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Professional Growth Plan

Established Date August, 30th 2017

Name Curtis Manery
Review Date

Positively Communicate with parents of struggling and excelling students
Related KSA(s)
#12 know how to develop and implement strategies that create and enhance partnerships
among teachers, parents and students
Indicator(s) of Success
Complete a minimum of 5 calls each week (throughout September)
Feel confident about talking with parents
Establish goals or key info from parents to help make students experience at school the best it can be
Action Resource(s) Timeline
Be in contact with atleast
Determine how to effectively talk to parents in Mentor/Admin 10 parents from all three
BOTH positive and negative situations Internet grade levels within the first
2 weeks
Practice phone calls with friends and family
University Mentor
Ongoing should be almost completed by the end of the first 6 weeks

Volunteer for at least two coaching positions and committees
Related KSA(s)
#14 Making Contributions know strategies to independently and collegially, enhance, and
maintain the quality of your school to the benefit of students, parents, community and
Indicator(s) of Success
Successfully complete a coaching/comittee experience with recognition from admin
Hoping to be involved with club volleyball, basketball, hockey and anything else that I can help with
Action Resource(s) Timeline
Discuss with administration about opportunities
Sign up for all committees Cody is signed up for Sign up for committees
that way I can get a feel for more than one and
committee while still having some support
Commit to the task from start to finish
(practicum ends in December basketball
continues) Happy to come back and continue
helping even when my practicum finishes

Ongoing until coaching/committee ends and I am able to say I completed my first experience in either/or

Continuous improvement of classroom management
Related KSA(s)
#8 Respecting Students Dignity know how to establish, with different students, progressional
relationships that are characterized by mutual respect, trust, and harmony.
#15 Career-long Learning Know how to assess your own teaching and to work with others
responsible for supervising and evaluating teachers. Know how to use the findings of
assessments, supervision and eval to select, develop and implement your own professional
development activities
Indicator(s) of Success
Gain and maintain control and respect of students
Fewer misbehaving students
Periodically discuss performance with mentor/admin
Action Resource(s) Timeline
Develop rules/consequences for my class Mentor/Admin
Be Fair, Firm and Consistent
By contacting parents at the beginning of the
year I hope to create some goals for students
that their parents will be familiar with
therefore everyone involved can be held
accountability Throughout my entire
- Possibility of sending home a practicum experience (Sept-
contract on the first day Dec and ongoing if continuing
- By sending a letter to parents to with any coaching aspects)
introduce myself and set expectations
all parties involved in my physed class
this semester will be on the same page
and be held accountable for following
classroom rules and expectations
Ongoing throughout practicum
Hope to notice improvements in classroom management from week to week