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______________________________________ Global Warming Web Quest

Category 4 3 2 1
Research on topic Planning sheets are Planning sheets are Planning sheets are Planning sheets do not
Accurate information on the completed accurately, complete and generally incomplete or do not exist or are not based on
planning sheets, containing at At least 4 subtopics on factually correct. At indicate researched research. The number of
least 4 explanations on assigned assigned task are least 4 subtopics are facts. topics is less than 4 and
task which are explained through explained through given with some details The number of topics is only identifies the topic
details WWWWH details. provided to supply less than four and/or with no background.
background information. identifies the topic with
no background.
Use of StoryBird and organization Planning cards were well Planning cards were There was an attempt to Ownership for the
of book -prepared and used to used to sequence the remain organized by organization of the topic
Planning cards were used to sequence the book. book. Photos minimally using the planning assigned was not taken
sequence the book. Photos Photos linked well to the supported the text. sheets but the sheets so the organized
supported the text. Work was text. Group was Group collaborated, were incomplete or planning cards did not
completed on time and time was collaborative and supporting teammates incorrect. Photos were occur. Group practice
allocated for practice of practiced for the and practiced the included but ineffective. was hindered by a lack of
presentation. Collaboration seen presentation. presentation. Group had some collaboration.
Mechanics/Spelling/Grammar Book reflects the use of Book has few errors in Book has some errors in Book contains many
correct grammar, the use of correct the use of correct errors in grammar,
Writing clearly uses the correct punctuation and spelling. grammar, punctuation grammar, punctuation spelling, and/or
spelling, grammar and Writing is easy to and/or spelling. Writing and/or spelling. Writing punctuation, making the
punctuation. understand. is easy to understand. does not flow and is a book is difficult to
struggle to understand. understand.
Presentation: Presentation was Team was practiced and Most of the members Some of the members Group presented as
able to be understood, with ready to present were practiced and were practiced and individuals not a team.
volume and eye contact. Practice knowing order and ready to present. Team- ready to present. The More practice was
was apparent. content. Speaking skills member spoke clearly presentation was choppy needed to present fluidly
(Scored based on group work) were strong. with eye contact. but informative. Some of and using eye contact
Information accurate. The presentation was the presenters spoke and volume.
Rubric Score: fluid and informative. clearly with eye contact.

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