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It is very true that one of the worst types of stress; is
stress due to exploitation. Physical, sexual, emotional,
intellectual, social, economic and political exploitation
makes us miserable.

But isn’t it true that even as we get exploited, we do not

resist the exploitation either because we are unable to
fight back or because we are not serious enough to fight
back? Isn’t it true that we are used to exploitation and
have come to terms with it? Be that as it may; if we wish
to conquer the stress resulting from exploitation; then we
have to learn the root causes and also the mechanism of
how we get trapped in exploitation.

The first and foremost thing is that we have to

understand that we are never; “mere exploited” or
“mere exploiters”. We harbor within us; an exploiter and
an exploited simultaneously. We are never; mere
Brahmins, kshatriyas, vaishyas and shudras. We harbor
within us a brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya and shudra;
simultaneously within us. In fact; any such division; in
terms of class and caste in the society; even though
tempting; is simplistic and superficial. It never takes us
to the roots of stress from exploitation and the solutions
to conquer it.
If we study physiology, then we would realize that we
have different control mechanisms, which control our
thinking, feelings and our behavior. Thus we have
prefrontal cortex and the sensory, motor and association
areas of brain, limbic and autonomic nervous system,
subcortical brain and neuroendocrine parts, and
endocrine, metabolic and spinal mechanisms in order of

Our perspective, thinking, feelings and behavior; in

individual life and social life; are characterized; by which
of these control mechanisms is predominant in our life;
and in the life of majority; respectively!

Roughly speaking; predominant control of prefrontal

cortex and the sensory, motor and association areas of
brain; makes us brahmins. If we are predominantly
governed by limbic and autonomic nervous system; then
it is being kshatriya and if we are being predominantly
governed by subcortical brain and neuroendocrine parts,
then it is being vaishya. If we are predominantly
governed by endocrine, metabolic and spinal
mechanisms, then it is being shudra.
If we are governed by endocrine, metabolic and spinal
mechanisms, then we are bound to have prevalence of
exploitation, pettiness, jealousy, hatred, fanaticism,
fascism, lust, cruelty, crudeness of every kind;
inconsiderateness, indifference, intolerance, selfishness,
sectarian perspective, violence, treachery, cruelty,
betrayals, cheating, crimes, filth, diseases, and accidents
and so on in our individual life and; if we are in majority
then in social life! In other words we are bound to create
hell for ourselves and others.

Let us be clear that no amount hue and cry can bring

about blossoming in our individual and social life when
we ourselves are predominantly governed by endocrine,
metabolic and spinal mechanisms (lust and pettiness) i.e.
being SHURDA. If we are predominantly shudra; then
we are not likely to oppose exploitation. In fact;
knowingly or unknowingly we are likely to promote our
own and others’ exploitation.

What would happen if we rise from shudra life into

vaishya and kshatriya life? Would it bring about
harmony and happiness in our life; in absence of
predominance of the sensory, motor and prefrontal
cortex of the brain?
Predominance of vaishya and kshatriya controls; in our
life; gives us material progress (increase in ideas,
innovations, trade, industry, import, export, technology,
crafts and arts, and military strength and so on) in
individual and social life.

But individualistic, selfish, competitive, restless,

ambitious, subtly exploitative and subtly violent trends
multiply in individual and universal life.

The external ornamentation would increase. The

glamour increases. The glitter increases. The pomp and
pride multiply. But all these flourish without the holistic
approach that involves inclusive growth! Hence; fragility,
fickleness, impatience, pessimism, cynicism, suspicion,
aloofness, irresponsibility, recklessness, belligerence,
vagrancy, chaos, cacophony, separations, divorces; and
subtle, silent, sophisticated, cunning and organized (in
addition to crude violence) violence towards one’s own
self and others; in individual and universal life increase!

Hence we need the predominance of the control of

prefrontal and sensory-motor cortexes i.e. brahmin
element i.e. the control of conscience and enlightenment
in individual and social life! We can conquer the stress of
exploitation in individual life and by becoming a
majority in the society; we can conquer the stress of
exploitation in society.

In other words; we would conquer the stress of

exploitation by Total Stress Management embodying
individual and universal blossoming; even as shudra,
vaishya, kshatriya and brahmin elements are inevitably
present within us; and in the society; through the
predominant control of brahmin within us.

But how to achieve the predominance of BRAHMIN or

BRAHMANA control or control of prefrontal, sensory
and motor cortexes?

This is achieved by a continuous process of conscious

evolution through NAMASMARAN (and other
adjuvant means according to different cultures; from

This is associated with blossoming of the perspective,

thoughts, feelings, aspirations, conceptions,
articulations and overall behavior conducive to
individual and global blossoming. Holistic politics,
holistic economics, holistic education, holistic health,
holistic medicine, holistic agriculture, holistic
industries, holistic trades, holistic banking, holistic art
and literature, holistic sports and overall holistic way
of living; become reality in the process of being
controlled by the BRAHMIN or BRAHMANA element
within us; or becoming BRAHMIN or BRAHMANA.
This invariably associated with vitalization, promotion,
regulation, coordination and harmonization of the
inside and outside; and blossoming of individual and
universe, as envisaged by Saint Dnyaneshwar of

We all; irrespective of birth have the privilege and

opportunity to evolve as BRAHMANA and participate
in the process of blossoming of one and all!

If we are able to “see” the unapparent undercurrents

in the world; then we would be ecstatic to notice and
participate; in the rapidly globalizing process; of
evolving as a BRAHMIN or BRAHMANA; facilitating
the individual and global blossoming; through