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The physiological stimuli coming from external or
internal environment and their impact on brain can
be at unconscious level or conscious level.

In absence of Total Stress Management; these stimuli

keep producing physical, metabolic, endocrine and
neuro psychiatric disorders and lust, craving, petty
pleasures, guilt, fear, suffocation, pride, excitement
followed again by repentance and misery; leading to
distress cycle; and individual and global degeneration,
disease and destruction; as our sensations, feelings
and responses; to the stimuli; are unevolved and

However, if the stress is managed totally; we enter

into wellness cycle i.e. individual and universal

One of the achievements in Total Stress Management;

is “living in present”!

This “living in present” needs rising above the floods

of extremely rapid tornados of physiological stimuli;
and their invisible and deceptive metabolic, endocrine
and neuro-physiological effects!
This upward impetus, evolutionary transformation,
conscious sublimation, or freedom of self; obviously
needs enormous inner empowerment through
connection with the true self or cosmic self; and is said
to be possible through NAMASMARAN.

Teaching and preaching others is relatively easy, but

actually “living in present” is extremely difficult.

Having discussed so much, the next questions, which

surface are the following!

Isn’t the awareness of ‘past’ and ‘future’; the function

of neuro-physiological effects of physiological stimuli?

Doesn’t the “living in present”; actually imply living

beyond ‘time’ by actually being (cognition, affect and
conation); beyond the impacts of physiological
sensations? Isn’t this a supra-physiological plane of

Isn’t such living equivalent to living at ‘causal’ level

by going beyond the level of ‘effects’?
Isn’t this the same as STHITAPRAJNA?

Isn’t such “living in present”; associated with the

blissful cosmic romance and benevolent to the
universe; and brings about spiritual renaissance?

Isn’t such a state of existence possible through


We can verify if and how ‘Living in present’; is

possible chiefly by practice of NAMASMARAN; as
reading, analysis, imagination, discussions, and
various techniques and explanations can lead us only
up to a certain point. The progress of our experiences
and their culmination into Self realization; are
possible only through the practice; of