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Kanowit Primary Schools Spell-it-right Competition


Sk St. Francis Xavier is organizing a Spell-it- right Competition scheduled for July 2017.
All primary schools in the district are cordially invited to take part in the competition.


1. To raise the standard of the English language among primary school going children.
2. To arouse ones interest in acquiring, mastering and using the English Language
3. To enhance and thus improve ones skills associated with spelling
4. To improve ones pronunciation of the English vocabulary
5. To bring FUN in learning the English Language

Date 14 July 2017

Time 8am 12pm
Venue SK St. Francis

Committee members

Advisors: Cikgu Malsiah Binti Jamal

Cikgu Joanes ak. Uno

Chairman: Cikgu Ian Lang Kuntai

Vice-chairman: Cikgu Stanley Beti

Secretary: Cikgu Bong Causyn

Floor Manager: Cikgu Lu Shiau Yee
Stage Managers: Cikgu Andrew Anderson ak. Sang
Cikgu Rachel Ica ak. Stephen
Cikgu Bong Causyn

Stage Preparation/ Hall decoration

Backdrop: Cikgu Jacqueline ak. Gabriel
Cikgu Brigid ak. Maurice
Cikgu Baitie Zaharah
Pn. Rohana Bt. Mohd Uloi
En. Jemes Kiong

PA system: En. Andrian ak. Joseph

En. Jemes Kiong

Registration: Cikgu Brendan Ullok ak. Dominic

Pn. Afinazarra Vyka Bt. Ustin

Prizes/Certificates/Programme Book: Puan Easther ak. Martin

Pn. Afinazarra Vyka ak. Ustin

Emcee: Cikgu Clara Bungan Erang

Cikgu Brendan Ullok ak. Dominic

Panel of Judges: 1. Cikgu Elizabeth ak. Joseph Unting

2. Cikgu Pauline John
3. Cikgu Evelyn ak. William Jali

Photographer/Documentation: Cikgu Awangku Sofri

Cikgu Lu Shiau Yee

Refreshment: Pn. Penny Dusi

Pn. Rohana Bt. Mohd. Uloi

Protocol: Cikgu Joanes ak. Uno

Cikgu Nyanau ak. Adoh
Cikgu Jaya ak. Slan
Cikgu Edward ak. Renang

Ushers: Cikgu Jacqueline ak. Gabriel

Cikgu Lu Shiau Yee
Cikgu Bong Causyn
Cikgu Andrew Anderson ak. Sang
Master Spellers: Cikgu Erick Ling How Yu
Cikgu Debby Nia ak. Mathew

Word List Preparation: Cikgu Lu Shiau Yee

Cikgu Timbong ak. Medang
Cikgu Clara Bungan Erang
Cikgu Jaya ak. Slan
Cikgu Bong Causyn
Cikgu Brendan Ullok ak. Dominic

Time-keeper: Pn. Elizabeth James


Winners will walk home with a TROPHY, HAMPER and CERTIFICATE of

Spell-it-right Competition Official Rules

Note: These rules will be used at all levels of competition by all participants.

1. The competition is opened to primary school pupils in Kanowit district. It is divided

into two categories, namely, Junior Primary (Primary 1-3) and Senior Primary (Primary
4-6). Each school is to send THREE participants for each of the categories competed. An
elimination round will be held to pick 15 finalists to the final round.

2. Each contestant will spell each word assigned orally. Each contestant will be given
ONE minute to complete the task.

3. It is a good idea to have a practice round or two. This enables the contestant to become
more relaxed and comfortable for the actual competition. This also enables them to
become more familiar with the rules and to assure that their speech is clear and loud
enough for the judges to hear.

4. Select one master speller for each round to read the word, use the word in a sentence
and read the word for a second time before the contestant attempts the correct spelling.

5. When spelling the word assigned, the contestant will stand, repeat the word, spell the
word and repeat the word for a second time, which will indicate that the contestant is

6. The contestants will be given the opportunity to correct themselves if they stumble or
otherwise make a mistake that they are aware of prior to saying the word the second time.

7. After the contestant has completed repeating the word for the second time, the assigned
judge will answer correct or incorrect. If the word is incorrect, the judge will spell
the word correctly, and then move on to the next word and contestant.

8. DETERMINING WINNERS - when there are three contestants remaining in the

competition, in determining the winners have one contestant remain in the room while the
other contestants leave with a chaperone. This promotes fairness in the contest and allows
each participant an equal opportunity to attempt the correct spelling of the same word
disallowing the advantage of knowing the word before his/her turn arrives. Have the
contestant remaining in the room take his/her turn to attempt the correct spelling of the
chosen word and then recall each contestant outside the room until all contestants have
had their turn. Thereby having each contestant spell the SAME word in his or her turn. If
the word is spelt correctly by all contestants, then repeat this procedure until all but one
contestant remains, eliminating each contestant that has spelt the chosen words
incorrectly. This procedure guarantees an equal calibre of words for each contestant.

9. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: when declaring winners, measure by the

number of rounds each contestant successfully completes. Each contestant remaining in
the contest must complete a full round. Thus the decision of first, second and third place
winners are not determined by who makes the first mistake, but who has successfully
completed the most rounds. This eliminate bias caused through luck of the draw
contestant numbers. When the contestant misspells a word, they will automatically be
eliminated from the contest. They will have to leave the stage and sit with their respective

10. During the contest, no smoking is allowed and there should be no noise or
photographs taken which will distract the contestants and the judges.

11. Official dictionary: LONGMAN Dictionary Of Contemporary English.

Spell-it-right Entry Form

School: ______________________________________________


Names (Junior Primary) Names (Senior Primary) Remark


4 Reserve

All entries should be submitted to the organisers before 12 July 2017. Further details can
be obtained from SK St. Francis Xavier at 084-752204.



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SK St. Francis will not provide any form of refreshment for the participants.
Therefore, participating schools are kindly advised to bring their own food and drinks
for the pupils.

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