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Unit tests

6 When you help someone you g a

Unit test 6 h
Vocabulary 7 The place where you play football p
8 When you decide to be very strict, you
1 Replace the words in bold with a phrasal verb
p your f d .
or an idiom with a similar meaning.
1 Youre going to have to go home and speak to
someone whos angry with you some time
soon. 4 Choose the best modal to complete the
2 I dont want to disappoint the other people in sentences. Some modals need to be negative.
my team. 1 I really have trained a bit harder for that
3 Dont be too disappointed! Youll do better next race.
time. 2 Boot camp have been really hard work!
4 I really dont like heights. 3 Football is so popular around the world
5 We decided to continue, despite the weather. because you to buy a lot of expensive
6 I used to do anything to avoid going to maths equipment.
classes. 4 Wheres John? Hes going to miss the start! He
7 Weve decided to start a new volleyball be stuck in traffic or something.
tournament between the different schools. 5 Youve just eaten a huge meal. You be
8 It takes a long time to recover from sports ready to go out cycling yet.
injuries. 6 If you want to complete a marathon, you
train really hard.
2 Complete the sentences with compound nouns 7 I used to run about eight miles, but I
using these words. cant these days.
8 You go swimming if youve just eaten
blood boot camp care couch disease a big meal or have drunk any alcohol its
fast food health heart potato race relay dangerous.
test training weight
5 Choose the correct words to complete the
1 My dad wants to send me to .
sentences and use the correct form of the verb
He thinks all that exercise will do me good.
in brackets (present or perfect infinitive).
2 People shouldnt eat too much
like pizza and hamburgers. 1 Hes a real couch potato. He really cant/should
3 My brothers a real He sits (do) more exercise.
watching TV all day. 2 George plays for the England snooker team. He
4 We had a really good team for the could/must (be) really good!
. We came first in the local 3 The match was cancelled, so we cant/neednt
championships. (bring) all our equipment.
5 I hate having to go for a .I 4 I know youre disappointed about coming
really hate the needles. second, but it can/could (be) worse.
6 A lot of people suffer from 5 If you do your best, you just might/can
because they eat the wrong food and dont (win).
exercise enough. 6 I dont understand! Our team cant/mustnt
7 is a really good way to build up (lose) the match they were three goals
muscle fast. Its very popular with boys. ahead!
8 Countries need a good education system, 7 We had the court booked until 3p.m., so we
pensions and . didnt need to/must have (stop) playing.
8 My back hurts I should/shouldnt have
3 Write the words or phrases for the definitions. (try) that last jump!
1 The place where you play tennis c
2 When you hurt your eye, you get a b
3 Something that is difficult is t
4 When you hurt your ankle by twisting it
5 When you dont like doing something, you
dont h the s for it.
My score: ____ /40

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