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Year 8 Geography Urbanisation Assignment 20%

Name: _______________________________ Due date: _______________

Select one task to complete from the Internal Migration, International Migration, and Australias Future sections. For example a
student might choose the Level 2 activity from Internal, the Level 1 activity from International and the Level 3 activity from
Australia's Future. Any combination of tasks is acceptable as long as you choose three tasks.
Please note:
In order to be considered for a B or an A grade you must complete a minimum of one Level 3 task and one Level 2 task.

Circle or tick the three tasks that you have completed.

Level 1 - modified Level 2 - mainstream Level 3 - extension

Internal Create a visual that shows Create a diagram that shows You have been asked to make a
Migration why a family in the Bega why families in our region brochure for new Australian
Valley might move to an might move to or from a citizens. In this brochure you are to
urban centre like Canberra. capital city. You must explain pick three Australian cities or rural
You must show at least 15 clearly 3 reasons for each (6 centres (you can have a mix of both)
different reasons. paragraphs). and present a profile of each. Each
profile must include three Pull
Factors and three Push Factors

(ACHK056) (ACHK056) (ACHK056)

International Write a one page summary Write 3-4 paragraphs Produce a 2-3 page document that
Migration briefly explaining different describing the difference showcases your investigation into
types of migration, between people who choose where and why international
including: permanent to migrate and people who migrants settle in Australia and how
migration, temporary are forced to migrate. Identify this may reinforce urban
labour migration, student the reasons behind their concentration.
migration, forced migration, migration and the reception
refugees, and family they receive in their new
reunion. nation.

(ACHGK058) (ACHGK058) (ACHGK058)

Australias Explain to the class with a Explain to the class in a visual Write an opinion piece arguing for
Future visual how an increasing four things that Australia will or against a larger urban population
Australian population in the need to do to manage the in Australia. Identify at least three
future will impact on either increase in population that clear arguments to support your
one or both of the following: urbanisation will result in view.
- Sustainability
- Liveability

(ACHGK059) (ACHGK059) (ACHGK059)