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ccminer 2.2.2 x64 CUDA 7.5 (Oct.

2017) "phi and hsr algos"


If you find this tool useful and like to support its continuous
development, then consider a donation.


BTC donation address: 1NENYmxwZGHsKFmyjTc5WferTn5VTFb7Ze

cbuchner v1.2:
LTC donation address: LKS1WDKGED647msBQfLBHV3Ls8sveGncnm
BTC donation address: 16hJF5mceSojnTD3ZTUDqdRhDyPJzoRakM


>>> Introduction <<<

This is a CUDA accelerated mining application which handle :

Decred (Blake256 14-rounds - 180 bytes)

HeavyCoin & MjollnirCoin
GroestlCoin & Myriad-Groestl
Lbry Credits
JackpotCoin (JHA)
QuarkCoin family & AnimeCoin
DarkCoin and other X11 coins
Chaincoin and Flaxscript (C11)
Saffroncoin blake (256 14-rounds)
BlakeCoin (256 8-rounds)
Qubit (Digibyte, ...)
Luffa (Joincoin)
Keccak (Maxcoin)
Pentablake (Blake 512 x5)
1Coin Triple S
Neoscrypt (FeatherCoin)
Revolver (X11evo)
Scrypt and Scrypt:N
Scrypt-Jane (Chacha)
Sibcoin (sib)
Skein (Skein + SHA)
Signatum (Skein cubehash fugue Streebog)
Tribus (JH, keccak, simd)
Woodcoin (Double Skein)
Vanilla (Blake256 8-rounds - double sha256)
Vertcoin Lyra2RE
Ziftrcoin (ZR5)
Boolberry (Wild Keccak)
Monero (Cryptonight)
Aeon (Cryptonight-lite)

where some of these coins have a VERY NOTABLE nVidia advantage

over competing AMD (OpenCL Only) implementations.

We did not take a big effort on improving usability, so please set

your parameters carefuly.


If you're interessted and read the source-code, please excuse

that the most of our comments are in german.

>>> Command Line Interface <<<

This code is based on the pooler cpuminer and inherits

its command line interface and options.

-a, --algo=ALGO specify the algorithm to use

bastion use to mine Joincoin
bitcore use to mine Bitcore's Timetravel10
blake use to mine Saffroncoin (Blake256)
blakecoin use to mine Old Blake 256
blake2s use to mine Nevacoin (Blake2-S 256)
bmw use to mine Midnight
cryptolight use to mine AEON cryptonight (MEM/2)
cryptonight use to mine XMR cryptonight
c11/flax use to mine Chaincoin and Flax
decred use to mine Decred 180 bytes Blake256-14
deep use to mine Deepcoin
dmd-gr use to mine Diamond-Groestl
equihash use to mine ZEC, HUSH and KMD
fresh use to mine Freshcoin
fugue256 use to mine Fuguecoin
groestl use to mine Groestlcoin
heavy use to mine Heavycoin
hsr use to mine Hshare
jackpot use to mine Sweepcoin
keccak use to mine Maxcoin
lbry use to mine LBRY Credits
luffa use to mine Joincoin
lyra2 use to mine CryptoCoin
lyra2v2 use to mine Vertcoin
lyra2z use to mine Zerocoin (XZC)
mjollnir use to mine Mjollnircoin
myr-gr use to mine Myriad-Groest
neoscrypt use to mine FeatherCoin
nist5 use to mine TalkCoin
penta use to mine Joincoin / Pentablake
phi use to mine LUXCoin
quark use to mine Quarkcoin
qubit use to mine Qubit
scrypt use to mine Scrypt coins
scrypt:N use to mine Scrypt-N (:10 for 2048
scrypt-jane use to mine Chacha coins like Cache and
s3 use to mine 1coin (ONE)
sha256t use to mine OneCoin (OC)
sia use to mine SIA
sib use to mine Sibcoin
skein use to mine Skeincoin
skein2 use to mine Woodcoin
skunk use to mine Signatum
timetravel use to mine MachineCoin
tribus use to mine Denarius
x11evo use to mine Revolver
x11 use to mine DarkCoin
x14 use to mine X14Coin
x15 use to mine Halcyon
x17 use to mine X17
x17 use to mine X17
vanilla use to mine Vanilla (Blake256)
veltor use to mine VeltorCoin
whirlpool use to mine Joincoin
wildkeccak use to mine Boolberry (Stratum only)
zr5 use to mine ZiftrCoin

-d, --devices gives a comma separated list of CUDA device IDs

to operate on. Device IDs start counting from 0!
Alternatively give string names of your card like
gtx780ti or gt640#2 (matching 2nd gt640 in the PC).

-i, --intensity=N[,N] GPU threads per call 8-25 (2^N + F, default: 0=auto)
Decimals and multiple values are allowed for fine tuning
--cuda-schedule Set device threads scheduling mode (default: auto)
-f, --diff-factor Divide difficulty by this factor (default 1.0)
-m, --diff-multiplier Multiply difficulty by this value (default 1.0)
--vote=VOTE block reward vote (for HeavyCoin)
--trust-pool trust the max block reward vote (maxvote) sent by the pool
-o, --url=URL URL of mining server
-O, --userpass=U:P username:password pair for mining server
-u, --user=USERNAME username for mining server
-p, --pass=PASSWORD password for mining server
--cert=FILE certificate for mining server using SSL
-x, --proxy=[PROTOCOL://]HOST[:PORT] connect through a proxy
-t, --threads=N number of miner threads (default: number of nVidia GPUs in
your system)
-r, --retries=N number of times to retry if a network call fails
(default: retry indefinitely)
-R, --retry-pause=N time to pause between retries, in seconds (default: 15)
--shares-limit maximum shares to mine before exiting the program.
--time-limit maximum time [s] to mine before exiting the program.
-T, --timeout=N network timeout, in seconds (default: 300)
-s, --scantime=N upper bound on time spent scanning current work when
long polling is unavailable, in seconds (default: 5)
--submit-stale ignore stale job checks, may create more rejected shares
-n, --ndevs list cuda devices
-N, --statsavg number of samples used to display hashrate (default: 30)
--no-gbt disable getblocktemplate support (height check in solo)
--no-longpoll disable X-Long-Polling support
--no-stratum disable X-Stratum support
-q, --quiet disable per-thread hashmeter output
--no-color disable colored output
-D, --debug enable debug output
-P, --protocol-dump verbose dump of protocol-level activities
-b, --api-bind=port IP:port for the miner API (default:, 0
--api-remote Allow remote control, like pool switching, imply --api-
--api-allow=... IP/mask of the allowed api client(s), 0/0 for all
--max-temp=N Only mine if gpu temp is less than specified value
--max-rate=N[KMG] Only mine if net hashrate is less than specified value
--max-diff=N Only mine if net difficulty is less than specified value
--max-log-rate Interval to reduce per gpu hashrate logs (default: 3)
--pstate=0 will force the Geforce 9xx to run in P0 P-State
--plimit=150W set the gpu power limit, allow multiple values for N cards
on windows this parameter use percentages (like OC tools)
--tlimit=85 Set the gpu thermal limit (windows only)
--keep-clocks prevent reset clocks and/or power limit on exit
--hide-diff Hide submitted shares diff and net difficulty
-B, --background run the miner in the background
--benchmark run in offline benchmark mode
--cputest debug hashes from cpu algorithms
--cpu-affinity set process affinity to specific cpu core(s) mask
--cpu-priority set process priority (default: 0 idle, 2 normal to 5
-c, --config=FILE load a JSON-format configuration file
can be from an url with the http:// prefix
-V, --version display version information and exit
-h, --help display this help text and exit

Scrypt specific options:

-l, --launch-config gives the launch configuration for each kernel
in a comma separated list, one per device.
--interactive comma separated list of flags (0/1) specifying
which of the CUDA device you need to run at inter-
active frame rates (because it drives a display).
-L, --lookup-gap Divides the per-hash memory requirement by this factor
by storing only every N'th value in the scratchpad.
Default is 1.
--texture-cache comma separated list of flags (0/1/2) specifying
which of the CUDA devices shall use the texture
cache for mining. Kepler devices may profit.
--no-autotune disable auto-tuning of kernel launch parameters

CryptoNight specific options:

-l, --launch-config gives the launch configuration for each kernel
in a comma separated list, one per device.
--bfactor=[0-12] Run Cryptonight core kernel in smaller pieces,
From 0 (ui freeze) to 12 (smooth), win default is 11
This is a per-device setting like the launch config.

Wildkeccak specific:
-l, --launch-config gives the launch configuration for each kernel
in a comma separated list, one per device.
-k, --scratchpad url Url used to download the scratchpad cache.

>>> Examples <<<

Example for Heavycoin Mining on with a single gpu in your system
ccminer -t 1 -a heavy -o stratum+tcp:// -u
<<username.worker>> -p <<workerpassword>> -v 8

Example for Heavycoin Mining on with a dual gpu in your system
ccminer -t 2 -a heavy -o stratum+tcp:// -u <<WALLET>> -p x
-v 8

Example for Fuguecoin solo-mining with 4 gpu's in your system and a Fuguecoin-
wallet running on localhost
ccminer -q -s 1 -t 4 -a fugue256 -o http://localhost:9089/ -u <<myusername>> -p

Example for Fuguecoin pool mining on with all your GPUs
ccminer -q -a fugue256 -o stratum+tcp:// -u

Example for Groestlcoin solo mining

ccminer -q -s 1 -a groestl -o -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD

Example for Boolberry

ccminer -a wildkeccak -o stratum+tcp:// -u tpruvot.donate
-p x -k -l 64x360

Example for Scrypt-N (2048) on Nicehash

ccminer -a scrypt:10 -o stratum+tcp:// -u
3EujYFcoBzWvpUEvbe3obEG95mBuU88QBD -p x

For solo-mining you typically use -o where xxxx represents

the rpcport number specified in your wallet's .conf file and you have to pass the
same username
and password with -O (or -u -p) as specified in the wallet config.

The wallet must also be started with the -server option and/or with the server=1
flag in the .conf file

>>> Configuration files <<<

With the -c parameter you can use a json config file to set your prefered settings.
An example is present in source tree, and is also the default one when no command
line parameters are given.
This allow you to run the miner without batch/script.

>>> API and Monitoring <<<

With the -b parameter you can open your ccminer to your network, use -b if required.
On windows, setting will ask firewall permissions on the first launch. Its

Default API feature is only enabled for localhost queries by default, on port 4068.

You can test this api on linux with "telnet <miner-ip> 4068" and type "help" to
list the commands.
Default api format is delimited text. If required a php json wrapper is present in
api/ folder.

I plan to add a json format later, if requests are formatted in json too..

>>> Additional Notes <<<

This code should be running on nVidia GPUs ranging from compute capability
3.0 up to compute capability 5.2. Support for Compute 2.0 has been dropped
so we can more efficiently implement new algorithms using the latest hardware


Oct. 09th 2017 v2.2.2
Import and clean the hsr algo (x13 + custom hash)
Import and optimise phi algo from LuxCoin repository
Improve sib algo too for maxwell and pascal cards
Small fix to handle more than 9 cards on linux (-d 10+)
Attempt to free equihash memory "properly"
--submit-stale parameter for supernova pool (which change diff
too fast)

Sep. 01st 2017 v2.2.1

Improve tribus algo on recent cards (up to +10%)

Aug. 13th 2017 v2.2

New skunk algo, using the heavy streebog algorithm
Enhance tribus algo (+10%)
equihash protocol enhancement on and

June 16th 2017 v2.1-tribus

Interface equihash algo with djeZo solver (from nheqminer 0.5c)
New api parameters (and multicast announces for local networks)
New tribus algo

May. 14th 2017 v2.0

Handle cryptonight, wildkeccak and cryptonight-lite
Add a serie of new algos: timetravel, bastion, hmq1725, sha256t
Import lyra2z from djm34 work...
Rework the common skein512 (used in most algos except skein ;)
Upgrade whirlpool algo with alexis version (2x faster)
Store the share diff of second nonce(s) in most algos
Hardware monitoring thread to get more accurate power readings
Small changes for the quiet mode & max-log-rate to reduce logs
Add bitcore and a compatible jha algo

Dec. 21th 2016 v1.8.4

Improve streebog based algos, veltor and sib (from alexis work)
Blake2s greetly improved (3x), thanks to alexis too...

Sep. 28th 2016 v1.8.3

show intensity on startup for each cards
show-diff is now used by default, use --hide-diff if not wanted

Sep. 22th 2016 v1.8.2

lbry improvements by Alexis Provos
Prevent Windows hibernate while mining
veltor algo (basic implementation)

Aug. 10th 2016 v1.8.1

SIA Blake2-B Algo (getwork over stratum for Suprnova)
SIA Nanopool RPC (getwork over http)
Update also the older lyra2 with Nanashi version

July 20th 2016 v1.8.0

Pascal support with cuda 8
lbry new multi sha / ripemd algo (LBC)
x11evo algo (XRE)
Lyra2v2, Neoscrypt and Decred improvements
Enhance windows NVAPI clock and power limits
Led support for mining/shares activity on windows

May 18th 2016 v1.7.6

Decred vote support
X17 cleanup and improvement
Add stratum method and handle unknown methods
Implement a pool stats/benchmark mode (-p stats on yiimp)
Add --shares-limit parameter, can be used for benchmarks

Mar. 13th 2016 v1.7.5

Blake2S Algo (NEVA/OXEN)

Feb. 28th 2016 v1.7.4 (1.7.3 was a preview, not official)

Decred simplified stratum (getwork over stratum)
Vanilla kernel by MrMad
Drop/Disable WhirlpoolX

Feb. 11th 2016 v1.7.2

Decred Algo (longpoll only)
Blake256 improvements/cleanup

Jan. 26th 2016 v1.7.1

Implement sib algo (X11 + Russian Streebog-512/GOST)
Whirlpool speed x2 with the midstate precompute
Small bug fixes about device ids mapping (and vendor names)
Add Vanilla algo (Blake256 8-rounds - double sha256)

Nov. 06th 2015 v1.7

Improve old devices compatibility (x11, lyra2v2, quark, qubit...)
Add windows support for SM 2.1 and drop SM 3.5 (x86)
Improve lyra2 (v1/v2) cuda implementations
Improve most common algos on SM5+ with sp blake kernel
Restore whirlpool algo (and whirlcoin variant)
Prepare algo/pool switch ability, trivial method
Add --benchmark alone to run a benchmark for all algos
Add --cuda-schedule parameter
Add --show-diff parameter, which display shares diff,
and is able to detect real solved blocks on pools.

Aug. 28th 2015 v1.6.6

Allow to load remote config with curl (-c http://...)
Add Lyra2REv2 algo (Vertcoin/Zoom)
Restore WhirlpoolX algo (VNL)
Drop Animecoin support
Add bmw (Midnight) algo

July 06th 2015 v1.6.5-C11

Nvml api power limits
Add chaincoin c11 algo (used by Flaxscript too)
Remove pluck algo

June 23th 2015 v1.6.5

Handle Ziftrcoin PoK solo mining
Basic compatibility with CUDA 7.0 (generally slower hashrate)
Show gpus vendor names on linux (windows test branch is pciutils)
Remove -v and -m short params specific to heavycoin
Add --diff-multiplier (-m) and rename --diff to --diff-factor (-
First steps to handle nvml application clocks and P0 on the
Various improvements on multipool and cmdline parameters
Optimize a bit qubit, deep, luffa, x11 and quark algos

May 26th 2015 v1.6.4

Implement multi-pool support (failover and time rotate)
try "ccminer -c pools.conf" to test the sample config
Update the API to allow remote pool switching and pool stats
Auto bind the api port to the first available when using default
Try to compute network difficulty on pools too (for most algos)
Drop Whirlpool and whirpoolx algos, no more used...

May 15th 2015 v1.6.3

Import and adapt Neoscrypt from djm34 work (SM 5+ only)
Conditional mining options based on gpu temp, network diff and
background option implementation for windows too
"Multithreaded" devices (-d 0,0) intensity and stats changes
SM5+ Optimisation of skein based on sp/klaus method (+20%)

Apr. 21th 2015 v1.6.2

Import Scrypt, Scrypt:N and Scrypt-jane from Cudaminer
Add the --time-limit command line parameter

Apr. 14th 2015 v1.6.1

Add the Double Skein Algo for Woodcoin
Skein/Skein2 SM 3.0 devices support

Mar. 27th 2015 v1.6.0

Add the ZR5 Algo for Ziftcoin
Implement Skeincoin algo (skein + sha)
Import pluck (djm34) and whirlpoolx (alexis78) algos
Hashrate units based on hashing rate values (Hs/kHs/MHs/GHs)
Default config file (also help to debug without command line)
Various small fixes

Feb. 11th 2015 v1.5.3

Fix anime algo
Allow a default config file in user or ccminer folder
SM 2.1 windows binary (lyra2 and blake/blakecoin for the moment)

Jan. 24th 2015 v1.5.2

Allow per device intensity, example: -i 20,19.5
Add process CPU priority and affinity mask parameters
Intelligent duplicate shares check feature (enabled if needed)
api: Fan RPM (windows), Cuda threads count, linux kernel ver.
More X11 optimisations from sp and KlausT
SM 3.0 enhancements

Dec. 16th 2014 v1.5.1

Add lyra2RE algo for Vertcoin based on djm34/vtc code
Multiple shares support (2 for the moment)
X11 optimisations (From klaust and sp-hash)
HTML5 WebSocket api compatibility (see api/websocket.htm)
Solo mode height checks with getblocktemplate rpc calls

Nov. 27th 2014 v1.5.0

Upgrade compat jansson to 2.6 (for windows)
Add pool mining.set_extranonce support
Allow intermediate intensity with decimals
Update prebuilt x86 openssl lib to 1.0.1i
Fix heavy algo on linux (broken since 1.4)
Some internal changes to use the C++ compiler
New API 1.2 with some new commands (read only)
Add some of sp x11/x15 optimisations (and tsiv x13)

Nov. 15th 2014 v1.4.9

Support of nvml and nvapi(windows) to monitor gpus
Fix (again) displayed hashrate for multi gpus systems
Average is now made by card (30 scans of the card)
Final API v1.1 (new fields + histo command)
Add support of telnet queries "telnet 4068"
add histo api command to get performance debug details
Add a rig sample php ui using json wrapper (php)
Restore quark/jackpot previous speed (differently)

Nov. 12th 2014 v1.4.8

Add a basic API and a sample php json wrapper
Add statsavg (def 20) and api-bind parameters

Nov. 11th 2014 v1.4.7

Average hashrate (based on the 20 last scans)
Rewrite blake algo
Add the -i (gpu threads/intensity parameter)
Add some X11 optimisations based on sp_ commits
Fix quark reported hashrate and benchmark mode for some algos
Enhance json config file param (int/float/false) (-c config.json)
Update windows prebuilt curl to 7.38.0

Oct. 26th 2014 v1.4.6

Add S3 algo reusing existing code (onecoin)
Small X11 (simd512) enhancement

Oct. 20th 2014 v1.4.5

Add keccak algo from djm34 repo (maxcoin)
Curl 7.35 and OpenSSL are now included in the binary (and win
Enhance windows terminal support (--help was broken)

Sep. 27th 2014 v1.4.4

First SM 5.2 Release (GTX 970 & 980)
CUDA Runtime included in binary
Colors enabled by default

Sep. 10th 2014 v1.4.3

Add algos from djm34 repo (deep, doom, qubit)
Goalcoin seems to be dead, not imported.
Create also the pentablake algo (5x Blake 512)

Sept 6th 2014 Almost twice the speed on blake256 algos with the "midstate"

Sep. 1st 2014 add X17, optimized x15 and whirl

add blake (256 variant)
color support on Windows,
remove some dll dependencies (pthreads, msvcp)

Aug. 18th 2014 add X14, X15, Whirl, and Fresh algos,
also add colors and nvprof cmd line support

June 15th 2014 add X13 and Diamond Groestl support.

Thanks to tsiv and to Bombadil for the contributions!

June 14th 2014 released Killer Groestl quad version which I deem
sufficiently hard to port over to AMD. It isn't
the fastest option for Compute 3.5 and 5.0 cards,
but it is still much faster than the table based

May 10th 2014 added X11, but without the bells & whistles
(no killer Groestl, SIMD hash quite slow still)

May 6th 2014 this adds the quark and animecoin algorithms.

May 3rd 2014 add the MjollnirCoin hash algorithm for the upcomin
MjollnirCoin relaunch.

Add the -f (--diff) option to adjust the difficulty

e.g. for the erebor Dwarfpool myr-gr SaffronCoin pool.
Use -f 256 there.

May 1st 2014 adapt the Jackpot algorithms to changes made by the
coin developers. We keep our unique nVidia advantage
because we have a way to break up the divergence.
NOTE: Jackpot Hash now requires Compute 3.0 or later.

April, 27 2014 this release adds Myriad-Groestl and Jackpot Coin.

we apply an optimization to Jackpot that turns this
into a Keccak-only CUDA coin ;) Jackpot is tested with
solo--mining only at the moment.

March, 27 2014 Heavycoin exchange rates soar, and as a result this coin
gets some love: We greatly optimized the Hefty1 kernel
for speed. Expect some hefty gains, especially on 750Ti's!

By popular demand, we added the -d option as known from


different compute capability builds are now provided until

we figure out how to pack everything into a single executable
in a Windows build.

March, 24 2014 fixed Groestl pool support

went back to Compute 1.x for kernel by

default after numerous reports of ccminer v0.2/v0.3
not working with HeavyCoin for some people.

March, 23 2014 added Groestlcoin support. stratum status unknown

(the only pool is currently down for fixing issues)

March, 21 2014 use of shared memory in Fugue256 kernel boosts hash rates
on Fermi and Maxwell devices. Kepler may suffer slightly

Fixed Stratum for Fuguecoin. Tested on dwarfpool.

March, 18 2014 initial release.

>>> AUTHORS <<<

Notable contributors to this application are:

Christian Buchner, Christian H. (Germany): Initial CUDA implementation

djm34, tsiv, sp and klausT for cuda algos implementation and optimisation

Tanguy Pruvot : 750Ti tuning, blake, colors, zr5, skein, general code cleanup
API monitoring, linux Config/Makefile and vstudio libs...

and also many thanks to anyone else who contributed to the original
cpuminer application (Jeff Garzik, pooler), it's original HVC-fork
and the HVC-fork available at

Source code is included to satisfy GNU GPL V3 requirements.

With kind regards,

Christian Buchner ( )

Christian H. ( Chris84 )
Tanguy Pruvot ( tpruvot@github )