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Section A- Vocabularies

Write down the meaning of the following words:

1- Hadith: Saying of the prophet

2- The Sunnah: prophet Mohameds acts.

3- As-Saadiq: truthfull

4- Al-ameen: Honest

5- Illiterate: uneducated person

6- Quraish: tribe

7- Ummah: people/nation

8- Mothers of the believers: umat al believer

9- Shahadah: in the name of allah

10- Kalifah: ruler

11- Yathrib: medina

12- Ansar: people of medina

13- Muhajireen: migrate from mecca to medina

14- Uhud: battle of uhud

15- Sirah: Biography

16- Martyr: died in the name of allah

17- Kufr: non-muslim, disbeliever

18- Shirk: haram.

19- Taqwa: worshipping of allah.

20 -Wahy: revelation

Section B - Short Answer Questions

Answer the following questions:

1. For what reason Rasulullah pbuh. was sent to humanity? To perfect humanity and spread
the message of islam.


2. What should we say when we hear the name of Rasulullah? What does it mean?
Sullahala wa alyhi wasalam, it means messenger of allah.

3. How old was the Prophet when he died? How many years he spent of his life in Makkah
and in Madinah?
63 age of death.
13 years in mecca with his prophecy.
10 yeats in medinah

4. Fill in the dotted spaces with the proper names and details.

His mother Abu talib His father


Was born His nursing
on Prophet
571 ad 22 Muhamma Mother
april d Halima sadi

5. What happened to Prophet Muhammad when he was playing in the fields with his
nursing mothers children?
He was doing something with the heart.

6. Why do you think Khadijah proposed to marry Prophet Muhammad?
She was the first women to believe .

7. How old were Prophet Muhammad and Khadijah when they got married?
25 years old

8. How did Khadjah use to support the Prophet during his long stay in Hira cave?

9. Explain what happened to Prophet Muhammad when he was one night asleep in the cave
of Hira? What did he see?

10. Who were the first people to believe in Prophet Muhammad?
Abu bakr

11. Define Sahabah?

Someone who has seen the prophet and is a true muslim.

12. What is the difference between a Sahabi and a Muslim who came later in Islam?
A muslim hasnt seen the prophet and doesnt know what the prophet might have passed
on to the sahabi.

13. What was the role of the companions in the mission of Islam?
To aid and help the prophet in his journey.

14. Detail how the Prophet (pbuh) described the companion?

Im not sure.

Section C Multiple choice Questions

Circle the right answer:

1- The Muslims main aim and goal in life is:
a- To work hard and become rich
b- To be good to others
c- To enjoy his life
d- be to a faithful servant to Allah (s.w.t) and obey His commands

2 He took Talhah Ibn Ubaydullah to Prophet Mohammad to learn about Islam:

a- Ali Ibn Abi Talib
b- Uthman Ibn Affan
c- Azzubair Ibn Al Awwam
d- Abu Bakr As-Siddiq
3- When he died, the Muslims could not find any cloth with which to cover his body:
a- Hudayfah Ibn Al Yaman
b- Abdullah Ibn UM Maktoum
c- Musab Ibn Umair
d- Uthman ibn Talhah

4- He acted as a scribe of the Prophet, writing letters for him:

a- Abdur Rahman ibn Awf
b- Ubayy Ibn Kaab
c- Muadh ibn Jabal
d- Talhah Ibn Ubaydullah

5- Uqbah Ibn Aamir was one of Ashab as Suffah whom they were:
a- Muslim business people; traders
b- Muslim Scholars
c- Muslim Shepherds
d- Muslims who had no income

6- He was the first ambassador in Islam.

a- Musab Ibn Umair
b- Uqbah Ibn Aamir
c- Al-Baraa Ibn Malik Al-Ansari
d- Omar Ibn Al Khattab

7- He was able to open the Gate to the garden for the Muslims to fight the army of
Musaylamah the imposter (false Prophet).

a- Al-Baraa Ibn Malik Al-Ansari

b- Hudayfah Ibn Al Yaman
c- Talhah Ibn Ubaydallah
d- Ubayy Ibn Kaab

8- Which 2 surahs the Prophet taught Uqbah Ibn Aamir to read when going to sleep and
waking up.
a- Al Kawthar and Al Falaq
b- Al Falaq and Annas
c- Annas and Al Masad
d- Al Kawthar and Al Masad

9- This Sahabi used to be called the living martyr

a- Talhah Ibn Ubaydallah
b- Uqbah Ibn Aamir
c- Ubayy Ibn Kaab
d- Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah

10- A rich Sahabi who has concerns about his mother when converted to Islam:
a- Musab Ibn Umair
b- Thalhah Ibn Ubadallah
c- Uqbah Ibn Aamir
d- Omar Ibn Al Khattab
Section D- True / False Questions

Answer with true or false the following statements: circle the right answer

1- The Prophet had 6 children from Khadija True False

2- Muhammads father died when the Prophet was 2 years old True False
3- The Prophets mother died when he was 8 years old True False
4- After the death of his mother, the Prophet lived with True False
his uncle Abu Talib
5- Abu Talib was a rich and wealthy man True False
6- When Muhammad was 11 years old, he went to Jordan True False
with his uncle on a business trip.
7- The christian monk who saw the Prophet with Abu Talib True False
was called Buhaira.
8- Ayatul Kursi is the greatest ayah in the Holy Quran True False
9-Uqbah Ibn Aamir used to be called Sayyid of the Muslims True False
10- Musab Ibn Umair helped and cared for his kafir brother when True False
he was captured by the Muslims in the battle of Badr