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N AT U R E A Q U A R I U M C O N C E P T G U I D E 02 / 03

Created and photographed by Takashi Amano Shooting date: March 1, 2013

Gia nt Nature Aq uar ium Create d over Per i o d s a s L o n g a s 12 Yea r s Aquarium : W400xD150xH150 (cm)
Lighting : NAG-150W-Green x 16, turned on for 4 hours per day
NA Lamp 40W x 9, turned on for 9 hours per day
C re a t e d u s i n g t h e t r u e e s s e n c e o f A D A s aquatic plants has been ever changing as they Filter : Original overflow filter system
techniques, this huge 4m aquarium has been g ro w a n d re a c h t h e e n d o f t h e i r l i ve s; i t i s Substrate : Aqua Soil Amazonia, cosmetic sand, Power Sand Mid Niigata
Special L, Bacter 100, Clear Super, Tourmaline BC, Prefecture Earthquake Great East Japan Earthquake
maintained for 12 years since it was made at exactly like a change in natural landscape when Milestones over (magnitude 7 in JMA scale) (magnitude 7 in JMA scale)
Penac W, Penac P
Takashi Amano s private residence in December v i e we d f ro m t h e e n t i re aq u a s c a p e. O ve r a 12 Years
CO2 : Original CO2 supply system
2 0 01. Albeit three massive ear thquakes, the period as long as 12 years, this aquarium has 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Aeration : Original aeration system
a q u a t i c p l a n t s i n t h e a q u a r i u m h av e b e e n become an ultimate Nature Aquarium Liquid Fertilizer : Brighty K, Green Brighty STEP 2, ECA, Green Gain
growing fresh green leaves healthily until now in masterpiece that bears a striking resemblance Water Change : Automatic water change system Creation of 4m Niigataken Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake
a stable environment. The mix of fishes and to natural aquatic environment. Water Quality : Temperature 24 , pH 6.8, TH 20 mg/ aquascape (magnitude 6 over in JMA scale)
N AT U R E A Q U A R I U M C O N C E P T G U I D E 04 / 05

A Sma ll Ec osys tem -

Gl o ba l Env ir o nm ent in M iniature

Aquatic plants grown in an aquarium produce

oxygen by photosynthesis. Living beings (fishes,
shrimps and bacteria) respire using this oxygen
and aquatic plants conduct photosynthesis and
produce further oxygen using carbon dioxide
(CO 2) released by these living beings. With this
interaction between aquatic plants and living
beings, an ecosystem cycle, which represents a
miniature of global environment, is built in an
aquarium and supports the Nature Aquarium

Cycle in the Ecosystem


Fish Microorganisms

O2 CO 2

Aquatic Plants
N AT U R E A Q U A R I U M C O N C E P T G U I D E 06 / 07

Lea r n f r o m t h e Nature,
Create t h e Nature

Nature Aquarium is created by learning from the

nature and taking the essence of natural beauty
into t h e layo u t . It d o e s n o t m e a n m e re l y to
reproduce natural landscape like a diorama, but it
means to get inspiration from natural landscapes to
re-create an aquascape with rush aquatic plants
and swimming fishes. For example, the Iwagumi
layout shown below was created with the
inspiration from cliffs formed by wave erosions and
dynamic coastal landscapes with many gigantic
rocks. Although this aquascape was produced in a
s m a ll 6 0 c m aq u a riu m , i t m a ke s u s fe e l t h e
dynamism and immense scale of great nature.
Hints of layout are always found in the nature.

Created and photographed by Takashi Amano Shooting date: March 2001

Aquarium : Cube Garden W60xD30xH36 (cm)
Lighting : NA Lamp 20W x 4, turned on for 10 hours per day
Filter: Super Jet Filter ES-600 (anthracite, Bio Cube)
Substrate : Aqua Soil Amazonia, Power Sand Special S, Bacter 100,
Clear Super, Penac W, Penac P
CO2 : Pollen Glass, 2 bubbles per second via CO2 Bubble Counter
Aeration : For 14 hours after the light is turned off using Lilly Pipe P-2
Liquid Fertilizer : Brighty K, Green Brighty STEP 1, ECA
Water Change : 1/2 once a week
Water Quality : Temperature 25 , pH 6.8, TH 20 mg/
Aquatic Plants : Glossostigma elatinoides
Echinodorus tenellus
Fish/Invertebrates : Inpaichthys kerri
Otocinclus sp.
Caridina japonica
N AT U R E A Q U A R I U M C O N C E P T G U I D E 08 / 09

Absorb CO2 during
photosynthesis and
pro du c e ox yg e n. T h ey
play a great role in the

Animals are related to
Sunlight each other in food
chain. They survive in
Plants and other living ecological balance.
beings that live on
plants depend on solar
energy for survival.

Air Nature
A change in atmospheric
composition caused by
reduction in plants or
contaminations / pollutants
gives various impacts to Environmental

N atural e nv iro n m e nt
being out of balance
can cause a harsh

environment for many
living beings.
Constantly circulates in
various forms. It is
essential for animals
and plants to survive.

Stores nutrients and water,
supporting the lives of animals Retur n to Nature
a nd pla nts. S o il bacteria
promote decomposition of
organic matters. Natural ecosystem consists of diverse living beings such a balance can result in excess carbon dioxide
as well as water, air and soil surrounding them. These or water pollution. Nature Aquarium tells us the
components are constantly changing under the importance of balanced ecosystem. Many people
influence of sunlight, solar heat, and photosynthesis are attracted to Nature Aquarium in the midst of a
and respiration of living beings. What is important growing concern for environmental destructions. It is
here is a good balance of the ecosystem; and losing possibly a sort of a return to nature.
N AT U R E A Q U A R I U M C O N C E P T G U I D E 10 / 11

Nature Aquarium Gallery (at ADA Headquarters)

Nature Aq ua r i um C o n n e c t s H uma n B ein g w i t h Nature

Nature Aquarium creates an environment closely stay in the room and enjoy beautiful aquascape
re s e m b l i n g to n a t u ra l l a n d s c a p e w i t h i n a n which we can hardly see in our daily lives. Green
aquarium. In this fascinating environment, the aquatic plants swaying in cr ystal clear water
water sparkles with the help of beneficial provide visual relaxation and healing effects. ADA
microorganisms, aquatic plants thrive luxuriantly opened Nature Aquarium Gallery to get more
and colorful tropical fishes swim merrily. One of people to know about the attractive features of
the attractions of Nature Aquarium is that we can Nature Aquarium.
N AT U R E A Q U A R I U M C O N C E P T G U I D E 12 / 13

ADA Sys tem Re p r o d u c es Natura l Ec osys tem

Nature Aquarium reproduces the ecosystem within ecosystem in an aquarium, though the scale is, of
an aquarium system that is built using appropriate course, incomparably smaller than the actual size
equipment in combination. The synergy effects of observed in the nature. ADAs aquarium systems
each equipment used help establish a stable hold the wisdom of nature.

Lighting System Inspired by the Sun as an Ideal

The Sun is the only source of light that makes natural ecosystems

work. It is ideal to reproduce the sunlight that shines into water,
but the luminance and color temperature of the sunlight varies
w i t h t i m e of t h e d ay. N at u re Aq u a r iu ms lig ht i n g sy s te m
reproduces the ideal lighting environment for aquatic plants.

Water for Healthy Growth of Fishes and Aquatic Plants

Just as the air surrounding us, water is indispensable for fishes,

aquatic plants and others living in water. We have difficulty in breathing

in polluted air and in like manner, the health of fishes and aquatic
plants can be adversely affected in contaminated water. For aquatic
living beings, water quality including pH level and hardness and also
the rate of water flow are equally important as cleanliness of water.

Sub s t rate a s t h e Gr oun d w h ere

Aq uat i c Pla nt s Ta ke Ro ot

In natural aquatic environments, there are locations where aquatic

plants grow and where they do not. Referring to the locations
where aquatic plants thrive, Nature Aquarium builds a substrate
that contains rich organic compounds and nutrients and also
helps aquatic plants send out their roots. On the other hand, a
river bed with no aquatic plants can also be expressed by using
cosmetic sand and pebbles.

Fil ter s w i t h B en ef i c ia l Fil t rat i o n B ac ter ia

In natural ecosystems, contaminants including excrements are

ADA Aquarium system : W180D60H60cm broken down and water is purified by tiny, invisible microorganisms
such as bacteria and protozoa. This excellent water purification
system is utilized in ADAs filtration systems. The activities of these
microorganisms support the small ecosystem in aquariums.
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Cube Glass Cube Glass Glass Cover Plant Glass Polka Plant Glass Carafe Plant Glass Oasis
W36D22H26cm Aquarium size W36xD22cm Max. diameter 15H16.5cm Max. diameter 13H23cm Max. diameter 24.5H12cm
W45D27H30cm Aquarium size W45xD27cm Wabi-kusa Stemmed Plants Mix Wabi-kusa Stemmed Plants Mix Wabi-kusa Mossbase
W60D30H36cm Aquarium size W60xD30cm

This simple frameless aquarium T his is a glass cover for Cube Its gentle round shape enhances Featuring a stunning diagonal cut Wabi-kusa looks gorgeous as if it
tank helps planted aquarium look Glass. Install this with the plastic the charming look of Wabi-kusa. design, this Plant Glass makes is floating in the air. T he plant
more attractive. It is also ideal for hook supplied with Cube Glass. Plant Glass Polka features a Wabi-kusa look attractive as if it is stretched out of the Plant Glass
keeping ornamental fishes. diagonally-cut wide opening for enveloped in glass. will be hanging along the round
easy maintenance. contour.

Waterfall Waterfall Ver.2 Plant Glass Cube Plant Glass Loop Plant Glass Lotus Branch
W30D30H30cm W60D45H45cm W15D15H15cm Max. diameter 19H10cm Max. diameter 16.5H7.5cm White / Black / Cream / Silver
W60D45H45cm W90D45H45cm Wabi-kusa Echinodorus Mix Wabi-kusa Stemmed Plants Mix Wabi-kusa Echinodorus Mix W34D34H62cm

Waterfall is a cascading aquarium tank Waterfall Ver.2 has a deeper bottom This is a square Plant Glass that One set of Wabi-kusa fits perfectly This Plant Glass features gentle Branch is a halogen lamp lighting system
specifically designed for Wabi-kusa in portion (17cm deep) to allow the users gives a sharp impression. Suitable into the center pocket. You can curves like lotus flower. It provides (75W) ideal for Plant Glass. Its sophisti-
an emersed setup. The water flows to make a simple layout and enjoy for keeping killifish and betta. enjoy vigorously growing aquatic great flexibility in arrangement of cated curvy design enhances the room
from the top to the bottom resembling a Wabi-kusa in an emersed setup. plants through its wide opening. Wabi-kusa. interior. Available in four colors.
water fall. The depth of the bottom * Waterfall Ver.2 comes with the dedicated
portion is 12cm. glass inflow and outflow pipes.
* Waterfall comes with the dedicated glass
inflow and outflow pipes.
* T he shape of W3 0D 3 0H 3 0 (cm) is
slightly different from other models.

CO 2 Starter Kit
Plant Glass Cylinder Plant Glass Oval Plant Glass Valley Branch Stand
2010 / 20H10cm 17 / Max. diameter 19H17cm Max. diameter 20H9.5cm White / Black / Cream / Metallic Silver
Wabi-kusa Stemmed Plants Mix CO2 Starter Kit contains all accessories necessary
2020 / 20H20cm 25 / Max. diameter 27H25cm High type / W40D40H70cm
to star t CO 2 injection. It is suitable for small
Wabi-kusa Stemmed Plants Mix Wabi-kusa Stemmed Plants Mix Low type / W40D40H4cm
aquarium tanks that require only a small amount of
T he wide opening makes the mainte - Featuring adorable round design, Valley is the Plant Glass designed for keeping This is a stand exclusively designed for Branch lighting CO2 supply and also for cost-conscious users.
nance of Wabi-kusa easy. Available in this Plant Glass serves as a sophis- one set of Wabi-kusa inside. Suitable for system. It is convenient for decorating Plant Glass in the * Tropical Forest cartridges, non-ADA cartridges and large
two different depths (H: 10cm and 20cm). ticated interior decoration item. placing on a table to casually enjoy Wabi-kusa. room. Available in two different types and four colors. CO2 tanks cannot be connected to CO2 Starter Kit.

* Plant Glass does not come with Wabi-kusa.

16 / 17

CO 2 Bottle CO 2 Diffuse CO 2 Music Glass Do Scissors S Do Scissors M Do Pinsettes

CO2 Bottle (6 bottle set) 20H100mm 10 / for aquarium size W30 - 45cm Straight / H145mm Straight / H230mm S / M / L / XL
30 / for aquarium size W90cm Curve type / H145mm Curve type / H230mm
50 / for aquarium size W180cm

This is a replacement cartridge for CO2 This is a CO2 diffuser with Dif fuses CO 2 ef ficiently in water. Its Do Scissors S is short-type trimming Do Scissors M is trimming scissors The users gripping force is easily
Starter Kit. Under the condition of CO 2 integrated bubble counter. Suitable amusing design resembling a musical scissors. Curve type is suitable for essential for the maintenance of transmitted to the blade tips to help
supply rate at one bubble per second, for 60cm or smaller aquarium tanks. n o te ad d s m e r r i m e nt to aq u a r i u m . trimming of foreground plants. at tractive layout. Cur ve t ype is accurate planting of aquatic plants.
about two bottles are usually Available in six sizes. suitable for trimming of foreground Select from four types according to
consumed monthly. Content: 35g plants. your needs.

PP-1 (Outflow) PV-1 (Inflow)

CO 2 Music Glass Mini CO 2 Music Counter Poppy Glass Maintenance Stand Metal Hook Stand for be liquid Wabi-kusa Hanger
10H110mm Max. diameter 30H90mm PP-1 / for aquarium size W45 - 60cm Type A / Type B 75H170mm
15H110mm PV-1 / for aquarium size W45 - 60cm

CO2 Music Glass Mini can be installed Measures the CO 2 supply amount Moderates the water flow with its Maintenance Stand is a stainless This is a stand specifically designed for This is a hanger developed specifically
without using any suction cup and by counting CO2 bubbles. Use this ball-shape out flow por t. Suitable for steel stand that offers a systematic hanging a bottle of frequently-used for enjoyment of Wabi-kusa. Hang this
therefore it will not impair the aquas- with the CO 2 Music Glass series keeping fishes that prefer gentle water flow. storage for the tools essential for daily additives (such as Do!aqua be liquid product on the rim of an aquarium tank.
cape in small aquarium tank. item in combination. maintenance of aquarium. series) on an aquarium tank. * This product is designed for frameless
* This product is designed for frameless * The above picture shows the product in * This product is designed for frameless aquarium tank with thickness of 5mm or less.
aquarium tank with glass thickness of 5mm use. No additives, fish food and tools are aquarium tank with glass thickness of
or less. included in this product. 6mm or less.

PP-1 (Outflow) PV-1 (Inflow) MP-1 (Outflow) MV-1 (Inflow)

Violet Glass Violet Glass Mini Violet Glass Jet NA Water Carbon Filter HD30 Natural Cotton Sediment Filter
VP-1 / for aquarium size W45 - 60cm Mini MP-1 JP-1
VV-1 / for aquarium size W45 - 60cm Mini MV-1 JP-2

The smaller outflow port of Violet Glass Violet Glass Mini is an inflow/outflow pipe This is an outflow pipe to make a strong Two types of high-efficiency filters Carbon Filter HD30 offers an enhanced Its natural high-density cotton fiber
creates slightly-downward water flow. This for small aquarium tanks having the same current in an aquarium. No suction cup is remove the residual chlorine, iron rust residual chlorine removal capacity with removes impurities in the tap water
product can be used for aeration by features of Violet Glass. No suction cup is required for the installation of this product. and other impurities contained in tap its high-density activated carbon fiber. It such as iron rust.
installing it at an appropriate position. required for the installation of this product. water. does not affect the pH level of water. * Replacement intervals: Approximately 6
* N A Wate r c a n b e e q u ip p e d w i t h R O * Replacement intervals: Approximately 6 months
(reverse osmosis) and deionizing functions months / Water treatment capacity: Approxi-
by installing the optional parts. mately 30,000
18 / 19

Carbon Filter HD300 RO Kit RO Kit Membrane be Clear be Bright Sea Salt
200 200 for 25 water
for 100 water

This high-performance carbon fiber is RO Kit removes 99% of the impurities The membrane needs to be replaced Removes excess nutrient salts with This is an additive for growing Wabi- Contains well- balanced active
suitable for treatment of a large volume in tap water with its reverse osmosis in the event any significant decline in its fine particles having superior kusa in an emersed setup. Apply this ingredients including calcium to
of water for a long period of time. The membrane to produce nearly pure water treatment volume or rise in TDS absorption capability to control by way of foliar application or applica- prepare ideal artificial seawater. It
treated water has a higher pH level water. Ideal for marine aquariums. value is observed. algal growth. tion to the Wabi-kusa water. Contains also helps reduce running costs.
immediately after the treatment. * Use this product together with NA Water. * Replacement intervals: Approximately 2 nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and
* Replacement intervals: Approximately 5 years / Water treatment capacity: Approxi- trace elements.
years / Water treatment capacity: Approxi- mately 380 /day
mately 300,000

DI Kit be Fine SUIKEI FOOD Food Glass


DI Kit is a deionizing filter to be used Promptly neutralizes the residual This is a new fish food for the enjoy- F o o d G l a s s i s a g l a s s fe e d e r
with NA Water and RO Kit in combina- chlorine in tap water. This is an ment of attractive planted aquarium. designed for flake-type fish food.
tion. It produces pure water with purity additive essential during water The flake size was made to fit the Feeding amount can be conve-
level of 99.99% or higher. change. mouths of small tropical fishes. niently adjusted by the push of your
* Replacement intervals: Approximately 6 Available in four types of bottles with fingers.
months different aquascape designs.
* The lid has a food outlet.

The specifications and design of products are subject to change

be Relax be Green be Soft without notice in conjunction with price revision. Unauthorized
200 200 200 reproduction of the contents and photographs contained in this
CONCEPT GUIDE is strictly prohibited.

The mucosa protection ingredients S upplies potassium and trace Lowe rs t h e p H a nd c a rb o nate
and various vitamins contained in elements that easily become hardness (KH) levels to provide a
this product relieve stress and deficient in aquarium to achieve mildly acidic e nviro n m e nt. No
damages on fishes and cares for healthy leaf color of aquatic plants. phosphate and nitrate are contained
the fish body surface. in this product.


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