose and multi-champion about the Charles Regatta she me in team. When Deckhut competitive, physically and
Timberwolves, who will be Dwyane Wade. NBA fans will responded, I am thrilled to was asked having the oppor- mentally challenging.
looking to reach the playoffs be in for an exciting season, go. Ive been wanting to go tunity to row in the regatta he
for the first time since 2004. as many teams will be look- since I watched my brother said, I am really excited to
Throughout the draft day, ing to take down the reigning
many teams drafted players champion Warriors.

Photo via Boston Globe Photo via i.ytimg

Newtons Controversy
One comment leads to lots of controversy
BY carsten Fahlen
Staff writer
apologized for his comments.
The media took this response
MLB Season Recap
as a shot to women and their Let the World Series begin
Cameron or Cam Newton supposed inability to under-
is the starting quarterback stand or talk football. Newton BY Bobby Murphy team is crowned champions, AL Cy Young race will be be-
for the Carolina Panthers. He says that he was shocked by Staff writer the MLB awards will be re- tween Chris Sale and Corey
excels on the field as a leader his attempt to make a sarcas- vealed. There will be many Kluber, and the NL Cy Young
and previously led his college tic form of a compliment. After seven exciting months tight races, with rookie Aaron favorite is Max Scherzer. The
team, the Auburn Tigers, to This quickly spiraled into a of Americas favorite pastime Judge from the Yankees and AL Rookie of the Year Award
a national championship in mess for newton as Dannon and most of the playoffs com- Jose Altuve from the Astros will most likely go to Aaron
2014. He won the Heisman the yogurt company has re- pleted, the World Series is as the AL MVP frontrunners. Judge, with the NL award
trophy that same year and cently dropped him as their now approaching. 30 teams The NL MVP top candidates most likely going to Cody
was awarded the accolade of spokesman and picked up have now been cut down to are Giancarlo Stanton, Char- Bellinger of the Dodgers.
NFL MVP in 2015. This sea- Cowboys quarterback Dak 2: the National League Cham- lie Blackmon, Nolan Arenado,
son he has led the Panthers Prescott to replace his role. pion Los Angeles Dodgers, and Paul Goldschmidt. The
to a solid 4-2 start, defeating Newton has fully apologized and the American League
the defending champs the for his poor choice of words. Champion Houston Astros.
New England Patriots. In the The next week he wore a hat In the Wild Card round, the
past few weeks Newton has with a Rosie the Riveter but- New York Yankees defeated
Photo via rantsports

been more known for his ton stapled to the side. He the Minnesota Twins, and the
comments in a postgame in- states that the symbolism Arizona Diamondbacks de-
terview with reporters than behind the choice of appar- feated the Colorado Rockies.
his performance on the field. el was to give a notion to The NLDS featured the Dodg-
After his win against the New all the strong women in our ers sweeping the D-Backs and
England Patriots on October world that make an impact on the Chicago Cubs beating the
1st he was asked a question others. This seems to be the Washington Nationals in a
by female reporter Jourdan bounce back and response the five game series. In the ALDS,
Rodrigue. media was looking for as Cam the Houston Astros beat the
Rodrigue asked Newton, Newton looks to focus back Boston Red Sox three games
Devin Funchess has really on football, and not the media to one. The Cleveland Indians
seemed to embrace the phys- had a 2-0 game lead over the
icality of his routes and get- Yankees, needed one more
ting those extra yards, does win to advance. But the Yan-
that give you a little bit of kees would not back down
enjoyment to see him kind and came back by winning
of truck-sticking people out the next two, forcing a Game
there? 5, which they won. In the
Newton responded by say- NLCS, the Dodgers beat the
ing, funny to hear a female Cubs four games to one. In
talking about routes. This an- the ALCS, the Astros beat the
swer shocked many people as Yankees four games to zero.
the room went quiet. He later In November, after the
World Series is over and a
Photo via NBC Photo via wordpress
October 31,2017

Apple iOS Update updates include :

1. Add the buttons you want
to control center
an article with your incredi-
bly important thoughts scrib-
bled on top, and maybe with
Subtitle You can customize what
shortcuts appear in the new
arrows for emphasis. In Sa-
fari, you can select the share
BY NUSHEEN BARADA- for the iPhone 8 and iPhone at La Jolla High School says,
RAN 8 Plus, to fix a bug which The new features make most and improved Control Center button at the bottom of the
SPORTS EDITOR could cause photos to be hid- everyday features easier and by going into Settings. Add screen and scroll to the right
den and email errors where quicker to access. I also en- shortcut buttons for things until you find the Create PDF
On October 3rd, Apple re- attachments in encrypted joy how the new layout, but like screen recording, voice option. The next screen will
leased iOS 11.0.2 for iPhones emails would not open. Some something that I do not enjoy memos, and the magnifier show a tiny marker icon in
in order to replace 11.0.1 and iPhone users are really happy is when you play music you tool. the top right corner. Tap and
to fix new firmware, to deliv- with the new update, for ex- are not able to see the full al- 2. Share your complicated start annotating.
er key bug fixes including one ample Kian Setareh a senior bum cover. Some of the new Wifi password 6. Doodle on screenshots

The Best U.S. Honors

Lets say a friend comes over Now when you take a screen-
for tea and wants to insta- shot (Power button + Home
gram your delicious home- button), it will appear as a
made cookies, iOS 11 has thumbnail in the bottom cor-

a quick way to share your ner of your screen. Tap to
password. When someone is start marking it up and then
using the same Wifi network send it off to a friend or save
your phone is on, youll get a it to your camera roll.
Rankings, Methodology, and More! notification. By tapping send
password, they can hop on
7. Make Live Photos do
the network without having If you swipe up on a Live
to manually enter complicat- Photo, a new menu appears
ed passwords, such as Su- with options to add some
p3rs3cr3tp@$$1984. Howev- pretty routine effects. Loop
er, this only works with other turns it into, well, a loop.
devices running iOS 11 and Bounce reverses it mid shot,
when Wifi and Bluetooth are and Long Exposure uses the
turned on. frames captures to create a
3. Use the camera to scan photo that looks like it had a
QR Codes slow shutter speed. As long as
Its a bit late, but Apple has youre playing with pictures,
added QR support to its mo- check out the updated photo
bile software. Turn on the filters.
camera, point it at any QR 8. Silly Messages Tricks
code, and a pop-up notifica- In the last big iOS update,
tion will offer to open it in Apple added a ton of features
Safari. to Messages like stickers and
4. Take Live Photos of video balloons. Its still tinkering
calls with the format and has add-
Now you can relive that mo- ed a line of apps along the
ment in a proprietary image bottom of messages. You can
format invented by Apple. To tap around to see which of
take a Live Photo of someone your existing apps have Mes-
during a FaceTime call, youll sages stickers and integra-
Photo via Good Free Photos score ranges from 31-33 and need to press the white button tions. There are also two new
BY EVAN GOLD a section of housing devoted 1480 is the programs average in the bottom left corner of animation effects, spotlight
STAFF WRITER solely to honors students in SAT score. the screen. Both participants and echo. Spotlight darkens
the South Quad. All students With a little under 2,000 need to have iOS 11 running everything but puts a bright
As early action and early are encouraged to participate students, The University of and Live Photos turned on for light on your latest text. Echo
decision deadlines near, many in undergraduate research North Carolina at Chapel it to work. covers the screen in floating
students will be applying to and to study abroad. Hills honors program has an 5. Save webpages as PDFs copies or your message.
reputable institutions around Located in Charlottesville, average class size of 18 stu- Sometimes you want to share
the United States. However, Virginia, the University of dents. Students are pushed
not all applicants are aware of Virginia offers about 945 stu- to participate in research
some academically challeng- dents spots in their honors during their time at the uni-
ing and resource-plentiful program. Students receive versity, and this research can
honors programs offered in priority registration and en- begin during freshman year.
public and private universi- joy a fairly open curriculum. Honors housing is offered to
ties around the country. The Students are not required to all freshmen, however, soph-
following is a list of the top take courses in certain fields omores are not guaranteed
five honors colleges in the that are required by the gen- housing. The honors college
U.S. as published by College eral student population. Al- particularly excels in Sociolo-
Confidential. These rankings though not mandated, honors gy, Business, and Psychology.
are based on a variety of fac- students are highly encour- A thesis is required for grad- Photo via
tors including scholarship aged to partake in research uation as an honors student.

Air France Engine Failure

availability, graduation rates, and submit a senior thesis. AP Admitted students have an
the honors curriculum, and and IB classes can be credited, average ACT score of 32 and
study abroad programs: however, to major and minor an average SAT score of 1465.
requirements. The average Lastly, Arizona State Uni- Scared in the Sky
The University of Michigan ACT score for honors stu- versitys Barrett Honors Col-
The University of Virginia dents is 34, the average SAT lege in Tempe, Arizona has BY SYDNEY OCONNOR heavy turbulence. After land-
The University of Texas Aus- score is 1530-1540, and most just over 6,200 students and STAFF WRITER ing, investigators confirmed
tin students are within the top 3 encourages students to partic- that the engine had blown
The University of North Caro- % of their high school gradu- ipate in research, internships, On October 1st, a double and had lost part of its mate-
lina at Chapel Hill ating class. and study abroad programs. decker Air France airplane rials, the cowling, the engines
Arizona State University The honors program at the In fact, the honors college was forced to make an emer- cover, while in mid air. La Jol-
University of Texas Austin offers its own summer study gency landing in Canada. The la High School student, Anni-
The University of Michi- was established in 1935 and abroad program that can earn plane was heading for Los ka Knott claims, This hazard
gan is located in Ann Arbor, includes about 700 students. students credit in up to two Angeles when one of the four should be greatly considered
Michigan and the honors pro- The university stresses the im- courses. Students are required engines exploded, though the because with over 500 pas-
gram admits approximately portance of teacher-student to live on campus in honors cause is still undetermined, it sengers on the flight, the con-
500 students per year through relationships and encourages housing for every year at Ar- is predicted that the damage sequences of another mishap
the College of Literature, Sci- collaboration amongst stu- izona State University. How- was caused by a bird colliding could be potentially tragic.
ence, and the Arts. Admission dents and professors. There is ever, students have access to into one of the engines. The The double decker airbus-
officers and application read- a variety of coursework that sports facilities, lounges, and plane was carrying over five es, like the A380 plane, are
ers receive about 1900 appli- honors students must com- computer labs that are of- hundred people, but fortu- considered one of the biggest
cations to the honors college plete ranging from classes on fered exclusively to honors nately, none of the passengers commercial airplanes in the
per year. In 2016, the median world literature to math and students. A thesis is required acquired any injuries. world, but their sales contin-
GPA for admitted honors stu- philosophy. Juniors enrolled prior to graduation. Average The disaster occurred while ue to decrease every year. In
dents was 3.9 on a 4.0 scale. in the program take two semi- ACT and SAT scores for ad- the aircraft was flying over early 2017, it was determined
The programs median ACT nars and write papers on their mitted high school students the Atlantic Ocean, and the that the production of these
range was 33-34 and the medi- discussions. Additionally, stu- are 29 and 1350 respectively. pilot was forced to land the massive planes would start
an SAT range was 1410-1510. dents write an honors thesis Honors colleges like the plane at a military airport. slowing down by the year
Students who are admitted to to highlight their work. 70% ones listed above provide stu- Passengers recalled hearing a 2019, but due to this recent
the University of Michigan of students admitted to the dents with a challenging cur- loud noise and seeing flames incident, it can be inferred
can apply to the honors col- program are within the top riculum, while offering them coming from one of the en- that the sale and production
lege after they complete the 5% of their high school gradu- some of the best perks univer- gines, then described that the rate of these aircrafts will be
regular application. There is ating class. The average ACT sities have to offer. plane felt as if it were hitting greatly affected.
October 31,2017 9
Halloween Movies
La Jolla Halloween Activities
Costumes, Decorations, and Scares! Oh, my!
BY MEGAN SWEENEY showcasing galleries never 3-6pm, Pillage the Village!
STAFF WRITER before seen on October 20th takes place in Downtown La
and 21st, from 6-9pm. Includ- Jolla, where trick-or-treating
When it comes to Hallow- ed are free admissions for is open at many local busi-
een, theres no need to travel children two years old and nesses.
farther than La Jolla to partic- under, however, tickets for The restaurant Barbarellas
ipate in fun costume parties ages above are sold for $20 at in La Jolla Shores is also open
and contests specifically de- the door. anytime for dinner and has
signed for the holiday. With a On October 28th, the La extravagant Halloween deco-
a few celebrations before Hal- Jolla Recreation Center hosts rations.
loween, people who especial- a Halloween carnival from When it comes to Hallow-
ly look forward to festivities 1-4pm, complete with games, een festivities, La Jolla is
can plan in advance. bouncy houses, a costume the expert for all things fun,
Fun for the whole family, contest (age inclusive), and scary, and spooky.
the Haunted Birch Aquari- free food.
um has a Sea Monster Mash On October 31st from

Mosquito Phone Repellent App

Photo via repel malaria carrying blood- University has spent many
BY EMMA FISH suckers. This isnt the first years researching this tech-
STAFF WRITER time that Lucky Goldstar has nology and has concluded
sold technology like this as that it is not as functional as
You can now repel bugs they previously sold air con- Lucky Goldstar claims. Even
with your phone. The new ditioning units with this pow- though Lucky Goldstar says
smartphone from Lucky er. This new technology is that it repels on average 72 From Top to Bottom: Happy Death Day, Hocus Pocus, and Halloween.

Goldstar is supposed to dra- potentially life changing,un- percent of disease-spreading Credit:, etonline, holly-

matically lower your chance fortunately, it has been de- mosquitoes, that is proven to BY EMMA FISH woodreporter

of malaria. This phone add bunked many times by scien- be not true. If wanting to stay STAFF WRITER
you need in a childrens mov-
on was released in India. The tists. The ultrasound method safe from mosquitoes, stick to ie: catchy songs, great anima-
technology is called Mos- used in the Mosquito Away bug spray. Maybe one day in Here are a list of some clas-
sic and new spooky movies tion, and skeletons dressed up
quito Away and works by has been proven many times the future we can find a way like Santa Claus!
sending ultrasonic waves that to not work. A scientist, Dr. to bat away those mosquitoes you should watch before or
on October 31st! Hocus-Pocus: In 1993 Dis-
Roger Gold, from Texas A&M away! ney blessed us with this tale
Halloween: This is an ob-
The Twilight Zone: From T.V. vious starting point for your
bingeing marathon. This is
one of the ten Halloween
of three sister witches who go
to Salem to become immor-
tal, but its up to a few kids to

To Stage movies that were made. The stop these evil witches! With
villain in this series of films plenty of laughs and spooks
is Michael Myers, an escaped to go around, this is always a
mental patient, who many good watch!
years before the films start, Carrie: Stephen Kings
murdered his sister. iconic novel,Carrie, has ac-
Happy Death Day: This tually been adapted into film
film is like Groundhogs Day twice, once in 1976 with Sis-
but with murder. Tree Geld- sy Spacek as Carrie and again
man wakes up on her birth- in 2013 with Chlo Grace
day with the feeling that shes Moretz. Carrie tells of a girl
done this before. Later that who is taunted by her class-
night she is murdered by a mates and family, resulting in
figure in a mask and wakes pigs blood being poured on
up the next morning with the her at prom.
same feeling. This new film Get Out: Also a fairly
came out Friday October 13th newer movie, Get Out sur-
which is the perfect day for a rounds Chris as he goes up to
scary movie to be released. his girlfriends familys cabin
Nightmare Before Christ- to meet her parents. But soon
mas: This Tim Burton classic after, he learns that it isnt go-
should probably be watched ing to be a normal visit to the
twice each year. Once before cabin. It is directed by Jordan
Photo via Eye of The Beholder
Halloween and once before Peele and you will be on the
the holidays. It has everything edge of you seat the whole
BY KEVYN FERNANDEZ department. Produced by Mr. seen, with a patient in a hos- time.
GUEST CONTRIBUTER Allen with the help of La Jolla pital thats hoping to live her
Highs student actors and te- life. The third episode, The
Its the show that fright- chies, we are bringing three Living Doll, takes place with
ened many generations on of these twisted tales and ep- a family and a wonderful little
classic television with the isodes to life for many to en- companion who loves, as long
classic creepy song and scary joy. as you treat her wonderfully
plot lines,The Twilight Zone The first episode,Will the or else. The Twilight Zone
is coming to La Jolla High. Real Martian Please Stand will be performed on No-
The Twilight Zone has shown Up, takes place at a diner vember 2,3, and 4 at La Jolla
many deeply moving sto- where a police investigation Highs very own Parker Au-
ries while still holding onto becomes more than what ditorium with $5 tickets for
the very strange, weird and theyd expect, with people students, and $10 for adults.
overall eerie nature. Not only not knowing who to trust. On Friday November 2, there
is it good on T.V., but also is The second episode, Eye of is a pay what you can per- Photo via Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up.
performed well on stage, like the Beholder, takes place in a formance for students at 3:30
our very own schools theatre world like no other that weve after school for those who
October 31, 2017
October 31, 2017 11

Replacing Autoshop?

Roni Grushkevich, 9th Andrea Jackson, 10th

More room for ceram- French Class because
Reagan Jetter, 11th Jaisel Alagiri, 9th
ics so freshman can Home EC - it is more Dance class, because
we only have 3 lan-
also take ceramics.
guages here and we useful than Pre-Cal. I like dancing.
should have more.

Adrian Andrade, 12th

Club Classes because
clubs need a seperated
area for [the people in the
clubs] to socialize, and
some students need their
Devin Garcia, 10th classroom for class work
Vale Bonomie, 10th Crafting class, because and dont need distrac-
Cooking class because life it would kinda be like Oee Wintringer, 11th tions.
skills are important and replacing autoshop. Home EC, because it
college isnt for everyone.
helps me learn more.

Ms.Medrano, Teacher
A better autoshop. Update it.
Emmy Pohlman, 12th Robert Mackey, 12th It helps the students minds
Maeryn McCally, 10th Dominique Tarantino, 12th Harder computer work better.
A design class, where we Nicole Marshall, 12th science classes or
make gear for our school Ben Barone, 12th more theater be-
because we need more Home EC. We need to learn how to cause we could use
school spirit. cook. them.
October 31, 2017

Cartoon Caption
Come up with your best cap-
tions for the drawing on the
left. Send your ideas to:

Cartoons Page edited by: Kennady Arm-

strong, Savannah Dennis, Kiana Seva, and
Megan Sweeney NEWS
October 31, 2017 13
Catalonia Seeks Independence Q&A
The Hi-Tide interviewed C, a 21-year-old from
Girona, in Catalonia, who now lives in Valencia,
for their take on the referendum and indepen-
HT: How did the vote affect rific images from people all
you personally? over Spain saying farewell to
their local policemen and civil
C: October 1st was a very guards and chanting a por el-
emotional day for me. I was los o, a chant which means
soaring with pride for my go get them usually chanted
people who against all odds during football matches.
were able to make their voices
heard loud and clear and tell HT: Do you think Catalonia
Spain we want to be indepen- should be independent?
dent. It was also a day of sor-
row and impotence seeing the C: Yes, I think the Catalan
brutality national forces were Countries, including Valen-
inflicting on voters, while the cia and the Balearic Islands
Spanish government all but should be independent. His-
denied it and went on to say torically, our people have al-
more policemen were injured ways belonged together and
than people. have formed governments
that I think reflect our needs
HT: Do you personally think better than a central Spanish
the vote for independence government could ever do.
Secessionists fly the Estelada following Puigdemonts October 10 independence from Spain is valid? Centralist governments have
proclamation historically tried to suppress
Photo by Amadalvarez via Wikimedia Commons C: Yes, I think the vote was our culture and language,
BY EVAN GOLD Puigdemont made it clear ed. The head of Catalonias valid from Philip V of Spain burn-
STAFF WRITER that the Catalonians have regional police force was ing our cities and Furs to
spoken and the Spanish gov- called to the Spanish gov- HT: Do you think the Spanish Franco banning our language
Catalonia held a referendum ernment should acknowledge ernment to be investigated police treated Catalan citizens to more recently the central
on Sunday, October 1st, to de- the overwhelming desire for inaction or even support fairly? government refusing to give
cide whether or not to declare amongst Catalonians to form related to illegal votes and a funding to programs that fo-
independence from Spain. an independent state. Puig- Catalonian rebellion. C: No. I think using govern- ment and try to keep our lan-
Despite being met with force demont stated, With this day In the wake of the referen- ment forces to suppress the guage alive. More important-
by Spanish police, Catalonias of hope and suffering, the cit- dum, the Spanish government will of the people is pretty ly, its just what the people
leader, Carles Puigdemont, izens of Catalonia have won moved towards suspending unilaterally evil and morally want, as we have spoken. This
claimed that of the number the right to an independent the administration of Catalo- wrong. In the days prior to is nothing new. Generations
of registered voters in Cata- state in the form of a repub- nia on October 19. October 1st National Police upon generations of families
lonia, 42.3 percent cast votes lic. The European Union and Civil Guard from all over who want independence from
on Sunday. Of the votes that The Spanish government backed the Spanish govern- the peninsula were sent to Spain and from Castille.
were counted, approximately responded by sending police ment and Spain has received Catalonia, and we saw hor-
90% indicated that they want- from across the country to little criticism from neigh- in Wales to claim, any gov- ies such as Barcelona. Some
ed independence from Spain. stop voters from casting bal- boring nations regarding the ernment in the world would voters cite Catalonias unique
On October 10, Puigdemont lots, which reportedly result- magnitude of force imposed have responded to an illegal culture, history, and language
seemed to have declared inde- ed in over 900 injuries. The on voters. Although the vote vote like the Spanish govern- as reasons for desiring Cata-
pendence, but asked the Par- Spanish Prime Minister said allegedly indicated a majori- ment did. lan independence while oth-
liament of Catalonia to sus- regional officers in Catalo- ty in favor of independence, Catalonia is located in the ers simply do not want to
pend the declaration to allow nia were ordered to prevent the vote did not coincide with northeastern portion of Spain have to pay and support the
negotiation and dialogue with illegal votes but instead just Spanish constitution leading and contains some of Spains Spanish government.
politicians in Madrid. stood by with their arms fold- Andrew of Cardiff University most visited beaches and cit-

White Supremacists Hold Another

Fires Engulf California
Rally in Charlottesville Mike
Mayor of Charlottesville
Signer also posted a
tweet, Another despicable
visit by neo-Nazi cowards.
Youre not welcome here! Go
home! Meantime were look-
ing at all our legal options.
Stay tuned.
The Charlottesville Police
Department has said that they
are in contact with the Com-
monwealth Attorneys office
in Charlottesville to see if any
action can be taken against
the rally.
In August, another more
Photo by Junior Olivas via CNN
deadly rally was held. Nine-
teen were hospitalized, and SAVANNAH DENNIS of 24 death reports and over
32-year-old Heather Heyer STAFF WRITER 650 people reported missing.
was killed when a car slammed About a hundred people are
into a group of counter-pro- The massive number of evacu- being treated in Napa and
testers. Members of the alt- ees caused the roads and free- Sonoma hospitals for burns
Photo by Matt Talhem via NY Daily News right and Ku Klux Klan put ways of Northern California and smoke inhalation.
together a Unite the Right and Los Angeles extremely The fires have been described
NIZHONI HAWTHORNE back. The rally was over in rally and clashed heavily with congested. After being in the as apocalyptic and war-like.
STAFF WRITER about in twenty minutes, and counter-protesters. The con- path of the fire, Highway 101 ...The sky was completely
the group got onto a bus and flict sparked serious contro- was closed. There is a push for gray, the air was polluted and
At 8 p.m. Saturday October left Charlottesville. The police versy when President Trump more people to be evacuated we could smell the smoke and
7th, a group of white suprem- followed just to make sure said that both Neo-Nazis and in Orange County, due to the the sun looked like a red ball
acists with torches returned to nothing else would happen. counter-protestors were to fire in Anaheim. in the sky, said Adeba Sulta-
Charlottesville, Virginia. Lead Our identity matters. We blame, a statement that Spen- It is not clear whether or not na. The fires are causing dan-
by alt-right leader Richard are not going stand by and cer praised Trump for. the fires were started by hu- gerous amounts of smoke in
Spencer, the group of about allow people to tear down Again in September the alt- mans. Cal Fire is focused on the air, leading people to stay
three dozen gathered around these symbols of our history right protesters flocked to the stopping the fires and res- home.
a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee and our people, Spencer ex- statue, but the demonstration cuing the people who are in After requesting federal as-
located in Emancipation Park, plained, and were going to was quickly shut down after danger. No matter the cause, sistance, President Trump
near the University of Virgin- do this again. several hundred counter-pro- the fires are spreading rapid- approved Governor Browns
ia campus. The morning after, Senator testers surrounded the group. ly due to the dry Santa Ana request for major disaster
The statue has been covered of Virginia Tim Kaine tweet- We came, we triggered, we winds, reaching up to 40mph. declaration for California.
by a black tarp since mid-Sep- ed in response to the rally, left, Spencer said in a Twit- To keep the people safe and to However, against firefighters
tember and will probably be Dont come back. Virginia ter video after Sunday nights prevent looters, authorities in best efforts, the fires are bare-
removed. The group shout- is for lovers, not haters. We demonstration. It was a great Santa Rosa have established a ly contained.
ed things like You will not refuse to be dragged back- success, and were going to do sunrise to sunset curfew. As of
replace us and We will be wards. it again. October 12th, there are a total
The Twilight Zone Fenty Beauty
La Jolla High Schools Most Recent Theater Pro- Rihannas Inclusive Makeup Line
duction BY MEGAN SWEENY celebrity status along with her
STAFF WRITER personal advertisements and
development of the collection
For two years, fans have been over the past two years increas-
waiting for Rihannas Fenty es this likelihood drastically. So
Beauty line, and it has finally far, no fake versions of Fenty
made its debut. It was launched Beauty makeup have been sold,
in 1,600 stores across 17 coun- although it has become a com-
tries on September 8th. As it is mon theme among successful
sold globally in Sephora and beauty brands. The authentic-
Harvey Nichols stores, it reaches ity of Rihannas makeup line is
a broad audience, impacting peo- unmistakable, as it accounts for
ples view of commercial make- many women whose skin colors
up. Designed to focus on skin were never truly matched. Fenty
complexions, Rihannas inspira- Beauty stands for more than a
tion for her makeup line was so product line, and it should make
that women everywhere would the commercial makeup indus-
be included. With 40 different try consider selling to all types
shades of foundation and univer- of woman rather than a few.
sally-flattering highlighters, Fen-
ty Beauty celebrates the diversity
of women all over the world, and
not to mention, each womans
Photo via individual style and personality.
Sophomore, Kennady Armstrong
says, I believe that the timing
for Rihanna to release her Fenty
Beauty collection was spot on. It
is exactly something that people
needed right now and can look
forward to. I also like how its
very inclusive, including shades
for every skin tone.
Rihanna has signed a ten
million dollar deal with Kendo
Brands to launch her new cos-
metic line, and even so, sales are Photo via
predicted to surpass that. Her
Zoe Trudeau Isha Raj Silverman Blue Schroeder
Photo via Emma Fish Photo Emma Fish Photo via Emma Fish


STAFF WRITER Z: I also care I about the people I
love, Annabelle cares about her Z: Abusive husband goes crazy
On November 1st-4th, La Jol- daughter I care about the people with doll.
la High School students have the close to me a lot too.
opportunity to enter the Twilight I: A woman in bandages is revealed
Zone. The LJHS drama department I: We both question authority, and
will be doing three different epi- are interested in the importance of B: Who is The Martian in the diner
sodes from the classic television se- beauty roles and standards in the
ries. world. Otherwise were just not Who are your acting role models?
similar shes much nicer than I am.
Will The Real Martian Stand Up: Z: My acting role models are Mar-
A UFO has fallen and two cops have B: I would say both me and my jorie May Treger and Marjorie May
to figure out who or what got out. character like solving puzzles and Treger
figuring out mysteries and we like (she was the theater teacher two
Eye of the Beholder: Janet is a to be able to reason through things. years ago)
woman who has many plastic sur-
geries in an attempt to fix her facial What is the best part of this produc- I: Helena Bonham Carter.
disfigurement. We see her in her tion?
hospital bed after her last treatment. B: Cate Blanchett.
Z: The best part of this production
Living Doll: Talking Tina, the doll is the people who are a part of it What are your pre show rituals?
that does everything she talks she and the tech.
moves and she was just purchased Z: Peeing a lot because I always
by the Straiter family. What does I: Im really excited for the special have to pee and drinking tea and Photo via
Tina have to say about the conflict effects makeup to start because our listening to podcasts.
bubbling under the surface of this show has a lot of like latex and stuff

Hugh Hefner
family? in it thats going to be really cool. I: So many tongue twisters all of
the tongue twisters I drink a lot of
B: The different like suspenseful tea and usually belt musical theatre
PROFILES- vibe. songs that volumes that are not
Janet from Eye of the Beholder is good for voices because what the Founder of Playboy Magazine Dead at 91
played by senior Isha Raj Silverman What makes the Twilight Zone spe- heck.
Cop 1 from Will The Real Martian cial?
Stand Up is played by junior, Blue BY EMILY GOLD 1953 and by 1970, circulation of
Schroeder Z: Because its kind of like a cult B: I get there to the theater room STAFF WRITER the magazine was at about seven
Annabelle from Living Doll is classic and people of all and theres I usually get ready right away and million.
played by senior, Zoe Trudeau. certain episodes that people re- then we just hang out and set props Hugh Hefner, creator of the
member watching as kids and so and listen to my music.
Playboy Magazine and enter-
its really exciting to put it on stage.
prise, died at the age of 91 in his
home, the Playboy Mansion, in
When did you start acting? I: Its really interesting because we What is your favorite play or musi-
had the three different episodes so cal currently?
Los Angeles, on September 27,
Z: Ive been doing theatre since I like I have no idea what Living Doll 2017. His death was announced
was three years old. or Martian look like at all the only Z: Fun Home and then also like by Playboy Enterprises, the
exception to that is people under- shows that are currently on stage is cause being cardiac arrest, re-
I: Somewhere after 3rd grade so I studying in the other episodes so Be More Chill. spiratory failure, sepsis, and an
was 8. thats very interesting. Also just E. coli infection. Hefner and his
like Anne Frank was really long and I: [after 30 long seconds of deliber- enterprise were inseparable, he
B: I started acting when I was really this is really condensed. ation and asking other people] In embodied his company until the
young The Heights day he died, as they were both
B: The Twilight Zone is special just considered emblems of the sexu-
How are you and your character because of how suspenseful it is. B: Probably a tie between Wicked al revolution in the United States
similar? and Rent and across the globe. The first is- Photo via
Give me a 6 word summary of your sue of Playboy was published in
15 A+E
October 31, 2017

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Miley Cyrus Week

2017s Hall of Fame Artists Cyrus Celebration of Her New Album

BY CARSTEN FEHLAN groups, that really embody the Bon Jovi is very well known BY MEGAN SWEENY to Hillary Clinton, who was the
STAFF WRITER idea of Rock and Roll. During for their work in the 1980s. To- STAFF WRITE$R nights guest. During her tearful
his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gether the five members have thank you, Cyrus said, Thank
For the past 31 years, Cleve- acceptance speech last year, made some of the most mem- To celebrate the release of her you, Hillary, for being a constant
land, Ohio has been home to rap artist Ice Cube claimed that orable hits of their time. Some new album, Younger Now, Mi- beacon of strength, hope, and de-
one of the worlds greatest rock Rock & roll is not an instru- of their most famous songs are ley Cyrus visited Jimmy Fallon termination for me and millions
and roll spectacles. Annually, ment; rock & roll is not even a Livin on a Prayer, and You Give on The Tonight Show for an en- of other young women. Youve
around 20 artists are chosen to style of music. Rock & roll is a Love a Bad Name. This year is tire week. Spanning from Octo- been a role model and an inspi-
be put into a ballot and voted spirit. Its been going since their second nomination. ber 2nd through the 6th, it was ration, and a voice of reason in
upon by the public. Nominees the blues, jazz, bebop, soul, Radiohead, a rock band that fittingly dubbed Miley Cyrus uncertain times. She then ded-
are available to be put into the R&B, rock & roll, heavy metal, was formed in the mid 1980s, Week by NBC. icated These Boots Were Made
ballot multiple times until they punk rock and, yes, hip-hop. is made up of five members and for Walking to Hillary before
are voted in. And what connects us all is are most known for their hits Kicking off her Tonight Show the show closed.
This year, The Rock and Roll that spirit. Rock & roll is not Creep and Paranoid Android takeover, Cyrus opened the
Hall of Fame committee chose conforming to the people who that were both made in the late show alongside Adam Sandler On Thursday, October 5th, she
19 possible nominees that they came before you, but creating 1990s. on October 2nd, singing No parodied Islands in the Stream,
believed were worthy and your own path in music and in The 2018 class in the Rock Freedom by Dido, to honor the and dressed up as her godmoth-
passed the eligibility process. life. and Roll Hall of Fame is filled victims and families affected by er, Dolly Parton, while Fallon
2018s nominees are, Bon Jovi, This year is capped with with many famous groups and the Las Vegas shooting. She was played the part of Kenny Rogers.
Kate Bush, The Cars, Depeche nine first time nominees: Sis- bands and musicians. They all also interviewed by Fallon on her On Friday the 6th, Cyrus and
Mode, Dire Straits, Eurythmics, ter Rosetta Tharpe, Kate Bush, look to encompass the idea inspiration for her new album, Fallon faced off in a fan-favorite
J. Geils Band, Judas Priest, LL Dire Straits, Eurythmics, Judas that people want Rock and Roll which was motivated when she segment known as the Lip Sync
Cool J, The MC5, The Meters, Priest, The Moody Blues, Ra- to portray, which is the lyrical learned to accept who she was in Battle, where they each sang
Moody Blues, Radiohead, Rage diohead, Rage Against the Ma- masterpieces and deep beats the past. Once again to memori- two songs and attempted to win
Against the Machine, Rufus fea- chine, and Nina Simone. Some that let the audience feel the alize lives lost to the massacre, over the audience with their hi-
turing Chaka Khan, Nina Sim- of the most popular and most music and resemble themselves she closed the show singing her larious parodies. At the finish of
one, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Link recognized bands and artists with the music and performers. hit song, The Climb. Fridays episode, Miley Cyrus
Wray, and the Zombies this year are Bon Jovi, Radio- Week concluded with a cover
This year is full of many tal- head, Judas Priest, and Link The following day, Cyrus played of Wildflowers by Tom Petty,
ented artists, musicians, and Wray. a new family-feud kind of game sung by Cyrus and her dad, Billy
called Search Party on a team Ray Cyrus.
with her two sisters, Noah and
Brandi, and her mom, Tish. At the center of late night com-
Their opponents were the cast of edy, Miley Cyrus delivered a
Riverdale, while Fallon hosted week filled with not only laughs,
the game. Afterwards, she per- but touching tributes. With the
formed one of her new songs, A turbulent events of late, people
Week Without You. watching at home were remind-
ed of the fabric of American
On October 4th, alongside the society. Most importantly, that
female writers of the Tonight human empathy exists within
Show, she read a personal letter many; threading an invisible

Mean Girls
Swan Lake Photo via

The Classic Ballet Takes The Stage Once Again

BY EMILY GOLD grandparent, there is something
for everybody in Swan Lake.
Screamzone vs.
Haunted Trails
Mean Girls is finally taking STAFF WRITER
the stage making its debut in California Ballet Principal Danc-
live theater after its premiere Originally choreographed in er, Trystan Merrick, has a mes-
in movie theaters in 2004. From 1887, Swan Lake is a ballet that sage to the students of La Jolla
wearing pink on Wednesdays to has entranced audiences for cen- High School who are wonder- BY KATE DOBAK loween time because they have
the October 3rd phenomenon, turies. This classic ballet is unde- ing if the show will be worth STAFF WRITER plenty of options. Haunted Hay-
references to this film are still niably beautiful and a must see if their time, In this day and age ride is one of my favorites. They
prominent today. Most of us are you are a proponent of the arts when most everything is digi- Both located in San Diego, Cal- even have a place where you can
familiar with the story of Cady or are just looking for something tal, it is easy to find and watch ifornia, Screamzone and Haunt- take pictures with your friends.
Heron who moves to Illinois after to do. The San Diego Civic The- almost anything on the Internet. ed Trails are both great haunted While Haunted Trails does not
living in Africa with her parents ater is housing the California I understand the appeal of binge experiences. Located along the have as many options, it is still
who are zoologists. She is forced Ballet Company on October 28th watching Netflix on the couch, Del Mar race track, Screamzone a fun, haunted experience. Lo-
to navigate the social hierarchy and 29th for their production of trust me. But there is something has three attractions: The Haunt- cated at Balboa Park, this scary
of her high school and faces the Swan Lake. The California Ballet about seeing a show live that is ed Hayride, The Chamber, and park comes once a year to San
vicious top of the hierarchy, The Company is the longest standing magical and the magic of Swan the House of Horrors. If those Diego. There is a one mile-long
Plastics. ballet company in San Diego and Lake is something that will stick arent scary enough, you can terror filled trail, but before be-
Taking the stage at the August has earned merit in the coun- with you much longer than the also take part in The Running ing sent into the trail you must
Wilson Theater in Manhattan, ty by producing countless out- next episode of your favorite se- Dead, an obstacle course where find your way through the Ex-
this new Broadway show is ex- standing shows. As the opening ries. Come support the arts by
participants run for their lives periment Maze. The trail has
pected to be incredibly popular. show of their 50th season, it is attending the show!
from blood-sucking, brain-eat- different sections with different
Written by Tina Fey, a world almost guaranteed to be a grand
ing zombies, and race against themes, this years including
renowned comedian, there is a production.
The California Ballet Company the clock as you climb, run, and the new It movie, the Stranger
great expectation to this show. jump around a number of obsta- Things House, Annabelle and the
I think Tina Fey will make this has produced shows for the past
four years that featured La Jolla cles. Open from 7:00 pm-11:00 Nun, and more. Haunted Trails
show memorable and I hope to pm on Sundays through Thurs- is open from September 19th -
see it asap, said La Jolla High High School graduate, Zoe Men-
del, and myself. I have seen the days, and 7:00pm - midnight on October 31st, from 7pm - 11pm.
student Kaili Ingalls. It is expect- Fridays and Saturdays. You can $25 for general admission, which
ed to open in April of 2018 and hard work that goes into these
productions first hand and I can enjoy all three attractions for includes the maze, and you can
tickets start at $99. Start saving $33, and parking is free. Kate purchase your tickets online or
now because tickets to see the honestly say that this show, un-
like many, caters to any audi- Gunn, sophomore at La Jolla when you arrive at the park.
show are already on sale. Photo via
High School says, Screamzone
ence. Whether you take a young-
er sibling, a friend, or even a is a great place to go during Hal-
A+E Cont.

October 31, 2017


The Music Lives On

Remembering Rock n Roll Legend Tom Petty
BY BRENT HOPKINS hopeif he could be-
come a famous rock
GUEST WRITER star, playing the kind of
music he wanted to and
Its spring of 1995, Im acting the way he did,
16 years old, standing maybe the rest of us had
in Robert J. Boyds jour- a shot, too.
nalism class, mad, and Maybe if you were
cranking up Tom Petty. stubborn enough and
Railing against cen- stuck to who you were,
sorship, authoritarian- you could be cool the
ism and all the things way he was and not have
that seemed scary to my to sell out. Thats just as
teenaged self, I reached appealing when youre a
for Full Moon Fever teenager or an adult.
and cued up the second My wife and I were out
track, I Wont Back driving a few weeks ago
Down. and we heard an ad for
Hed written the song his performances at the
six years earlier and it Hollywood Bowl.
was a hit, so I wasnt She remarked that she
exactly the first one to wanted to see him, but I
discover it, but, all the was busy with work and
same, I felt like he was didnt get a chance to
singing just for me. buy tickets.
Tom Petty was always After reading the re-
like thata musician for views of how they were
everyone, but with the Tom Petty photographed in New York City in 1976 still killing it after 40
ability to connect to any- Photo via Billboard years in the game, I made
one. When I was striking Sports Arena, my first He worked through a note to look into seeing
I first heard him when out with girls, Even the real rock and roll show, everything from Book- him the next time they
I was barely in my teens Losers and The Wait- and it was absolutely er T. and the M.G.s to made their way through
and I listened to his mu- ing gave me comfort. transfixing. Nirvanas Smells Like LA.
sic all the way until the When I was feeling The guys in front of me Teen Spirit, tossing off He died before I got the
day he died, way too the pressure of growing danced the whole night, the notes effortlessly, chance, which breaks
early at the age of 66, on up, which seemed im- even when he wasnt reminding you that the my heart, and reminds
October 2, 2017. possible at that age and playing, and the band veterans could still wail me that youve gotta en-
My first memories of even still pretty tricky 20 was on fire. away in a manner of joy this life while you
him came from his Into years later, Free Fallin Petty took a break for a which the newcomers can and not wait it until
the Great Wide Open reassured me that it was bit, went off stage to get a could only dream. it seems convenient.
era, when he was al- OK to feel that way. drink or something, and They were older cats, But though his guitar
ready well-established in I saw him and the Mike Campbell stepped even then, but they could will now sit silent and
the rock mainstream. Heartbreakers on the up and played this in- still play with this fiery his distinct voice will
Id watch his quirky Wildflowers tour at the credibly rockin solo. intensity that gave you sing out no more, Tom
videos on MTV, listen the chills. Petty will live on in his
to cuts like Mary Janes Their music expanded music.
Last Dance and Learn-
ing to Fly, and revel at Tom Petty was always like my consciousness, open-
ing me up to symphonic
Pick up a copy of his
live anthology from
his cool outfits and re- orchestrations, like on 2009, look up his per-
bellious attitude. formances online, scour
This led me into his thata musician for every- Its Good to Be King,
and turning me on to the bins of your used
back catalog, Full Moon their influences, like The music store for his old
Fever and Damn the Byrds, Jeff Lynne of ELO LPsit sounds just as
It got better and bet-
one, but with the ability to and Roy Orbison. fresh today as when it
I started buying old re- was recorded, when I
terthe more I listened, cords when I heard that discovered it, when the
the more I found myself connect to anyone. vinyl was their preferred generation after me fell
in the music. medium and I still enjoy in love with it.
tracks like Refugee and From American Girl
Here Comes My Girl to The Last DJ, I hope it
on my turntable. speaks to you as it did to
Why did this skin- me, and that it inspires
ny, funny-looking dude you to dream your own
with the weird voice and dreams to its lovely, lush
the Sixties sensibilities soundtrack.
capture my imagination With that as your
so much? guide, as he sang in Into
Because he gave you the Great Wide open,
the sky is the limit.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Photo via Amazon Music
17 A+E Cont.
October 31, 2017

Lights! Camera! Film Festival!

Hollywoods biggest names grace San Diegos silver screens during
the seventeenth annual San Diego International Film Festival
BY ADINA KEELING producers, Jonathan Sanger. and actors and ask questions. able to cooperate with amaz- as he went up to receive his
OPINIONS EDITOR After the interview, I attend- I spoke with the producer of a ing people in really cool loca- prize.
ed the after party. There was short called WYRM (which tions and doing the fun work Before the Awards Show
When Mr. Boyd approached food being served and drinks humorously depicted the life of actually making a movie drew to a close, McAuley
me and asked if I would be in- available. Photographers of a late-bloomer) and I asked and being able to share it with agreed to letting me interview
terested in receiving a press were managing special pho- him about elements of the people. The rough part about him. During that interview, I
pass to the San Diego Film to stations and jewelry was short I didnt completely un- the job would be the times in also asked about the best and
Festival, I was immediately being auctioned off. I felt a derstand. between when you dont have worst things about his job. He
interested, though I didnt bit out of place but, as a jour- October 7th was especially work or when youre looking replied:
truly know what the event nalist must, I did my best to exciting. I went to what was for work and youre trying to Its a really amazing thing
was. Nevertheless, it sound- blend in with the crowd. I had called the Filmmaker Awards get things together, Lang said to start with a blank page
ed exciting, so I submitted an hoped I could interview some Show and Party which took It can seem like the entire and just suddenly populate a
online application in order to producers but this was not place at the Pendry Hotel at worlds working against you world with these characters.
obtain this press pass, and I the right event for that. 9:00 PM. Essentially, this was Its not necessarily anything For me its like now I want
hoped for the best! See, a ben- On both October 5th and an event established to recog- thats incredibly important or to make them living breath-
efit of taking journalism at 6th I had booked tickets to nize award-winning films that vital for life as we know it but ing beings that every morn-
La Jolla High is that you may go see some short films. The the San Diego Film Festival its not necessarily an easy ing Im excited to go interact
have access to many exclusive first set, called A Stranger in had been playing. However, task or job. So its like Ive got with and learn more about
events in order to help create a Stranger Land, was at Regal the most esteemed part of the a really great story but try- them and let them fall in love
content for the Hi-Tide. Luck- Cinemas in Horton Plaza and event was the party held be- ing to get people to jump on with each other and let them
ily, this event became one of the second set, called When fore the awards show. I was in board or give money can be murder each other. But its
them as receiving the pass Words Collide, was play- a room with filmmakers from very frustrating at times. really just fun to play with a
was, ultimately, a success. ing at Arclight. I wont lie, all around the world! The first Finally, the Awards Show big sandbox. And sometimes
So you might be wondering: some of the shorts were a bit filmmaker I spoke with actu- began. Once the doors to the that is also the worst part of
What is the San Diego Film strange but they were all well ally approached me. He asked ballroom were opened people the job. It can be hard when
Festival? Well, until recently, youre not feeling inspired;
I didnt know the answer to or when youre working on
that question either. But now something and you realize
that I do, let me share my ex- theres not as much there as
perience with you. you thought there was; or the
In order to view the event, I spark is not an everlasting
was given what was called a one.
Fest Pass. At first I assumed The next day, October 8th,
it was a special pass given I went to go see Dismissed.
only to those who were linked This movie tells the story of an
to media outlets. However, I ambitious student, willing to
later discovered that the ma- do anything for good grades,
jority of people attending the and his english teacher. It
event actually had the same also starred Kent Osborne
pass. This pass allows pass and Dylan Sprouse (now you
holders to book up to 17 mov- know why I chose to see this
ies and events linked to the particular movie...). It was
San Diego Film Festival over incredibly well done, incor-
the course of its five day span. porating elements of both
Upon learning this, I booked humor and horror, and will
an event or movie every day be playing soon in theatres. I
of the festival (beginning on dont want to spoil the story
October 4th and ending on so I will, instead, encourage
the 8th). I didnt know what everyone to go see it! At the
exactly I was booking but, end of the screening, some of
regardless, I booked these the filmmakers, including the
events anyway. I also learned writer, who I had met the day
that, for those who didnt before, and some of the actors
have a fest pass, tickets could (including Kent Osborne, Rae
be purchased online for indi- Gray, and Leslie Thurston,
vidual events. So if anyone is sadly no Dylan Sprouse) came
interested in seeing some of forward for a short interview.
the San Diego Film Festival Kent Osborne, who played the
Events next year and cant English teacher, humorously
afford a pass (let me tell you, discussed the challenges of
that pass is not cheap) you Opening Night of San Diego International Film Festival at _______ Theatre pretending to be married. The
can always purchase individ- Photo via Adina Keeling interview drew to a close and
ual tickets online! put together with profession- me why I was attending the began filling in. I sat near a so my time at the San Diego
My first event was called the al lighting and filming and a event and I explained I was young man, whose name I lat- Film Festival was over.
Opening Night Film and Af- couple were truly fantastic! there for my journalism class. er learned was Brian McAu- So heres what Ive learned:
ter Party. It took place on Oc- While some were humorous I learned his name was Josh- ley. Coincidentally, he had the San Diego Film Festival
tober 4th at Balboa Theatre in and light-hearted (like one ua Lang and we discussed my written the movie I had been is a way for people to watch
Downtown San Diego. I had about the internal dialogue role as a journalist and what scheduled to see the next day! new independent films and
to wait in line for a long time one may have when seeing kinds of questions I should As we engaged in conversa- even meet their producers, di-
but finally pass and ticket someone attractive) others be asking filmmakers. Film- tion, I asked him to explain rectors, actors, and scriptwrit-
holders were let into the the- were serious and brought im- makers love talking about what its like being a script- ers. It is a great opportunity
atre and we were shown the portant issues to light (like themselves, he advised. Just writer. to make new and important
movie Marshall. This was an one short which expressed as the Awards Show was be- He said it takes him a couple connections, especially for
incredible film about a court the irony of living in a society ginning and our conversation weeks to write a full mov- people interested in the film
case in which Thurgood Mar- in which we may, if necessary, was coming to a close, he of- ie script. The hardest thing industry. I had a great time
shall (yes, the one who later euthanize our pets but not our fered to let me interview him about his job, he also ex- at the Festival and am very
became Supreme Court Jus- loved ones). At the end of the over the phone at some point! plained, is the fact that not grateful to have been given
tice), an attorney at the time, shorts, some of the produc- I soon discovered the he was everything gets made. He had the chance to go to exclusive
worked with Sam Friedman ers, directors, and actors were the producer for the mov- been writing a script he had events, see amazing movies,
in order to save the life of an brought to the front of the ie Apache Warriors, which been very proud of and it was and meet very accomplished
innocent man falsely accused theatre and an interview was won an award during the never made. people.
of rape. This movie will be in held. They discussed the hard- Awards Show! A couple days The highlight of the show
theatres starting October 12th ships of getting into the film later, when I interviewed him, was when Dismissed was
so I would highly recommend industry and the ideas behind I asked him what the best and given the Best World Pre-
checking it out! After the their short films. After the worst parts of his job are. He miere Award. McAuley and
movie, a short interview was interviews, the audience was replied: I looked at each other in sur-
held with one of Marshalls able to meet the filmmakers The best of my job is being prise and I congratulated him
18 FEATURES cont.October 31, 2017

A Deadly Day at the Del

The next day, she ran off to Los
Angeles with her brother-in-
law, Albert. Upon her arrival in
California, she had $1,000 cash,
which at the time, was a lot of
money, and that a woman of her
How one womans short, but infamous stay at the Del, influ- nature acquiring those sums, was
mysterious. By the time she ar-
enced decades worth of history rived at the Del, her money was
wiped out.
Even though Morgans stay at
BY NATHAN MILLER AND the Del is a mystery to this day,
SOPHIE BOLINGER many believe she currently oc-
FEATURES EDITOR AND SPORTS cupies the most famous room at
EDITOR the Del, 3327, the room where
Morgan stayed as a guest. Since
Since its opening in 1888, the Morgans stay, the rooms have
Hotel del Coronado has amazed been reconfigured, however,
guests, visitors, and tourists alike room 3327 is the most accu-
with its magnificent Victorian rate location of where Morgans
architecture, significant histor- room might have been. We were
ical importance, and panoram- fortunate to receive a tour of the
ic Pacific Ocean views. The Del room. To our surprise, the room
has housed eleven presidents, is brightly lit, features a king
foreign royalty, celebrities, such bed, and a nice sized bathroom.
as the cast of the 1950s classic It was quite unassuming. Be-
film, Some Like It Hot. To some, sides its significance, room 3327
however, the most notable of is virtually identical to all other
them is Kate Morgan, a woman guestrooms. While we didnt
who checked into the hotel one experience anything out of the
day, and never checked out. For ordinary, the hotel has received
125 years, her supposed ghost numerous complaints over the
has been haunting the Del and years regarding suspect activity.
its visitors; we, editors of the Hi- Most recently, a male guest woke
Tide went to the renowned hotel in the middle of the night to find
to learn about Morgans history, the initials L.B. being written on
her stay at the hotel, and to see if the ceiling, and then immediately
her spirit lives on today. vanishing. Other instances have
When Morgan first entered the included a suitcase being flung
Del, her viewpoint was similar to open, items falling off of shelves,
ours. The lobbys dark wood in- and being touched on the shoul-
teriors, and grand old fashioned der while in the shower.
chandelier are the first of many Our tour guide for the day, and
opulent features seen when en- the Dels Director of Market-
tering. In the lobby alone, a vast ing and Communications, Gina
history is associated with its Petrone, said, There are no scary
many of its characteristics. At places, only scary people.
the top of the lobby is a balcony Despite these accusations and
where the female guests would reaffirming Petrones statement,
sit and watch the new guests ar- the hotel does not confirm ac-
riving to the hotel. Additionally, cusations that their hotel is
the Del still features two of its haunted. While they do take into
original elevators, with their in- account guests stories, they ha-
tricate gold-painted metal frame; vent confirmed Morgans ghost-
nevertheless, the hotel still man- ly presence. For instance, when
dates that the elevators are con- staying at the hotel, one can ran-
trolled by an elevator operator, domly be put in this room with-
which gives it an old fashioned out knowing that it is the haunt-
feel. From admiring the lobby, ed room.
one feels a part of the Dels ele- In addition to the haunted
gant past. In the years since 1888, room, one of the Dels stores, Est.
the hotel has seen many renova- 1888, is also apparently haunted
tions. However, the hotels origi- by Morgan. The stores manager,
hotel, and went into downtown The advisement received nu- ed much to be false from Mor- Cecilia, just celebrated a decade
nal white Victorian style exterior,
San Diego to purchase a gun. The merous responses from families gans stay at the Del. At the time, working there, and has experi-
red roofs, stunning ballroom and
next morning, Morgan was found across the country who believed the Del kept a record of a guests enced much in her time there. In
dining room, and elegant lobby
dead with a gunshot through her that Morgan was their long-lost complaints and interactions, in- an interview with the Hi-Tide,
have remained in their original
head on the hotels steps leading daughter, sister, or mother. How- cluding Morgans. Morgans re- she told us how she has wit-
form, and are in pristine condi-
to Coronado Beach. A week later ever, these accusations proved corded conversations included nessed levitating objects, items
it was determined that the gun- to be false. Eventually, Morgans that she was ill with stomach falling off the shelf, and items
Kate Morgan checked into the
shot was self-inflicted, and it was employers, a wealthy Los Ange- cancer and that she was waiting disappearing and reappearing
hotel in November 1892 under
les family, claimed the Beautiful for her brother. However, an au- elsewhere in a matter of minutes.
Strangers identity as Kate Mor- topsy revealed that she wasnt She mentioned that her belief in
gan. ill, and her employers and his- spirits and ghosts existed before
Soon thereafter, an uniden- torical records showed that she she started working at the Del,
tified man in Iowa paid for her didnt have any brothers. These but that her experiences while
burial services, despite not want- revelations were only the be- working at the hotel have o80ly
ing to have her body transferred ginning of Morgans mysterious made her belief in it stronger.
to Iowa. past. Morgan was from Iowa, a Although our experience
By learning more about Mor- year before her encounters at the wasnt out of the ordinary, by
gan over the years, historians Del she married a man,whom she learning of Kate Morgans past
and ghost hunters have conclud- soon thereafter lost a child with. and short stay at the Del, we
were able to conclude why the
infamous Hotel Del will always
be one of the many gems of San

the name Lottie Bernard, a fa- assumed that Morgan ended her
mous actress at the time. Mor- life due to a mysterious and un-
gans visit was marked by strange clear factor in her life.
encounters with hotel staff, and At the time, the Del was un-
recurring complaints throughout aware of Morgans identity, soon
her visit. Morgan often contacted learning that the name under her
hotel staff to complain about her check-in was merely an alias.
illness, claiming she had stomach Immediately, the hotel published
cancer, and that she was waiting printed advertisements across
for her brother to come and visit the United States and in all ma-
her. However, as the days passed, jor cities asking individuals to
Morgan had no visitors to the identify the Beautiful Stranger.
October 31, 2017 19
October 31, 2017

Orange crush

1. 2.


1. Sara Evans

2. Maia Pearl

3. Maia Pearl

4. Monaghan

5. Maia Pearl

4. 5.