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Malyala Sanath Kumar

Contact: +9494840402


Having Around 3.5 Years of professional experience in the field of Information Technology and focused
experience in BODS and Native HANA


Data Warehousing Concepts. Good experience in design, creation, and implementation of work
flows, data flows, scripts and performing simple and complex
Data Integrator transforms in dataflow by using different data integrator and
& Platform platform Transformations.
Experience in debugging execution errors using Data Integrator logs
Data Migration & Data (trace, monitor, and error) and by examining the target data.
Extensive Knowledge in designing and implementing Data
Warehouse applications, mainly Transformation processes using
Debugging Execution errors ETL tool SAP BODS .
(Trace log and error Log).
Good Knowledge on Job Server, Access Server , Local and Central
Slowly Changing Dimensions Repositorys.

Creation of HDB Tables in Hana and loading the data to HDB

Tables by executing Corresponding BODS Jobs.
Data Modelling in HANA
Involved in handling tickets, monitoring and Production Support.
Defect and Monitoring Support.
Good exposure on Data Warehousing Concepts.
Calculation Views. & HDB Tables.
Designed and Implemented SAP HANA data modeling using
Calculation view.
Complex Business Scenarios for
Stored Procedures.
Created stored procedures to Load Data from Calculation view to
CTS++ Transport Tool. DataMart Tables.

IFRS Implementation. Worked with Transport tool such as CTS++ to Transport Hana

Unit Test Scripts and Technical

Design Documents.
Good knowledge on IFRS Implementation.

Workflows, Data Flows, Scripts Good knowledge on Real time replication technology(SLT).
and Custom Functions.

Worked as Intern in Accenture from April 16th 2014 to August 17th 2014.
Currently working in Accenture Services India Pvt. Ltd as SAP HANA & BODS Consultant since Aug 18
2014 to till date .

Completed Integrated Masters Degree in Vellore Institute of Technology.


Database(S) Sap Hana, Sql Developer.

ETL Tools SAP BODS 4.2
Operating System WINDOWS 7/10, Unix
GUI/ Development Tools SAP HANA Studio.


Confident, Committed and team-oriented, ability to handle voluminous work.

An effective communicator with excellent relationship building & interpersonal skills; strong analytical,
problem solving & organizational abilities.


SAP ABAP Certified Consultant completed in 2014.

Certification Id. 0011210260

Project Summary

Project #1 : Bell IFRS15

Client : Bell Canada
Environment : SAP BODS ,Native HANA, Oracle SQL Developer

Client Description:

Bell Canada will be significantly impacted by the new IFRS standard 15 revenue recognition standards. Revenue
recognition is a complex process further complicated by reallocation of revenue between service and hardware
components and modifications throughout the life of the contract.

Roles and responsibilities:

Using designer to create source definitions, design targets, create jobs and develop transformations.
Created Jobs, Work Flows, Data Flows, and Scripts using various Transforms(Integrator and Platform) to
successfully load data from multiple sources into a desired target System.
Prepared Technical & Dataflow documents as part of project deliverable.
Implemented data warehousing techniques for Slowly Changing Dimension phenomenon.
Extensively used ETL methodology for Data Extraction transformations and loading loading using BODS.
Worked on multiple defects related to the BODS jobs raised by the clients and attended daily client calls
related to the defects reports.
Delivering and implementing the project as per the scheduled deadlines.
Have worked on SAP HANA Studio (Created Stored Procedures) and SAP BODS (ETL Tool).
Designed and Implemented SAP HANA data modeling using Calculation view.
Good exposure on Attribute view and analytical view.
Project #2 : FIAT CSPS
Client: FIAT
Environment: SAP HANA and BODS.

Client Description:

The Fiat Group is the largest automotive industrial enterprise in Italy and one of the founders of the European
motor industry. Right from the outset, the company had a strong propensity for international expansion and

Roles and Responsibilities:

Preparing the test data according to requirement and Unit Test Documents.
Extensively used ETL methodology for Data Extraction, transformations, loading using BODS.
Creation of technical Design document and Unit test Document for BODS Jobs.
Creation of HDB Tables.
Loading Data into Target using flat files as source files.
Excellent interpersonal skills, motivated, energetic team player with demonstrated proficiency for learning
new tools and business environment with excellent communication and analytical skills.
Experience in debugging execution errors using Data Integrator logs (trace, monitor, and error) and by
examining the target data.