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Fittings, Valves & Accessories
An ISO 9001 company
About us
Arya Crafts & Engineering Pvt. Ltd., was established in the year 2002.

An ISO 9001 certified company, Arya offers spectrum of products and services analogous to International standards, to our
esteemed clients globally. Significant experience, incessant technology up gradation and stringent quality control facilitate to
offer pre-eminent covenant to our customers.

Our products are widely used in process industries like Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Fertilizers, Cement, Steel, Pharmaceuticals,
Beverages, Food and Dairy, Water Treatment and OEM applications.

Major products are being exported to developed countries that include Europe, Latin America, USA, Far East, Middle East etc

Compression tube fittings Needle valves Accessories
Precision pipe fittings Manifold valves - Syphones
High pressure threaded fittings Ball valves - Thermowells
Hydraulic(DIN 2353) fittings Check/Non Return valves - Snubbers
37 Flare fittings Forge Gate, Globe and Check valves - Condensate pots
Socket weld/Threaded forged fittings Double Block and Bleed valves - Air distribution manifolds
High purity / Orbital weld fittings - Pipe and Tube clamps
Hose fittings Customized fittings and valves

Certification and Approvals

Quality system : ISO 9001
Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)-EC 97/23/EC
for fittings and valves
DNV GL Type approval for Double compression and
Hydraulic fittings
ABS Type approval
IRS Type approval
NKK Japan Type approval

Product Compliance to :- BS 4368-4

ASME 31.3 ASTM F 1387
ASME 31.1 MSS SP 99
ISO 8434-1 MSS SP 79
ISO 8434-2 MSS SP 83
CSA 51.9 MSS SP 95
ECE 110 MSS SP 97
ECE 67-1 ASME B 16.11
ISO 15500-19 ASME B 16.34
ISO 15916
ASME section VII-UG-101(i)(b)(2)
ANSI/AGA NGV 3.1-1995 CGA NGV 12.3-M95
ANSI/AGA NGV 4.1-1999 CGA NGV 12.5-M99

Indian Approvals
Projects & Development India Ltd. (PDIL)
Engineers India Ltd. (EIL)
Mecon Limited.
Tractebel Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Udhe India Pvt. Ltd.
Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd. (TCE)

Spacious and full ventilated factory premises

Well equipped manufacturing facilities with state of the art machines
In house forging facilities
Lean manufacturing system
Use of NC and CNC controlled machines for production
Product specific developed test facilities
Well qualified and experienced work force

Lab & Testing

In house lab for various tests on product
Various testing machines for hydraulic and
pneumatic tests
Hydraulic test capacity up to 40000 psi and
pneumatic capacity of 5000 psi
Specially designed testing machines for the

Testing facilities
Hydraulic proof test (Up to 20000psi)
Hydraulic burst test (Up to 40000psi)

Hydraulic impulse test

Pneumatic test (up to 5000psi)

Flexure fatigue test

Rotary flex test

Vibration test

Thermal cycling test

Pull out test

Vacuum test
Design & Developments
Dedicated team for designing customized product
Design compliance with international standards
Continuous development in existing and new products
Customized solutions for specific application
Latest software use for designing

Quality Assurance Qualified and experienced team

Well equipped and modern equipment.
Up-to date calibrated instruments
Raw material verification.
Material trace-ability.
Product marking codes.
Rejection control.
Compliance of customer complaints.
Compression Tube Fittings
Testing compliance as per ASTM F 1387
Offered in various materials and end connections up
to 2(50mm) OD tube size
Single and double ferrules
NACE Compliance
Specially treated ferrules
Working pressure designed based on ASME B 31.3
Temperature up to 350
With material traceability

Precision Pipe Fittings

Offered in various material
Various national, international and custom threads
Working pressure up to 15000 PSI
Customized solution where required
With material traceability

Hydraulic Fittings
Manufactured as per DIN 2353/ISO 8434-1
Approved for marine application by DNV GL, IRS, ABS
and NKK Japan
Offered in variety of materials stainless steel, Carbon
steel and Brass
Variety of end connections
Treated ferrules for better functioning
Sizes up to 50 mm OD tube
NACE Compliance
ISO pipe size and custom size fittings
With material traceability
37 Flare Fittings
Manufactured as per ISO 8434-2
Offered in various materials and end connections up
to 2(50mm) OD tube size
With material traceability
NACE compliance
Temperature up to 350
Combination with compression fittings

Hi Pressure Cone & Thread Fittings

Manufactured from high tensile stainless steel
Cone and threaded design
Working pressure up to 30000 PSI
With material traceability

Socket Weld & Threaded Forge Fittings

Manufactured as per ASME B 16.11, MSS SP 79,
MSS SP 83, MSS SP 95, and MSS SP 97
Offered in stainless steel and carbon steel of
#3000 / #6000 / #9000
Threads as per ANSI B 1.20.1
Material traceability

Orbital Weld Fittings

Manufactured with high accuracy and surface finish
Cleaned for ultra high cleaning
Material traceability
Needle Valves
Wide variety of needle valves like 2 way, 3 way, multi port,
single block and bleed
Offered in variety of material
NACE compliance
Threaded and tube OD end connections
Sizes up to 2
Available in metal seat and soft seat
Specially treated non rotating tip
Temperature up to 400C
100% leakage test for seat and shell
Working pressure up to 10000 psi
Specially designed for working pressure up to 30000 psi
Material traceability
For high temperature application, Graphoil seals

2, 3 and 5 valve manifold valves
Offered in stainless steel and carbon steel
NACE compliance
100% leakage test for seat and shell
Working pressure up to 10000 psi
Specially treated non rotating tip
Material traceability

Check Valves
Offered in variety of material
Screwed and tube OD connections
Working pressure up to 10000 psi
Cracking pressure 0.3 to 0.5 Kg/cm
Material traceability
Ball Valves
Offered in 2, 3 and 4 way designs
Variety material of construction
Various end connections like screwed,
flanged, tube OD
Working pressure up to 10000 psi
Material traceability

Double Block & Bleed Valves

Designed as per ASME B 16.34
Offered in various material
Flanged and screwed end connections
Working pressure up to 3000 psi
Material traceability

Forge Gate, Globe & Check Valves

Offered in union bonnet and OS&Y designs
Offered in stainless steel and carbon steel material
Flanged, screwed and socket weld connections
Working pressure as per ASME B 16.34
Material traceability
Pig tail and coil type
Stainless steel and carbon steel construction
schedule 40, 80 and 160

Bar stock construction
Variety of material of construction
Flanged and threaded connections
Up to 1 meter length

Stainless steel and Brass construction
Working pressure 6000 psi

Carbon steel and Stainless steel construction
Socket weld and screwed connection
Schedule 40, 80 and 160 wall thickness
Pipe and tube clamps


Manufactured as per customers requirement
Flanged, screwed and socket weld end connections
Stainless steel and Carbon steel material

Customized Product

Designing and manufacturing of

customized product
Designed to suit specific requirement in
various material of construction
Combination of two different category
As per customers' drawing
As per customers' drawing.
Customized design and manufacturing
Tested at 1.5X working pressure
Cost effective and reliable
Saves time and stress
With material test certificates of components
Material traceability

Assembly & Packing

Spacious, well organized store for the storage
of finished components
Separate assembly departments for various
Stamping, engraving and laser marking
facilities in assembly
Packing on automatic/semi automatic
Specially designed packing boxes for the

102, Vora Indl. Estate #4, Navghar, Vasai Road (E), Mumbai 401 210. India.
Tel.:+91-250-239 2246 / 239 0046
E-mail :,
Works: 444, GIDC, Por - Ramangamdi, Dist. Vadodara - 391243. Gujarat, India.