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Conversion Factors

Physical and Heat and Mass Fluid and Particle Transport and
and Mathematical Mathematics Thermodynamics Reaction Kinetics Process Control Process Economics
Chemical Data Transfer Dynamics Storage of Fluids
Psychrometry, Equipment for Distillation, Liquid-Liquid Extraction Gas-Solid Liquid-Solid Alternative
Heat-transfer Gas Absorption, Phase and Other Liquid-Liquid Adsorption and Ion
Evaporative cooling Distillation Dispersion and Phase Operations and Operations and Operations and Reactors Separation
Equipment Exchange
and Solids Drying Separation Equipment Equipment Equipment Processes
Solid-Solid Energy Resources,
Materials of Physical Properties Vapor Pressures of Vapor Pressures of Water-Vapor Densities of Pure
Operations and Waste Management Process Safety Conversion, and
Construction of Pure Substances Pure Substances Solutions Content of Gases Substances
Processing Utilization
Densities of Densities of Densities of
Joule-Thomson Specific Heats of
Aqueous Inorganic Aqueous Organic Miscellaneous Solubilities Thermal Expansion Critical Constants Compressibilities Latent Heat
Effect Pure Compounds
Solutions at 1 atm Solutions Materials
Specific Heats of Properties of Prediction and
Thermodynamic Transport Mensuration
Miscellaneous Formation and Heats of Solutions Correlation of Mathematics Elementary Algebra Analytic Geometry
Combustion Reactions
Properties Properties Formulas
Materials Physical Properties
Integral Transforms Matrix Algebra and Numerical
Differential and Differential Difference
Plane Trigonometry Infinite Series Complex Variables Integral Equations (Operational Matrix Approximations to
Integral Calculus Equations Equations
Methods) Computations Some Expressions
Numerical Analysis Variables, Property
Dimensional Other Property Thermodynamics of
and Approximate Optimization Statistics Process Simulation Introduction Definitions, and Calculations for
Analysis Formulations Flow Processes
Methods Relationships Gases and Vapors
Systems of Variable Heat Transfer by Heat Transfer by Heat Transfer with Heat Transfer by
Equilibrium Analysis of Heat Transfer Mass Transfer Basic Concepts
Composition Conduction Convection Change of Phase Radiation
Kinetics of Complex Intrinsic Kinetics Fluid-Solid Reactions Determination of Fundamentals of
Gas-Liquid Gas-Liquid-Solid Advanced Control Unit Operations
Ideal Reactors Homogeneous for Fluid-Solid with Mass and Heat Mechanism and Process Dynamics
Transfer Reactions Reactions Systems Control
Reactions Catalytic Reactions Kinetics and Control
Controllers, Final Accounting and
Batch Process Process Telemetering and Digital Technology Process Control Capital Cost Manufacturing- Factors that Affect
Control Elements, Financial
Control Measurements Transmission for Process Control and Plant Safety Estimation Operating Expenses Profitability
and Regulators Considerations
Capital Project Thermal Design of Tema-Style Shell-
Other Economic Measurement of Pumps and Process Plant Storage and Hairpin/Double-pipe
Profitability Execution and Heat-Transfer and-Tube Heat
Topics Flow Compressors Piping Process Vessels Heat Exchangers
Analysis Equipment Exchangers
Compact and
Air-Cooled Heat Heat Exchangers
Nontubular Heat Thermal Insulation Air Conditioning Refrigeration Cryogenic Processes Evaporators Psychrometry Evaporative Cooling
Exchangers for Solids
Introduction to Single-Stage Graphical Methods Approximate Simulation of Degrees of
Solids-Drying Thermodynamic Enhanced
Distillation Equilibrium Flash for Binary Multicomponent Distillation Freedom and Distillation Systems
Fundamentals Data and Models Distilation
Operations Calculations Distillation Distillation Methods Processes Design
Petroleum and Equipment for Distillation Equipment for Distillation Other Topics for
Design of Gas Introduction and
Complex-Mixture Batch Distillation Introduction and Gas Absorption: Tray and Gas Absorption: Distillation and Gas Phase Dispersion Phase Separation
Absorption Systems Column Packed Columns Absorption Equipment Overview
Thermodynamic Liquid Density, Liquid-Liquid Process Fundamentals Liquid-Liquid Liquid-Liquid Phase
Solvent Screening Calculation Process Control Emerging
Basis for Liquid- Viscosity, and Dispersion and Basic Calculation Extraction Separation
Methods Methods Procedures Considerations Developments
Liquid Extraction Interfacial Tension Fundamentals Equipment Equipment
Absorbents and Ion Sorption Conservation Rate and Fixed-Bed
Design Concepts Batch Adsorption Chromatography Process Cycles Equipment
Exchangers Equilibrium Equations Dispersion Factors Transitions
Phase Contacting and Mixing of Viscous Gravity Selection of a
Fluidized-Bed Gas-Solids Liquid-Solid Processing: Crystallization from
Fluids, Pastes and Leaching Sedimentation Filtration Centrifuges Solid-Liquid
Systems Separations Agitation of Low-Viscosity Solution
Particle Suspensions Doughs Operations Separator
Residence Time
Single-Phase Crystallization from Supercritical Fluid
Reactor Concepts Distribution and Fluid-Solid Reactors Fluid-Fluid Reactors Solid Reactors Multiphase Reactors Some Case Studies
Reactors the melt Separation Process
Alternative Membrane Selection of Solids Handling: Modeling and Crushing and Grinding Crushing and Grinding
Particle-Size Principles of Size
Solid/Liquid Separation Biochemical Bulk Solids Flow Solids Mixing Simulation of Equipment: Dry Grinding- Equipment: Fluid-Energy
Separation Processes
Analysis Reduction Impact and Roller Mills or Jet Mills
Separations Processes Characterization Grinding Processes
Crushing and Grinding Agglomeration Rate Control and Design Size Enlargement Modeling and Introduction to Waste Air-Pollution
Crushing and Principles of Size Pollution
Equipment: Wet/Dry Processes and of Granulation Equipment and Simulation of Management and Management of
Grinding-Media Mills Grinding Practice Enlargement Granulation Processes Regulatory Overview Prevention
Mechanics Processes Practice Stationary Sources
Industrial Inherently Safer Safety Equipment,
Management of Hazardous Materials Process Safety
Wastewater Introduction Case Histories Design and Other Process Design, Introduction Fuels
Solid Wastes and Conditions Analysis
Management Principles and Operation
Thermal Energy High- and Low-
Electrochemical Corrosion and its Properties of
Heat Generation Conversion and Energy Recovery Introduction Temperature
Energy Conversion Control Materials
Utilization Materials

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