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Discussion Director - Inquiry Unlimited

Name: ____________________________________ Date: __________________

Group Members: ______________________________________________________

Book/Text: ______________________________________________________________________

Your job is:

1) to direct the sequence of today's discussion
2) to prepare for and to organize the group discussion
3) to keep the group discussion going by encouraging group members to respond to each
other's ideas
4) to organize the role assignments for the next session

Usually the best discussion questions come from your own thoughts, feelings, and concerns
about the text as you read it. With this in mind, prepare 3 possible discussion questions or
topics for today.

PG #:____#:______
1. ______________________________________________________________________
PG #:____#:______
2. _____________________________________________________________________

PG #:____#:______
3. _____________________________________________________________________

Contributions to the sequence of the discussion could include:

Asking the Critical Thinker to find debatable or emotionally charged ideas from the
Asking someone to summarize briefly. (Summarizer)
Asking the Connector to develop connections from today's reading to outside world...
Arranging for the Vocabulary Enricher to develop selected words from the reading.

ANY OTHER ROLES:_______________________________________________


YOUR TASK 1: Presenting your evaluative questions for group discussion and asking for each group member to
suggest an evaluative question. These might focus on: Powerful sections of text involving events that were
happening, or in the way the author explained what was happening, that you feel should be shared with the group.
Questions you had when you finished reading the pages. Surprises you felt after the reading. Feelings that were
going through your mind while reading this section of the text. Foreshadowing or predictions that you think will be
talked about next by the author.

YOUR TASK 2: On the back of this sheet, record the minutes of your groups discussion. Your will keep a
professional TEACHERS JOURNAL of your groups interaction and learning. Write down your groups debates,
ideas, and conclusions on the back of this sheet.