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Welcome to Manley Solutions

Innovative Solutions in a Wireless World

2012 Solution Highlight: In Building Systems

We bring wireless coverage indoors....

About Us
Who we are and what we do

Manley Solutions is a professional services firm specializing in Radio Frequency

Engineering for In-Building Systems.

Established in 2005
National Systems Integrator
Engineering, Consulting and Professional Services Leader

Mission Statement
Our goal is to create and implement innovative strategies that wirelessly enable
mission critical applications.
In Building Systems (IBS)
Voice and Data In-Building Systems

Manley Solutions offers best in class In-Building Coverage Systems (IBS) to

enhance the 3G and 4G signal indoors. We offer packages from 500 square feet
to 500,000 square feet. Our packages are affordable and scalable.

Small or Home Offices
Single or Multi Floor Buildings
Large Plazas and Facilities
Campus and City Wide Systems
IBS Professional Services
Our expertise
Manley Solutions specializes in In-Building Systems to enhance and improve the
indoor coverage of cellular signal. Because we offer turn key solutions, RF
design and deployment is effortless to the client. Our white glove approach is
best in class.

Physical installation of all hardware and software

Integrating the solution into current infrastructure
Warranty and round the clock support to make sure everything is humming
Reporting and Analytics
Remote Management
1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and Future proofing systems for 5G Networks
VoLTE Solutions
IBS Managed Services
Our support
Manley Solutions managed services creates a secure environment for your IBS to
live. Creating value by taking on the day to day management of your new

Ongoing system checks and fine tuning

Project Management and Coordination
Custom Reporting and Analytics
Return On Investment (ROI) Delivery

Future Proofing your network for 5G
Case Study Example
St. Joseph Health Systems - Better 4G Coverage for Telemedicine and Patient Care

St. Jude Medical Plaza has historically been a dead zone for most wireless carriers.
Patients and Healthcare professionals were forced to delay messages and receive vital
information late due to lack of wireless voice and data coverage.

St. Judes medical plaza was positioned out of range of most wireless cell towers and the
building composite was constructed of ultraviolet ray protectant which made getting a
signal inside the building virtually impossible.

Manley Solutions RF Engineering team developed and deployed an RF Signal
enhancement project using a series of Antennas, Repeaters and Amplifiers to bring
signal to the problem areas directly.

St. Jude Medical plaza went from 0-1 Bars of Signal Strength to 4-5 Bars post installation.
Doctors and Healthcare professionals are able to communicate with other healthcare
professionals and patients. Friends and Family members of patients are able to
communicate with loved ones in the facilities care.

Saving lives, increasing patient care while enhancing visitor experiences are the going
trend for most healthcare facilities across the US.
Welcome to Manley Solutions
Innovative Solutions in a Wireless World

Stuart Manley
Principal Engineer

Phone: 949.340.0088

Twitter: @stumanley

Hashtag: #Manley

LinkedIn: Manley Solutions

Member: Wireless Technology Association