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All Saints Church in Wales Primary School

Here is a list of topics for this term.

Term: Autumn Term 2017 Year/ Blwyddyn: 5
English Mathematics
Spelling Strategies for spelling Read and write whole numbers in figures and
Grammar - nouns, adjectives, singular and words.
plurals (nouns ending in y), prepositions, Comparing and ordering numbers.
sentences (subject and object), pronouns, Know by heart multiplication facts up to 10 X
direct speech. 10. Rehearse the concept of a remainder, when
Handwriting - Revision of joined and unjoined dividing.
script and joins, sloped writing. Make general statements about odd and even
Text Work - looking at and analysing various numbers. Construct number sequences:
story openings, structure of stories and recognise and explain patterns.
presentation of characters Writing story Recognise parallel and perpendicular lines.
planning, development of descriptions and Classify trianglesequal sides, equal angles,
characters, including conversations. lines of symmetry.
Oracy Class discussions on story openings, Draw and interpret frequency tables,
writing buddies, self and peer assessment of pictograms bar graphs.
writing tasks. Organise and interpret data in bar line graphs.
Find the mode.
Science Use read and write standard metric units of
In Science we will be looking at the length: mm, cm, m, km.
properties of materials related to Use read and write standard metric units of
their uses. weight: kg, g

Religious Education
The children will investigate the To begin to see the church as a family at work in
relative positions and key features of many countries.
the Sun and planets in the solar Understand that action and symbols are important
in the ministry of the church.
system. Understand the family of the Church in Wales.
Explore peace as the central message of the
ICT Christmas story and Hannukah.

Internet research and collaboration using

Powerpoint presentation Geography
Spreadsheets, setting out, adding/subtracting Not this term.

This is a guide of the teaching and learning for the term. The children add their
own input which determines how the learning theme develops.
Ways you can help: Please help your child to learn their times tables and
division facts. Ensure they learn their weekly spelling list and they read
regularly, checking their comprehension. Provide your child with opportunities
to speak to you in Welsh: saying the time and simple phrases i.e. diolch
/thank you.
History Welsh
Timeline Amser
Monasteries and the church Telling the time and the times we do things.
Battle of Bosworth Faint or gloch Draciwla?
King Henry VIII Teledu
Family Trees Programmes we like and do not like watching.
Gun powder plot
Lifestyles of the rich and poor
Tudor homes

Design Technology Investigate portraits both modern and ancient.
Introduction to constructing a Tudor framed Why were they produced and what does it tell us
house. about the subject?
Safety and use of tools Make drawings of selected features e.g. Nose,
Preparation of basic frame. mouth, ears.
Design and build a Tudor house 3D drawing and quick sketches of side, profile,
Experiment with different frames.

Physical Education Music

Develop sending, receiving and travelling skills in Study of the work of Karl Jenkins in the topic
rugby and football. of Answers and Echoes.
Work co-operatively and competitively within Recognise and describe musical
game situations. characteristics. Discuss and appraise songs.
Respond imaginatively to a range of stimuli in Explore the concept of a steady beat.
order to create and perform a whole class Using the events of the Gunpowder plot and
dance. poetry, children to create compositions and

Well Being

A Christian Perspective on creation and creativity.

SEAL New Beginnings, Getting on and Falling Out and Say No

to Bullying (Anti Bullying Week).

Managing feelings, understanding feelings of others and my own

problem solving, feeling good about my strengths and
acknowledging my weaknesses.