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What is the general difference between a transactional 3rd normal form relational schema
and a dimensional model?

According to Bog et. al., (321-32), the main difference between a dimensional data model and a 3 rd normal form
schema is that the dimensional model is mostly applied in data warehousing systems while the 3rd normal form
is often used in online transaction processing (OLTP) system types.

Describe the purpose of a fact table

In data warehousing, a fact table location is at the central point star schema, and it contains measures of interest
and facts or metrics of a business process. The fact table has two column types, the ones that consist of facts
and ones that are dimension tables foreign keys. It stores quantitative information to be analyzed and is
frequently denormalized.

Describe the purpose of a dimensional table

The dimension table is within a star schema and it stores dimensions or measures that define fact table
objects.Additionally, fact tables and dimension tables function concurrently in that the fact table holds the
analysis data while a dimension table provides guidelines for analyzing the data found in the fact table (Raj, 8-

What is the benefit of an OLAP System?

An online analytical processing (OLAP) system guarantees an improved performance for multidimensional data
access and, thus, lays a foundation for analytical processing(Cuzzocreaet. al. 20-30). Further, it offers analytical
capabilities not found in SQL and it is a technology that is distributable to many users on diverse platforms.

What is the general purpose for using SQL Server Management Studio?

The purpose for using the SQL Server Management Studio is to configure, manage, and administer all the SQL
Server components. It comprises both graphical tools and script editor tools that work with the servers features
and objects.

What is the general purpose for using SQL Server Data Tools?

SQL Server Data Tools can be used to build, maintain, debug, and refractor databases.The SSDT changes
database progress through the introduction of a declarative and ever-present model that connects all the
development phases of a database inside Visual Studio.

Name three ways or modes of installation for SQL Server Analysis Services
The analysis services of an SQL server are installed in either Power Pivot for SharePoint, Tabular, or Data Mining

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