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Lesson Plan:

Date: 30th October Term: 4 Week: 14 Level: A

Time/Length: 60M
Topic/Focus: Documentary

Preplanning Considerations:

Students will continue exploration of key writers and explore the state of preservation of the papyrus
scrolls from the Villa of the Papyri.

Learners Prior Knowledge:

Students have extensive knowledge of Pompeii and Herculaneum including the context of its rise and
the fate of its fall. Students have begun learning about major writers of the period.

Differentiation & Literacy Considerations:

Allowances may need to be given considering the diverse range of learners and capabilities;
- Repetitive Explanation
- Modelling
- Additional Explanations of Vocabulary
- Visual Aids
- Altered Tasks

(Blue Paper/Enlarged Images)

Resources & Equipment

Student Devices
USB Drive

Work Booklets
Hand Out

Lesson Outcomes Assessment of Lesson Outcomes

- Evaluate the usefulness of papyrus for - Discussion

understanding P & H (and the impact of technology). - Completion/Discussion of Film
Analysis Worksheet

Steps Key Questions/Resource/Provisions for


Getting Focused - During this time the computer is

to be set up, the video ready to
- Settling Time (5M) play and students collecting
- Welcome/Introduction film worksheet as they enter.


- Discussion (5M)
- Prior Knowledge
- Lesson Outcomes


- Activity One (25M)

- Students to watch documentary, filling out Differentiation
the worksheets as they view the text. Unlike for the Ts who wait until the end
- The Film will be stopped periodically to of the reading to understand the topic,
answer any student questions to make students in this class will have
alterations/answer and discuss relatable opportunities throughout the viewing to
questions. clarify issues.
Students to have access to the site/video
- Activity Two (15M) form of a Glossary to inform learning/jog
- Students to complete the individual reading memory.
task attached.
Do you think it is more important to preserve what has already
been uncovered or to further excavate the lower levels in
search of new discoveries? Extension Activity
Students to answer the question posed
through the T-Chart in paragraph


- Exit Pass
- Students to place a dot on the whiteboard in
answering the following question:

Has technology had a major impact on our ability to read the

Papyri scrolls found in Pompeii and Herculaneum?

Self Evaluation
Herculaneum's Lost Library

Use this box to write down any words you dont understand or questions you
have and we will discuss them!

Where were the Papyrus roles found? Who owned the building they were found

How were the Papyrus rolls preserved?

How many rolls of Papyrus did they find?

How many centuries is it since the scrolls have been found?

What is the most recent method? How does it work?

What is Multi-Spectral Imaging?

What are the implications of this new technology on old readings?

What has not been found in the scrolls?

What do they believe to be the reason that the Papyri were found in odd places
around the villa?

What do they fear is happening the papyrus rolls on the lower levels?
Do you think it is more important to preserve what has already been
uncovered or to further excavate the lower levels in search of new

Conserve Explore