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SLIM Technologies: Optimization

Modeling for Fact-Based Supply
Chain Management
SLIM Technologies, LLC is an emerging technol-

S LIM Technologies, LLC, provides soft-

ware and consulting services to assist
companies with strategic and tactical sup-
As Enterprise Resource Planning and
e-commerce changes business landscapes
faster than ever, strategic decisions and
ogy company providing modeling software and
services that support strategic and tactical sup-
ply chain planning.
ply chain planning. Our proprietary model- directions need to be continuously ana-
ing system, SLIM/2000, has been success- lyzed and refined. SLIM/2000 is right for SLIM Technologies, LLC
fully applied in more than 30 companies in this challenge, with its comprehensive data 226 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02116
a range of industries including chemical set-up utilities, its multi-scenario modeling
Phone 877.856.5370
and food processing, retailing, paper and capability and its analytical engine capable
forest products, and industrial packaging. of rapidly solving enterprise-scale models
Jeremy F. Shapiro
Our clients use SLIM/2000 as a tool to through proprietary optimization methods. CEO
support fact-based supply chain manage- These features not only make SLIM/2000
ment. The issues they address and types of easy to use and quick to implement, but Steve Wagner
Director of Consulting Services
supply chain networks they analyze most they facilitate rapid responses to changes
often are: in the firms strategic environment. Such Vijay Singhal
Director of Product Development
agility increases the firms opportunities to
Typical Applications: capture value. Kevin Jacobs
Post-merger analysis Director of Marketing
Site location and sizing SLIM Technologies, LLC
Distribution network design Our mission is to implement effective sup- Business Contact
Seasonal strategies Dan Sobbott
ply chain modeling software and to provide
Director of Business Development
Global sourcing consulting services that rapidly and com- Email
Investment planning for new facilities pletely transfer our modeling technology to Fax 617.267.1313
and technologies our clients. Technology transfer is often
achieved by an initial study of supply chain
White Paper Available
Supply Chain Network Characteristics: problems faced by the client, as illustrated A white paper by Slim Technologies Jeremy F.
Direct and indirect facility costs in the graphic. In the vast majority of Shapiro, Beyond Supply Chain Optimization
Capacity constraints cases, company managers and analysts can to Enterprise Optimization, can be read in its
Multiple channels entirety at
continue using SLIM/2000 to evaluate the
Multi-stage manufacturing processes companys planning problems with no
In brief, Shapiro examines extensions of optimiza-
Large-scale distribution networks more than routine maintenance and sup- tion models for supply chain planning to models
Single or multiple period planning port by SLIM Technologies. that capture the interplay among supply chain,
SLIM Technologies also offers unique marketing, and corporate financial decisions.
SLIM/2000 continuity to license sales and software
The SLIM/2000 system is unmatched in implementation, as our business consult-
its modeling depth and in the broad range ants perform both pre-sale and post-sale
of supply chain issues that it can analyze. duties. This seamless approach speeds the SLIM Technologies Clients
Its rich modeling and data management implementation process, streamlines com- Our clients include Alcoa, Best Foods,
capabilities facilitate the construction of munication, and enhances our ability to Canadian Tire Corporation, Carleton United
realistic, detailed models that produce meet client expectations. The end result is Breweries, Temple-Inland Forest Products,
truer, more complete solutions. As a result, a consistent record of short-term payback as well as other companies in the U.S.,
these solutions are readily implemented, on clients investment. Canada, and Australia.
and moving rapidly from planning to exe-
cution may be a key competitive advantage
for companies.