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Durian Introduction of Durian

Durian is the king of the fruits, and it also is the

Group Information most controversial fruit because of its weird
smell. Durian is the important native fruit of
Group Name: Weird Fruit Explorer southeastern Asia and neighboring islands. The
Group Members: smell of durian is like a mixture of fruit, onions,
Xinrui Rennetid: xinruir2 and rotten eggs. It gives off a strange odor that
Jingjie Qi netid: jingjie3 many people dislike.

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ABOUT DURIAN honey smell

Is there any special amino Why durian become sweeter when

ethyl cinnamate
acid in durian?[component] ripened? [chemistry]
fruit smell Roasted onion
STARCH Amylase methylbuta
1-(ethylsulfanyl) ethanethiol
ethyl (2S)-2-methylbutanoate

There are two key enzymes

participated in durian ripening which
are amylase and pectinase. Starch in Why durian has weird
Durians has tryptophan, so it
helps insomnia. The tryptophan
the durian are broken down by flavor ?
amylase during the ripening process a three-way tie another tie, this
will enters to the brain and between time between
and produced simple sugars which
convert to serotonin. Serotonin sulfury/onion, fruity, skunky,
play an significant role that increasing
which is a neurotransmitter will caramel, and sulfury, and
the sweetness of a ripening durian.
make people feel relaxing and soup seasoning roasted onion
happy and the excess serotonin
will release melatonin and goes to
the bloodstream. Melatonin which
is a neurohormone will make the
How much fiber does durian have? [component]
body tired and sleepy. This is why
tryptophan can be natures Food value per 100g of durian has 1.7g fiber, so each serving of durian may contain 9g of fiber. This means that you
sleeping pill, so durian may make intake 37% of daily needs which based on a 2000 calorie diet. Fiber has many benefit functions and are essential to
people feel happy and relaxing. normal function of the human body. Fiber will increase the bowel movement, and stimulate peristaltic motion and
secretion of digestive. Those can reduce constipation, flatulence, heartburn and cramps.