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Location: Brunei Page 1 of 2 Effective Date: November 1, 2016

Department: Operations Total Direct Report: None Report to: Operations Manager

Job Scope
Responsible for the constant running and productivity of facility equipment and buildings, OCTG inspection
equipment and related machineries, Cranes and forklifts; serves as the focal point for monitoring performance
indicators for maintenance management; ensuring equipment is calibrated and tested in line with industry and
legal best practice and local requirements; Ordering spare parts and maintaining inventory control over
consumables; Management and coordination of all works to be performed by third party contractors/vendors
for SCTSB facilities and OCTG equipment & machinery, fixtures & fittings, in line with SCTSB QHSSE management

Duties & Responsibilities

Technical Tasks
Adhere to all safety procedures and policies in accordance to Safety Management System
Adhere to all quality procedures and policies in accordance to Quality Management System
Active participation in QHSE observations and meetings
Reponsible for the continous running of equipment and machinery
Use computerized systems to oversee routine/non routine maintenance and organize repairs
Control and monitor devices and occasionally in the manufacture of items that will help in maintenance
Design maintenance strategies, procedures and methods
Manage routine scheduled maintenance work and respond to equipment faults and manage certification and
documentation of equipment and facility assets
Manage certification and operational documentation of equipment and facility assets keeping up-to-date
records and files
Be responsible for the calibration and testing of equipment in line with local government regulations and
industry best practice and ensuring equipment is regularly inspected in line with planned calibration and testing
Diagnose and troubleshoot breakdown problems
Carry out quality inspection on jobs
Arrange specialist procurement of fixtures and fittings or components
Control maintenance tools, stores and equipment
Deal with emergencies, unplanned problems and repairs
Improve health, safety policies and procedures
Write maintenance strategies to help with installation and commissioning guidelines
Ensure there is continuous cover of machinery and equipment in case of breakdowns
Any other tasks as may be required or necessary by SCTSB management
Day-To-Day Operational Tasks
Focal point for all repairs and maintenance of facilities, OCTG equipment & machinery, fixtures & fittings, etc.
and coordinate and manage all works to be performed by third party contractors
Raise all necessary job orders/work orders/purchase requests, etc. in the system
Record and update energy consumption in the system and generate regulate reports
Ensure third party contractors meet repairs & maintenance schedule in accordance to expected dates of
delivery prior to the expiry of certificates
Review all open job orders, work orders, purchase requests, etc. and follow up closely with third party
contractors and Operations Team to ensure effective tasks completion and delivery with proper closure in the
Ensure full compliance of standards by third party contractors performing works - proper PPE, SCTSB & BSP
QHSSE, policies and procedures, as well as Brunei government requirements and all related statutory
Liaise with related government authorities where drawings, specifications, permits, approvals, procedures, etc.
need to be obtained and practised by SCTSB personnel or third party contractors prior to performing works

Monitor and provide guidance in regards to time management, cost control and quality assurance of all works
to be performed
Compile and general maintenance cost reports against allocated budget
Coordinate and manage all site visits and meetings at SCTSB facilities and ensure that full PPE compliance at all
Participate in audits and prepare facilities, all OCTG equipment & machinery, etc. with all required repairs and
maintenance up-to-date
Location: Brunei Page 2 of 2 Effective Date: November 1, 2016

Department: Operations Total Direct Report: None Report to: Operations Manager

Duties & Responsibilities (continued)

Record and file all repairs and maintenance information both electronically and in hard copies
Work closely with Operations Administrative Officer for timely submission of all AP related paperwork,
including those goods/services received without AP paperwork to process payment for Accounts to accrual such
Record and report all QHSSE incidents to QHSSE Team and follow up closely for actions to be taken up to
incidents closure
Identify areas that require opportunity for improvement
Any other duties as assigned to you from time to time
Skills & Knowledge
Requires intermediate computer skills for analysis (e.g. MS Excel) and correspondence (e.g. MS Word). Requires
good knowledge of maintenance software
Effective interpersonal, negotiation, and communication skills, both oral and written. Able to develop and
maintain effective business relationships with internal and external customers and subcontractors, and deliver
effective presentations and management reports
Strong analytical skills, basic knowledge of finance and accounting, and ability to relate to management in a
headquarters environment
Good working knowledge of material requirement planning and basic accounting principles and must have the
ability to read and interpret engineering drawings, material specifications and bills of material

Ability to work independently and to time driven targets

Self-starter with ability to work independently under pressure and react quickly to changing priorities

Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
Familiarity with OCTG design basics
Understanding of API and related OCTG specifications and their application
Able to direct, lead and facilitate cross-functional teams in problem solving exercises
Other Requirements
Ability to develop and maintain effective relationships with the Principal stakeholders within Supply Chain
organisation, Sumitomo management, and all associated Brunei government bodies
Good multitasking skills are a necessity
Good Team Player and ability to meet deadlines
Demonstrates highest standards of legal and ethical conduct
Flexibility and adaptable to changing environments
Work Conditions
Works in both SCTSB and client's office/work sites and will be required to drive to sites and offices of clients,
vendors/suppliers, government, etc. as and when required

I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and accept my job responsibilities as outlined above and that they are
subject to change at any time without prior notice at the discretion of the Company. I further agree that it is my
responsibility to fulfil my job requirements and that failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

Approved by General Manager

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