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The man who uplifted five thousand individuals

to Enlightenment-Nirvana-Moksha-Cosmic Consciousness

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything
simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because
it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority
of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed
down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything
agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it
and live up to it.”

Kalama Sutta
Siddhartha Gautama - Buddha
(681 B.C. – 601 B.C.)

Author: Stjepan Spanicek

Version 2.0 - November 21, 2017.
Split, Croatia


This essay does not have any commercial use. Author of the essay does not have any claim on
copyrights, so the essay itself can be used freely, partially or entirely, for further researches and
for education purpose. The author retains the right to changes, modifications, improvements and
making some appendices, because of material affluence and complexity, the entire research is
just like … the never-ending story. Therefore, always check if you have the latest version of that

These days, as we are contemplating deeply on the true origin of many historical figures and possible twists from
initial basic True History, Vedic History, encouraged by our great success, I was motivated additionally to use Vedic
Astrology- Jyotish in order to shed more light on the life of Buddha, and possibly on some other great leaders of the
ancient era. The thing is that Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is proved as so powerful and sophisticated tool. Combined
together with Archaeoastronomy, and based on the latest achievements of Anthropology Science, History Science,
and Archaeology, it becomes extremely powerful and very efficient mean for deciphering deepest secrets of the
past and present time. Thus, let we see what this integrated and holistic knowledge system can tell us about such
a great personality of our not so far distant past as Buddha is.

In fact, one of the basic reasons I started this unusual and very adventurous research in the field of Vedic History
by using Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is an information that Buddha, as well as some other great leaders in the past, that
they could possibly have had Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (Guru-Sani Yuti) in their natal charts (Janma Kundali). This
basic idea drove me to check if that can possibly be helpful to find out the birth time of Jesus himself, and then it
happened, on some miraculous way, that The Star of Bethlehem emerged, we established very precise natal chart
of Jesus, even king David stepped out from the darkness, and we deciphered some most controversial and most
hidden secrets of the last two millennia.

Before starting with the announced topic, the search for historical Buddha, I need to cover one very important detail
as well. Hence, a lot of Sanskrit words and terms could be noticed along with my texts and essays. This is because
Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is completely Sanskrit oriented. I deliberately use Sanskrit words wherever that is possible,
sometimes standalone, but sometimes in parallel with English terms just to be easier to follow. It is good to learn a
few Sanskrit terms and expressions, no doubt about that. Sanskrit is such kind of language which naturally promote
our brains to function righteous way. For that reason, more Sanskrit in daily use is very welcome indeed. Sanskrit is
a language very closely connected with vibrations of the Universe itself, and how it came into existence. We
remember … everything is just a vibration … the entire Creation started just like a vibration … as a sound … Sanskrit
is closely and intimately connected with these sounds. Anyhow, this is a long story indeed.

Indeed, along with all that research, there was a permanent idea to find somewhere on the Web the true Jyotish
chart of Buddha himself. Nevertheless, despite a very long and very extensive research, I did not find anything
entirely satisfying. Yes indeed, there are many uncertainties and improvisations about his birth time. I found many
interpretations, along with many possible years of birth, and by checking historical records, was stunned how the
life of Buddha, and especially the moment of his birth, they are still a big enigma. That was even bigger and stronger
impulse for me to be focused on this problem especially. I plunged into research, have seen several documentaries,
studied many documents carefully, and then, I think, I’ve located the problem.
The thing is that almost all official historians are fitting the life of Buddha in the 6th century B.C.E., somewhere about
500 B.C.E. and later on. Only recently some claims came that he must have lived earlier, in the 7th century B.C.E.,
and now I can completely agree with this opinion. Because, an idea that Buddha lived in 6th century B.C. is in conflict
with the life of King Cyrus the Great, who really did live just about mentioned time frame.

To clarify the entire story, have to add the following statement. Hence, King Cyrus the Great is the same energy
emanation as Buddha. Now we know that for sure, and there is no any doubt about that. Actually, now we are
coming to the very slippery terrain of Vishnu incarnations, and, it seems to me, nothing is more in fog and smoke
than this topic. Well, we know that Buddha is the last one mentioned in some ancient texts as a Vishnu incarnation.
Then, in a certain moment of our recent history, no mentioning of Vishnu incarnations anymore, and no mentioning
Vishnu at all. This is kind of weird, isn’t it?

All these ancient texts are talking about great incarnations of Vishnu mainly; like Matsya … Parasurama … King Rama
… Lord Krishna … finishing with Buddha … and one more to come. We know this is being called Dasa Avatara. But
there are many other incarnations of Vishnu which are not mentioned there. For example, there is a Vedic text
called Vishnu Sahasranama, mentioning thousands of names of Vishnu. Many Vedic rishis made commentaries on
that text. Great sage Adi Shankara did it as well. To make everything short, they say that Vishnu himself is
incarnating throughout the time, all the time, whenever is needed and wherever is needed, in order to balance and
channelize the Evolution … According to such prevailing opinion, our present time is not an exception. For me, that
was just another trigger to start research exactly in this direction. I wondered why there is no mentioning of Vishnu
incarnations in our recent history. Then an idea came, what if he, Vishnu himself, was around, but we didn’t notice
that? We already have noticed the fraudulent nature of the written history, and some hidden agenda of those who
wrote it, in order to hide the real truth. That was a trigger for me to start watching history in another way. In reality,
in order to get some answers, there was a need to combine many disciplines together. History Science, Archaeology,
Anthropology, Astronomy, Vedic Astrology-Jyotish … and one more very important … the thing is, one should be a
very good detective. Because, what we find out when we scratch little bit under the surface, this is a crime story
actually. This is a never-ending battle between forces of light and forces of darkness. O yes, Indiana Jones would be
envied very much indeed! But the advantage of the research I did, thanks to the advance of science and technology,
of course, is that I do not need to move out of my room. Fortunately, we live in a time where all that beautiful
knowledge, and all achievements of science … they are all available … on-line. To make story shorter, along with all
this I found out that Vishnu is present in every generation, just maybe with about 10-30 years gap between each
incarnation. We maybe did not notice that, because those who made history records had some strange ideas in
their minds, but if we look on history little different way, and if we try to find the real story behind the false history,
then all of sudden we shall find Vishnu Sahasranama lively again. Again and again … there is nothing new in history
… there is nothing new under the Sun!

Having this in the mind, we should look at our oldest records, and try to watch them in another way. This is how we
come to the Old Testament now, and to the Jewish tradition. The fact is that even Biblical sources are mentioning
and talking about Vishnu incarnations. Only thing, they use little bit different expression; they use the term …

In fact, the term … Messiah … defines the God incarnation among Jews. We all know that Jews are considered as
the … Children of God … and when the God himself comes among them when he incarnates among them, they call
him … Messiah. Well, this is how we are coming to the Cyrus the Great again, because, we have some clues about
King Cyrus the Great from a very reliable source. We have a very strong indication that in Judaism king Cyrus the
Great was clearly declared and appreciated as the Messiah, and now we know this is just another name for Vishnu
incarnations. King Cyrus the Great liberated Jews, as well as many others, from enslavement in Babylon.

Nevertheless, he liberated some Jews, not all, because the biggest portion of Jews (ten tribes) had somehow
disappeared mysteriously without any trace before liberation itself.

After elaborating all this, the main point is that Buddha and Cyrus the Great could not have been on Earth at the
same time. It could only be that they did appear one after another. And, according to my opinion, Buddha was
before Cyrus the Great, just one incarnation before, let’s say so.

So, now we are coming close to explore the life of Cyrus the Great as well. We have to do that, because, this will
shed more light on Buddha himself. That will not be an easy job to be honest, because, there is no marker on the
Sky as in the case of Jesus, and the case of King David after all. This is very important to mention right now at the
beginning of this extensive research. Until this moment, I made natal charts of many Vishnu incarnations, and in
some cases, like in the story of Jesus and in the story of King David for example, I found so clear instruction manual,
picturesque riddle game so to say, to cast the entire chart precisely. Later on, some other cases exposed something
similar. Nevertheless, it seems that these two appearances, one of Jesus and another one of King David, when he
occurred in Jewish background, were extremely important for him, for Messiah.

Thus, there is a big enigma about a year of birth of Cyrus the Great as well, but all other historical details are fitting
relatively well into the story of his life. We have a story of dream and prophecy of an astrologer(s) for his grandfather
king of Media, that his grandson will kill him and will take over his throne. Just to be reminded that father of Cyrus
was Cambyses, king of small kingdom Anshan, and he was vassal king of king of Media. King of Media gave his
daughter to Cambyses, and this is how Cyrus was born. After hearing the prophecy, Cyrus was sentenced to be left
in the desert to die. Nevertheless, it seems the servant who was supposed to carry this duty, he did it a different
way. He had given the baby boy to some sheppard’s family, and young prince disappeared from the scene for a
while. Only when he was about ten years of age, his true identity was discovered, but then somehow he survived
anyway. Later on, he really did raise a rebellion against his grandfather, he killed him, he united Media and Parthia,
and along with concurring many other tribes and countries, he established the great Persian Empire. His death is
nicely documented, even though there is a dilemma of 530 B.C.E. or 529 B.C.E. to be his last year. Even the grave
tomb was found, and everything is fitting perfectly well into the frame of the 6th century B.C.E. All that drives out
only one conclusion, there is absolutely no any problem with fitting King Cyrus into the 6th-century B.C.E.

Let we see now if we can do something about the birth time of Cyrus the Great. Even though it was difficult to
determine the real year of birth of Cyrus, on one link mentioned above I found year 580. B.C.E. as a possible option.
That was the first time to find only one single year was mentioned, not intervals, and I was just thinking … OK, let
me try with this one. On my very big surprise, Guru-Sani (Jupiter-Saturn) conjunction was there again. I also knew
that Sun-Surya should be exalted in the tenth house because he was a king-warrior. Chandra-Moon should fit into
ninth house … After playing a little bit, and adjusting the birth time, one stunning chart occurred, and I am pretty
sure this is the right one. To be honest, I spent many hours contemplating and scrutinizing this natal chart, and to
find as many details as possible about the life of King Cyrus and ancient Persia.

He was born on April 5, 580 B.C.E. at 11.23 AM LMT around a place called Beyzd in Iran.

Here is the natal chart itself …

To illustrate the real moment of birth, let we imagine now that there was a wall clock in the house where Cyrus was
born, and let us imagine that this wall clock was tuned with a sundial in front of the house. In such a case, it would
have been shown exactly 11.23 AM on that wall clock, when Cyrus was born.

I will repeat once again, there is no any instruction manual, so one is left to use all available Jyotish knowledge to
check whether this date and appropriate chart can survive all challenges.

Along with previous cases, it became very clear that it is ALWAYS Cancer-Karkha ascendant when such incarnations
are taking place. After all, we have some records in the case of King Rama. In his case some traces about natal chart
did survive in Vedic texts, so we know for sure that it was Karkha lagna-ascendant when he was born. Confirmation
of that idea we also saw along with some other natal charts I’ve already exposed. Thus, we have a few cases, and
only Karkha lagna-ascendent occurs, what is going to say, it should always be Karkha lagna-ascendant. Later on, by
developing more charts of Vishnu, we shall find undoubted confirmation of that principle.

Let we for the moment try to analyze why Karkha lagna always!?

My experience is that many real visionary leaders have exactly this lagna. First four lagnas, like Aries-Mesha, Taurus-
Vrishabh, Gemini-Mithuna, and Cancer- Karkha, all of them, are possible for real visionary leadership, but Karkha is
kind of strongest because it possesses very strong and deep intuition, strong emotional background, knowledge
orientation, pioneering nature, and possibility to envision what is important and what is not so important. Chandra
is the ruler of the ascendant, lagna lord or lagnesh, and quite often situated in the ninth house depicting truth loving
righteous person fighting for high philosophical and natural law oriented goals. Furthermore, it happened that 10th
house is occupied by Mesha rashi-sign which is ruled by Mangal-Mars, and Mangal is a worrier. Thus, if Mangal is
nicely placed it will give a strong worrier. Also, Surya-Sun is exalted in Mesha, in a best condition and dignity, and
that will give kingly-royal status. Each planet has so many nuances … dignity, strength, and many other. Every king
and ruler would wish to have such kind of combination very, very much. Surya as lord of the second house, which
means family, finances and wealth, is in the tenth house, the house of status, power, and ruling. This is a kingly
combination. There is no stronger indicator of king and kingship than this one. King Rama had exactly this
combination; exalted Surya as a lord of second bhava-house in the tenth. And exactly this is the very common case
for Vishnu avatar to appear as a charismatic king-worrier. Karkha lagna possesses three very excellent nakshatras;
Punarvasu, Pushya, and Aslesha. They are all highly appreciated, and all are connected closely with higher states of
consciousness. I discovered that all three nakshatras have been used in such incarnations. Nevertheless, especially
Aslesha is used very often because it is reflecting all circumstances about Enlightenment in the strongest possible

Another very important point for casting natal charts of Vishnu incarnations is to locate which planet is atmakaraka
(AK). Then the atmakaraka should be placed in the ninth house in Navamsa divisional chart. This is one very special
place for atmakaraka to be placed. They say this is the best place for atmakaraka, and this is one very important
rule to cast the precise natal chart. This rule should be followed ALWAYS. My first step was always to try to fit the
atmakaraka into ninth house navamsa. But one should be careful! The fact is that in some cases I found that
atmakaraka is not there. It simply could not be placed there. Then, well … then one needs to lean on intuition and
all acquired knowledge and to find out where atmakaraka should be.

In the case of King Cyrus the Great, this is all fitting well, thus atmakaraka, the Surya-Sun, will fit into ninth house
navamsa perfectly well. This is in Scorpio-Vrishchik rashi, and the basic reading for such placement is … the person
will have no milk from his mother … After all, this is completely identical as with Lord Krishna, what I already
exposed some time ago. Indeed, we know that they both have been detached from their biological mother right
after the birth, and stayed separated for some time.

Shukra–Venus is the final dispositor in the case of Cyrus’s natal chart, functioning as a final host for all planets. This
is one very important point in understanding the life story of Cyrus the Great fully. Actually, it is Shukra-Venus who
became the main planet, controlling all other planets and all houses by dispositorships. That means, he will try to
give extraordinary beauty to everything he touches. He was a builder of extraordinary beautiful palaces, and even
more beautiful gardens. I found an info that the word … Paradise … has an origin in ancient Persia, and it was related
to the royal gardens of Cyrus the Great especially. Of course, Shukra as the final dispositor has much more meanings,
like, women played important roles in his life, and, as Shukra in this case also represents the mother, that means,
the mother will be very important in his life.

Actually, according to many scientists, we know very less about ancient Persia. Almost all what we know about old
Persians is coming from Greek sources, but they have been sworn enemies, so we cannot rely on these accounts
entirely. I do not have an intention to go very deep into this story, but one case is very specific, it shows how wise
and practical they have been, and I need to expose it.

Among many other features, Persians have been very diplomatic. When receiving some foreign delegations or
important negotiators, they used unique protocol. There were evening parties with a lot of eating and alcohol
drinking, especially wine. When they’ve been drunk completely they started negotiations and this was probably
going long into the night, all until they could stand and sit comfortably, or keep their eyes open. That means, all
until they fallen asleep. Next evening, after all-day hangover recovering, they would repeat almost the same session
once again and check if they keep same attitudes, or if something changed. In such a way they would polish all
possible details. It is very clear, they always came to the core of the problem, and they solved it in the best possible
way. They used a simple method of relaxation with alcohol when all inhibitions are gone completely. In such an
atmosphere, it is much, much easier to expose all desires and wishes, and nothing could stay hidden. There is a
Latin phrase … In vino veritas … saying … In wine there is truth … which would fit perfectly well into that story. In a
fact, this is a very smart way to achieve always whatever they wanted.

In the natal chart of Cyrus, there is an indication of some drug addiction. Guru-Jupiter, as ruler of the sixth, becomes
functional malefic, and by sitting in the fourth it will bring some negative things to the home and homeland of Cyrus.
There is an aspect on the twelfth … house of drug abuse … It is very likely that he also took part in such wine parties.
He probably did not invent them, because, this was known even from cultures before. But very likely he uplifted
such protocols to the highest level, and, because exalted Saturn is there in the fourth, all this will be used in
diplomacy and business matters for the benefit of the Homeland. Though, some would say that Saturn when being
in the Tula-Libra rasi-sign, and being retrograde, is actually … debilitated. Nevertheless, I think this story is being
seen very clearly from the natal chart of Cyrus.

This natal chart has Guru-Sani conjunction. This is also one of the very common features of the chart of Visnu
incarnations. BUT THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE. In this particular case the conjunction is not very strong; just on
the borderline of mutual influence. Such conjunctions are very complex due to opposite natures of Sani and Guru.
Sani brings discipline and contraction, while Guru exposes freedom and expansion. Also, it must be seen in which

house this is happening, which rashi, how far Guru and Sani are from each other. On top of everything, it must be
considered which planet is bellow by degree and who is above. Planet by lower altitude will control this conjunction
because it is considered as holding another planet on its shoulders. So, the lowest planet in such conjunctions is
controlling the situation. In this particular case this is Sani, who gives discipline and restrictions, but because they
are both retrograde, they will give opposite effects. Sani will not expose restrictions, and Guru will effect on the
mixed way. As a result, we can see an enormous expansion of the fourth house, which is homeland, on very wise,
controlled and disciplined way. Sani in the fourth house, though it is in high dignity status by being exalted, and
though it is retrograde and not giving restrictions, so in spite of all that, this Sani will give some hardness and
complications for mother. Indeed, mother was in danger, and after all her son was detached from her at a very early
age. So, there was a separation from the child. But Guru is there as well, making this separation is just temporary.

In this chart, we can also notice the debilitated Mangal-Mars. Nevertheless, this is compensated and neutralized to
some extension by the exalted tenth house and Mesha rashi due to the presence of exalted Surya. Another point
of cancelation is the tenth aspect of exalted Sani on first house and Mangal. Actually, we can see that kind of Mangal
right in the face of Cyrus. But cancelation of debilitation is not complete. Some aspects of debilitated Mangal will
be there anyway. Debilitation means some negative features of Mangal will be exposed. But, what are negative
features of Mangal? These are anger, aggression, war … Actually, this debilitated Mangal in the natal chart of king
Cyrus the great is just about to say … Don’t mess with me! Take my conditions … or … there will be a war! And
there was a war. Not one. Many. And he got them all.

I do not want to go much deeper into the chart elaboration of Cyrus. After all, it would need pages and pages to
elaborate on everything. Now we have confirmed that king Cyrus the Great was really born in 580. B.C.E., just as
some Iranian historians did claim. Nevertheless, the real natal chart and proper interpretation of the chart, they are
very needed and welcomed in order to understand more clearly dry as send reports of historians and archeologists.

Now, after seeing this is the right date of birth of Cyrus, how to use this fact in finding the birth time of Buddha?

Well, there must be a gap between each such incarnation, and according to my experience, it could be some 10 to
30 years. Let we take that in this case, it was about 20 years. Thus, if we go about 20 years back, let say around 600
B. C.E., …that could possibly be the time of the death of Buddha. Along with extensive research, I found out that
Buddha lived a long life, about 80 years. Many reports are in tune with this fact. That means, we need to search
around 680 B.C.E. for Buddha’s birth. Indeed, if we search for Guru-Sani conjunction around that time, we find a
very interesting situation in May 681. B.C.E. Then by some small playing in order to tune everything properly, the
true natal chart of Buddha was established.

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha was born on May 10, 681 B.C.E., at 8.36 LMT, in the place called Lumbini or
Kapilavastu, in what is today Nepal.

Here is the natal chart …

So, this is my suggestion for Buddha’s natal chart.

We see very strong Guru-Sani conjunction, almost at the same degree. Very strong! We also see the same Aslesha
nakshatra as an ascendant, which is actually very common in all Vishnu incarnations. This is a very important point
to be elaborated a little bit in detail.

Aslesha nakshatra is considered as most auspicious for higher states of consciousness, for Enlightenment. It is
represented as a snake-like form of energy sitting in our lower back. This is also known as Kundalini energy. If this
energy is properly guided it will be propelled, it will rise up, and flow freely along the spine through all other chakras
including the crown chakra. If this energy flows freely and on the unrestricted way, this is Enlightenment, and this
is allowing the brain to function in the completely different way as we commonly know it. Our brain is capable to
function fastest than any computer in the world. Better to say, our brain can function faster than all computers of
today together. All that we need to do is to enliven the full potential of our nervous system, which is now limited.
Our brain and nervous system, they are now obstructed in function because they both atrophied. Many portions of
our brain are not functioning at all, so when looking functionally, our brain has some holes, and some scientists
recall the syntagm … Swiss Cheese Brain … Just like any other muscle, features of our brain which are not used
properly will disappear. That is why we are using only some very small percentage of our full potential. All that we
need to do is to put all these parts of the brain back in function, and there are certain methods of how to do that.
In Vedic Science, this is being called … Yoga. Yoga means … Unity … and that is to say … to unite in function all parts
of the nervous system and physiology, so that they can function coherently while being united entirely. Then, along
with full, non-restricted, the flow of Kundalini energy, and along with using the full potential of our nervous system,
then … and only than … we are established as the fully developed cosmic beings. This is the story which narrates
that the individual is cosmic, the individual is made in the image of God. This is the story of Enlightenment and
higher states of consciousness. Actually, every religion is talking exactly about this point, but on a little bit deviated
and distorted way. Hopefully, this will be corrected soon, in order that all people can easily reach higher states of
consciousness, for the purpose of … coming back home … for the purpose of uniting with their own Source.

One very important point for checking this natal chart can be the marriage of Buddha. In some texts, I did find that
he got married when he was sixteen. Well, let we check that. By checking thoroughly, I came to the date May 7, 665
B.C.E. when he got married. That was the planetary period … Sk-Sy-Sa-Sk-Sk … Shukra-Venus is the general
significator of marriage for both men and women. Surya-Sun is the significator of marriage particularly for this natal
chart. Saturn-Sani is the lord of the seventh house in Janma Kundali. This is almost just as classic reading for marriage
to happen. Transits of planets on that day would confirm this is the right timing. Thus, it comes out that Buddha got
married just three days before his sixteenth birthday. So, he was about sixteen, just as texts did expose, what was
already mentioned before, and now we see this is a true statement.

Somehow it happened, not many other things in the life of Buddha can be checked this way. Anyway, this kind of
research I will live for some others to do.

The story has it that Buddha had left luxurious worldly life as a prince and legitimate successor of the king, and he
did incline to search for Enlightenment. He was missing proper guidance, and that is the reason he wondered a little
bit. But finally he achieved it, and after that, all his efforts were oriented toward public work to make it possible for
all other people to achieve Enlightenment on even easier and more spontaneous way. While researching this point,
in some places I did find the statement claiming that Buddha is the only person in the history of mankind launching
such a big number of people toward Enlightenment, toward … Cosmic Consciousness - CC. The number of five
thousand was associated with Buddha when talking about how many people he had risen toward Enlightenment.
No-one in the history ever did that on such a big scale in such a short time, they say. This is the basic message of
Buddha; to achieve Enlightenment, or Nirvana, how he called it, to use full potential what is our right by birth, and
to enjoy fulfillment in life.

We can see how houses ten and seventh have exchanged rulers, what is called Parivartana Yoga, and they both will
be very important for Buddha. These two houses will be very intimately connected and will function almost like
twins. We also see very, very sharp intellect by Buddha-Mercury graha-planet being retrograde and vargottama.
We see Mangal-Mars is very strong and exalted, though some would say by being retrograde and exalted … it is
actually … debilitated. Also, Mangal-Mars is vargottama, but dead in avastha … mritya. As well, we see some other
debilitated planets in navamsa. This is all to direct him on the spiritual path …

One thing is for sure, the life path of Buddha was not simple and easy. The beginning, and all until he achieved
Enlightenment, this portion we know very well. Nevertheless, the curiosity is that we know so little about him as he
began his work as a spiritual teacher and preacher. This is so interesting, isn’t it? Perhaps, it should be entirely
opposite. It is very definite that due to his work he came into conflict with the highest cast of India, with Brahmins.
There are indications his life was threatened, and he escaped to China in a certain moment. There he continued his
work on a grand scale, and he stayed in China for some time. But he undoubtedly returned to India at a certain

Many commentators of Buddha’s work would emphasize that he declined from Vedas. This is maybe true, but only
to some extent, and I would say, with good reason after all. In fact, this is all about cycles of yugas and world ages.
It turned out that the cycle went down, and level of consciousness degraded due to lack of Ether-Akasha. Incoming
energy and intelligence to the planet Earth, they were both gradually becoming very low. It was a problem for
people to reach even Cosmic Consciousness. Vedic Civilization already had faded out. The full frame of Vedic
Knowledge was not applicable anymore. Buddha is Vishnu incarnation, and he, Vishnu himself, came in such very
sensitive point, in order to tune the knowledge system and the complete paradigm, with the level of energy and
intelligence incoming to the planet itself right at that moment. This is all to reduce the suffering of the people. Full
frame of Vedas was not possible anymore. When the paradigm is set up very high, but the level of consciousness of
the people is very low, suffering will inevitably come. The point is, if the level of incoming energy and intelligence is
low, that doesn’t mean people need to suffer. Suffering in any form, was not the basic intention of the Creator to
have for his children. Suffering comes only when the level of the paradigm is … too high, and the consciousness of
the people is … too low. Or vice versa. That is the reason the paradigm itself should be always tuned with incoming
energy and intelligence. Then, as we know now, they are both going up and down permanently due to yuga cycles,
and there is a need for permanent tuning. Well, tuning and framing the life on Earth is never-ending story indeed.

Another thing, very strange indeed, Brahmins started to hide knowledge about higher states of consciousness from
the people. They intentionally stared to corrupt Vedic Knowledge heavily, in order not to be functional anymore,
and they kept core pure teachings just for few of them. Just a few of them became elite who will control others.
Those who wanted Enlightenment became problems for them. Not even to mention those who reached
Enlightenment and tried to help others to reach it in an easy way, like Buddha was. That is the reason Buddha
became a big problem for them. Even worse, he became enemy of the state, and that is the reason he found himself
in danger, and he immigrated to China for some time. There he continued his work freely.

Thus, from my point of view, it is very likely that Buddha said and exposed following words …

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and
rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in
anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down
for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to
the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

… what is supposedly part of the Kalama Sutta text. No doubt that he exposed saying like that one when he observed
all corruptions Brahmins did on Vedic Knowledge and Vedic Heritage.

Nevertheless, there was a region in India where such corruption did not reach. That was Himalaya’s Valley of Saints.
The truth is that whatever was further down of Rishikesh, these saints considered as a mud. That is the reason
whoever was thinking seriously about Enlightenment, was trying to find a way to the Himalayas.

But there is another picture of India as well, a picture we received some time ago. I remember very well the beautiful
book from Paramahansa Yogananda entitled … Autobiography of a Yogi … so beautiful book indeed, where the
author, a yogi by himself, described so nicely that even hundred years ago or maybe a little bit more, it was very
common for ordinary people, what we call Householders, to achieve Enlightenment. These testimonials of
Yogananda are still very fresh, and it is always such India in my memories. India without pollution of any kind, India
with happy and fulfilled farmers, India with at least a few enlightened individuals in every city, town or village … this
is what I always have on my mind when thinking about India.

I’ve just found one very interesting recent online post, and I am happy to have the opportunity to share it …

To be honest, I do not want to go deep into the natal chart of Buddha either. I leave that for Jyotish experts. Only
thing I would like to emphasize is that this is the only frame for Buddha to be on Earth. As we have seen before, the
6th century is occupied by King Cyrus the Great. There is some other incarnation of Vishnu in the 5th century which
I found, and the find itself is undoubtedly correct, but do not want to go into it right now. Thus, there is no space
and time for Buddha in a 6th and 5th century at all. Same is with the time and the space before that, before he came
on … May 10, 681 B.C.E. Thus, this is the only time frame for Buddha to be, and this is where he always should be.

The End

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