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Parts of a relay
a. Electromagnet
b. Movable armature
c. Switching point contacts
d. Spring
II. Applications of relay control system
a. Automatic return stroke control with double solenoid valve
b. Latching circuit or Self-holding circuit
c. Delay circuit
d. Sequence control
III. Direct and indirect control
a. Direct control of a single acing cylinder
b. Indirect control of a single acting cylinder
c. Direct control of a double acting cylinder
d. Indirect control of a double acting cylinder
IV. Logic operations
a. And circuits
b. Or circuits
V. Signal storage with double solenoid valve
a. Manual forward and return stroke control
b. Automatic return stroke control
c. Oscillating movement
VI. Relay circuit with latching
a. Dominant ON
b. Dominant OFF
VII. Latching operations- are used to produce the required movements by pneumatic cylinders
under certain conditions
VIII. Signal storage- to sustain the actuation of the input elements
IX. Time-delay Relay- control relay with time delay built in. Their purpose is to control an event
based on time
X. Time relay w/ delayed switched off

XI. Time relay w/ delayed switched ON

XII. Circuits for evaluating control elements
a. Emergency stop
b. Main switch
XIII. Procedure for designing a control circuit
a. Basis for the design of a relay circuit
b. Control-specific functions:
i. Sequence control
ii. Logic operations
XIV. Relay circuit for evaluating control elements
a. Control switches must be used for switching on electrical power and for the emergency
stop function.
b. All other control elements may take the form of either pushbuttons.
XV. Pushbuttons implemented in feeding device with control elements
a. Manual
b. Reset
c. Automatic
d. Continuous cycle ON
e. Continuous cycle OFF
f. Single cycle start
XVI. Operating functions specified for lifting device
a. E-Stop
b. Reset
c. Continuous cycle OFF
XVII. Relay control are designed in the ff. order
a. Power supply
b. Sensor evaluation
c. Operator control
d. Program-controlled sequence
e. Wiring solenoids