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Many of us believe that achieving sound physique,
fruitful marriage, academic qualifications, public
acclaim, social status, abundant money, huge property,
glittering glamour, pompous popularity, coveted awards
and prizes, and imposing power; constitute ultimate

Many others amongst us believe exactly in the contrary.

They consider these things to be petty and selfish. They
feel these things are obstacles; in the way of
enlightenment at individual level; and stumbling blocks
in the way of development at social level. They worship
austerity and asceticism. They hate wealth and despise
material ambitions. They ridicule and mock at the
mundane aspirations.
They uphold; “being poor”; as the greatest virtue and
being peaceful and contented in poverty as even greater

Whether we subscribe to the first view or the second; we

are usually in agreement the phenomenon of “Blessing in
Disguise”. We agree that if we lose something (and get
something more precious instead); then we confirm it to
be “Blessing in Disguise”!
But are we aware of the phenomenon called “Curse or
Stress in Disguise”? Converse to “Blessing in Disguise”
there can be “Curse” or “Stress” (in the form of deep
seated discontent); disguised in “Blessing”! The blessing
can be in the form of money, popularity, power etc; or in
the form of iconic status with facades of fanatic
asceticism, extreme austerity and principled simplicity.

If we are not trained to listen to our inner voice of wise

choice; through the practice of NAMSMARAN right
from childhood; then we vacillate between money mania
and fanatic asceticism throughout our career and get
deprived of money as well as inner satisfaction.

Thus in the pursuit of easy and quick money, fame,

power; fanatic whims, fancies or iconic status; we choose
the businesses without listening to our own innate choice;
and are always disgruntled, unhappy, unsatisfied and
devoid of self esteem. This is the beginning of “Curse or

Later; we try to overcome our disgruntlement by trying

to “extract maximum advantage” from our business or
Our lies erode our innate core and our conscience from
deep within; and create deep seated dissatisfaction
“Curse or Stress”; that is “Disguised in our sickeningly
bloated ego of stolen money or coercively earned iconic
status”! We go on getting weaker and hollowed. Our
pseudo-leadership in our field; however continues to
elude, misguide and ditch ourselves and the gullible

As politicians our policies are sectarian fulfilling vested
As administrators our administration is coercive,
harassing and corrupt,
As industrialists our production is substandard and eco
destructive and harmful,
As marketing people our marketing is deceptive and
As lawyers our efforts for individual and social justice
are conspicuously absent,
As teachers our curriculums, teaching, examinations and
other academic activities are degenerative and
And as common citizens our over all life is full of
irresponsibility, indolence, slumber, cowardice, frauds,
deception, lies, manipulations, mind games, nepotism,
adulteration an do on!

We get degraded and go to any extent in our businesses;

oblivious to our own blossoming and fall deep into the
abyss of our own decay and destruction (Full fledged
Curse or Stress in Disguise); and impart the same to our

One of the glaring examples amongst many others; is

that of the creation of unfounded fear amongst customers
about dark complexion, ghee, coconut oil, un-iodized salt,
Bengal gram, earthen pots etc; so as to “impose” our
products which may not be merely worthless but actually

The other examples are of being fanatic. By virtue of our

so called moral power and weightage we tend to condemn
all physiological pleasures as obstacles in the path of
enlightenment and try to create a breed of people, who
spread fanaticism and/or become victims of enforced
austerity and subsequently; often turn into perverts.

“Curse or Stress in Disguise” can be conquered if we

learn to listen and follow our innate voice and choice
right from childhood! Some have inborn ability of
listening to the innate voice, while the others amongst us
can acquire it through the traditionally acclaimed
practice of NAMASMARAN.