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Ballast Water Treatment System

The treatment unit AquaTriCombTM
disinfects ballast water on board
ships according to the standards
of the 2004 IMO Ballast Water
Convention regarding sediments
and organisms.

The system works on UV radiation

and ultrasound without employing
or generating chemical substances.

Flow rate:
250 - 4,000 m3/h up to 8,000 m3/h in
parallel operation
Description The ultrasound works via micro cavitation.
The Aalborg Industries ballast water treat- By using monochromatic UV-C radiation
ment technology AquaTriComb™ is highly (254 nm), organisms and bacteria or phyto-
efficient, and effectively disinfects water plankton are effectively eliminated.
with high organism and sediment concen-
trations compliant with the standards spec- The combination of UV radiation, filtration
ified by the IMO BallastWater Convention. and ultrasound ensures uniform disinfec-
ting according to the D2 standard of the
Filtration IMO Ballast Water Convention.
Disinfection via low pressure UV The organisms and sediments are removed
technology. Important factor for
from the ballast water during the pre- Professional Maritime Solution
disinfection: No generation of
chemicals during the process. treatment phase using filters as first stage All vessels with AquaTriComb™ on board
water treatment, removing sediments and will meet the recuirements of local port
Below: Ballast Water Treatment state controls.
larger organisms and to prevent an accu-
mulation of sediments in the ballast tanks
and to guarantee optimal disinfecting.
The automatic cleaning action of the filter Treatment Process
modules is brought about by fully automa-
tic forced cleaning controlled by time and 1. step
pressure. Mechanical filtration with automatic clea-
ning and no waste processing
The secondary treatment is performed 2. step
using the effect of UV radiation and ultra- Disinfection via low pressure UV techno-
sound. Ultrasound guarantees an extreme- logy and low frequence ultrasound for
ly effective and permanent cleaning of the continues cleaning
UV lamps removing biofilms and deposits.

n The system works on a purely physical basis n Ultrasound achieves high and lasting effi-
without employing or generating chemical ciency in filtration and disinfection proc-
substances. esses.
n Low investment and operation costs n Due to the modular system (pre- and sec-
n Low total energy consumption (example: ondary treatment), new ships as well
approx. 30 kW at 250 m³/h). as ships already in operation can be
optimally equipped with AquaTriComb™
n Low maintenance and easy-to-follow
menu controls. n Even germs that are resistant to
n Low pressure UV radiation ensures long chloride, such as cryptosporidian, can be
lifetime and low maintenance cost of the removed using UV radiation.
UV disinfection unit. n Maintenance friendly

n Pore size of the sintered pipe filter: 30 μm


AquaTriComb™ has been tested at

NIOZ to disinfect aquatic species in
the ballast water at a capacity of 250
Ship types Main Characteristics m3/hr using approx. 30 kW.
AquaTriComb™ systems can be used on n Designed for newbuildings and retrofitting
Below: Aalborg Industries has sup-
vessels ranging from low volumes of bal- n Treatment during ballasting and de- plied more than 40,000 boilers, ther-
last water flow to ships with average or ballasting mal fluid heaters and economizers
even higher flow volumes, particularly: n Small footprint since 1919. That is why we can guar-
n Large container ships antee know-how and operational
n Low power consumption experience with retrofit and conver-
n Tankers n Low maintenance sions.
n Bulk Carriers n Tested for maritime applications GL
n Cruise Vessels n Stainless steel
n RO-RO transporters n Modular setup - easy installation
n Car transporters n Waste/chemical free

Engine room arrangement 55 k DWT Bulk Carrier example

Treated ballast water

Ballast water
Green Technology

As a part of the company’s environmental strategy the business

foundation is now expanded at Aalborg Industries to include
treatment of ballast water on board ships. Through a joint ven-
ture with the German company: Aquaworx, a new constellation
has been established to meet the market demands for certified
ballst water treatment equipment concurrently with the imple-
mentation of the adopted IMO regulations within global sea
trade in the coming years.

In July 2009, Aalborg Industries Water Treatment Pte. Ltd. (joint

venture between Aalborg Industries A/S and Aquaworx ATC
GmbH) received a Basic Approval for its AquaTriComb™-System
from the International Maritime Organization (IMO). IMO’s Ma-
rine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) granted inter-
national approval of the new process, and Type Approval can
now follow. The Type Approval is expected in 2010 after the ac-
complishment of sea and land-based tests.

Ballast water treatment systems are sold and marketed globally via
the Aalborg Industries global sales network - with the product cen-
tre being headquartered in Singapore.

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