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Kalmar was the

only company
that could design
and build to our

Mr MSSner,
egon evertz

Super Gloria makes

reachstacker history
A feat of engineering, the worlds biggest reachstacker was
custom-built to meet Egon Evertz KGs critical steel slab
handling specifications in Germany.
Name Egon Evertz KG Kalmar fleet DRG650-92A5XS reachstacker
Location Salzgitter Flachstahl, Germany DCF450-12LB with magnet system
Employees 600 (Evertz Group)
The challenge The solution The results
The Evertz Group has specialised in The DRG650-92A5XS reachstacker, so The design and build project was
serving steel mills throughout Germany called Super Gloria because it is now the completed by Kalmar within a 12-month
for over 50 years. Through the constant largest reachstacker in Kalmars hugely time frame.
improvement of techniques, procedures successful Gloria branded range, features
and parts for steel production it has a completely new design, developed to Kalmar was the only company that could
become the leading name in the industry. meet the customers critical steel slab design and build to our specification
handling specifications. This has resulted in and meet the time frame required. We
Egon Evertz KG helps steel factories with an impressive lift capacity of 65 tonnes at have been experiencing consistent
innovative ideas to improve quality and 4.0m load centre in dynamic mode (drive) growth throughout our business and as
cut costs. Kalmars solution was devised or 65 tonnes at 5.0m load centre in static steel slabs increase in size we needed
to meet its increasing requirement mode (non driving). an innovative solution to handle these
to handle heavier loads, effectively huge loads reliably and safely. We are
becoming the worlds biggest tool The truck is equipped with both an electric certainly impressed with how Kalmar
handler. The machine will be put to work lift magnet for handling slabs in cold responded to our brief and also proud
handling the new 50-tonne Mega steel conditions and a hydraulic slab grab for hot to have the worlds biggest reachstacker
slabs, measuring 2.7m wide, 12m long conditions (up to 800C). as part of our fleet, says Mr Mner,
and 350mm thick. representative of Egon Evertz.
The high lifting capacity has been
augmented with a specially raised cab to
enhance visibility and a wheel distance of
9.25m to provide maximum stability. An
onboard generator, providing emergency
power for the magnet, AdBlue fuel
efficient technology and a fire extinguishing
system also featured in the specification.

Oliver Kah
Sales Manager
Kalmar Germany
+49 172 4530417

Kalmar is the industry forerunner in terminal Kalmar

automation and in energy efficient container Porkkalankatu 5
handling, with one in four container movements FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland
around the globe being handled by a Kalmar
solution. Kalmar is part of Cargotec.