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+------------------------+ | September 2008 Edition | +------------------------+


1. Underpinning Transformational Government Conference -

Everything Happens Somewhere


2008 Exemplar Awards


CORE Cleaning


Public Sector Information Unlocking Service


AGI Response to the European PSI Directive Consultation


Land Data to Quiz Local Authorities


Show Us A Better Way Competition to Close


London Crime Maps Officially Launched


IA Recruits New KPI Manager



Exemplar Awards


VOA Matching


LLPG Data Entry Conventions


FTP Password Change


NLPG NSG Comparison Reports



NSG Submissions


New Documentation


Exemplar Awards


Regional Meetings


[General] **1. Underpinning Transformational Government Conference - Everything Happens Somewhere** The annual NLPG NSG conference is THE place to be on October 16th, with over 230 delegates registered already, the day promises to be a lively event with local government professionals listening and participating with key speakers such as Glynn Evans, Assistant to the Chief Executive on Business Transformation, Birmingham City Council, John Hayes, Director at IDeA and Jos Creese, Head of IT, Hampshire County Council.

See [1]here for the full agenda for the day.

As well as

presentations, there will be plenty of opportunities to mix with the suppliers who are exhibiting at the event and participate in the social sessions. See [2] for details.

[1] [2]

**2. 2008 Exemplar Awards** With 48 submissions, we have had a record breaking number of entries for this year's NLPG NSG Exemplar Awards. The Awards will be presented at the Underpinning Transformational Government conference. If you have entered, make sure you [1]register to attend, you might be a winner!



**3. CORE Cleaning** Work by the IA Special Projects Team on allocating UPRNs to Electoral Registration data continues. As at September 25th a total of 58 authorities are working with IA with 52 in receipt of their match reports. Some 4.5m records have been processed with an average match to the NLPG of 96.7%.

**4. Public Sector Information Unlocking Service** OPSI is beta testing a new [1]PSI Unlocking Service for people who encounter difficulty getting the information they need in the formats they want. Such difficulties can include issues with charging, licensing or the data standards that public sector information is provided in.

These issues are not about access, but all the other pitfalls which can occur when you want to do something with public sector information - copy it, remix it with other data or add value and republish it.

"If you are trying to re-use some public sector information, but the data you need is locked-up, this service is for you," says OPSI.


**5. AGI Response to the European PSI Directive Consultation** The AGI has published its response to a number of questions posed by the European Commission, Information Society and Media DG, Access to Information Unit, for the purposes of a review of the Directive on re-use of Public Sector Information.

See [1]AGI for a copy of the response.


**6. Land Data to Quiz Local Authorities** [1]Land Data cic, has been commissioned by Communities and Local Government (CLG) to conduct a survey of all Local Authority Local Land Charges Departments across England and Wales, to establish their "state of readiness" with regard to Government's access guidelines issued in January this year. The guidelines seek to deliver open access to local authority held property information.

Land Data's survey will cover the five or six departments where the relevant data is held within each of the 410 Local Authorities. The survey will identify current access procedures, any access constraints, the current data format (electronic or paper) and any planned moves to electronic delivery.

The work is being undertaken over a four month period. The completed work will highlight those Local Authorities already able to work within the guidelines and those in the process of creating new access routes. This work will inform CLG's ongoing reforms of the property searches market.


**7. Show Us A Better Way Competition to Close** The [1]Show Us a Better Way competition closes on September 30th, and judging will begin - there are already hundreds of entries with innovative ways to use government-collected datasets, demonstrating the value that can be generated from them.

The Guardian's [2] is looking for any ideas for how the competition could use crowd sourcing (or voting) to pass on to the judging

panel, to make their life easier.

[1] [2]

**8. London Crime Maps Officially Launched** A new website enabling Londoners to get crime figures for their neighbourhood was launched at the beginning of September by Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Paul Stephenson.

The new 'crime mapping' website means that, for the first time, Londoners will be able to get information about crime levels in their neighbourhoods and access local crime prevention and safety advice.

The [1]website provides a set of interactive maps, showing numbers and rates of crime, and links to other sites including Safer Neighbourhoods Team web pages. The site also compares the crime levels in local neighbourhoods to the London average.

The new site went live on September 3rd after a brief trial and testing period in August where feedback from the public informed the consultation process. Further crime categories will be added in a phased approach.


**9. IA Recruits New KPI Manager** Intelligent Addressing has appointed Darren Chapman to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and produce the Business Analysis reports for the MSA contract. Darren was previously working at RB Kensington and Chelsea where he was the Contract Monitoring Officer (Parking Operations).

He has a degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies, has been a hotel manager and worked for City of Westminster before moving to RBK&C.

[NLPG] **1. Exemplar Awards** Thank you to all of you that submitted an entry for the NLPG

Exemplar Awards, they have made for good reading and show how Local Land and Property Gazetteers are making differences in the delivery of services to citizens and are making demonstrable efficiencies internally. We look forward to seeing many of you at the Exemplar Awards on October 16th. There is still time to [1]register if you haven’t already done so.



**2. VOA Matching** IA has received the latest full extract from the VOA and the unmatched records,

using this new supply will be sent to Authorities at the beginning of October. There are an additional 138,000 new records in the supply and this takes into account

the "historic" records which have been removed.

The overall

match rate has increased but the percentage match has reduced due to changes of UARNs supplied.

This is to be expected. However, to overcome new mismatches in the future IA would advise authorities to ensure that all new addresses being sent by district valuers to the VOA should have UPRNs attached (as shown in the model sent to authorities recently.)

**3. LLPG Data Entry Conventions** The Data Entry Conventions Working Group is nearing the end of its review of the current 'LLPG and SN&N Data Entry Conventions and Best Practice for the NLPG' document.

A major part of the group's work has been the review of the BLPU Classifications Scheme; these have been revised taking on board the comments of the Regional Chairs. The updated Classifications will be made available via the NLPG website as soon as they have been signed off.

All aspects of the current document have been reviewed and where necessary revised. The group has only one meeting remaining and aims to complete the work by mid October

for consultation.

**4. FTP Password Change** As a requirement of the MSA, FTP passwords were changed on September 12th. If you are experiencing problems accessing the FTP site to download your latest health check or VOA report then you should also check whether you are using the correct password.

Alternatively if you have submitted COU files since this date, but have not yet received a 'received' confirmation email from the hub then again, please do check that you are using the correct password.

If you would like to check this please send an email to the


or call us on 020 7747 3502.


**5. NLPG NSG Comparison Reports** A Comparison Report is now available that details differences between street records in the NLPG and the NSG.

Checks include the following:

NSG street record does not match NLPG hub record on coordinates NSG street record does not match NLPG record on street name NLPG street records that do not exist in the NSG NSG street records that do not exist in the NLPG Different USRN with same street, locality, town, and authority code USRNs which are closed in the NLPG and live in the NSG USRNs which are closed in the NSG and live in the NLPG

These reports are available upon request. Please contact


for more information or call us on 020 7747 3502.


[NSG] **1. NSG Submissions** Thank you to all of you that managed to make a successful submission for the September publication of the NSG. In total there were 109 successful submissions, and we have

already hit that target for the October publication. For those of you that have not submitted for a while and not informed us of a reason, you will be contacted by Baz Lokat over the next couple of weeks. He will be happy to advise on any LSG related issues you are facing.

**2. New Documentation** New Documentation will be made available in the Resources section of the [1]The NSG from October 1st. This will include a new revised 'Compliance Check Specification' document in line with the changes to EToN 5.0; a new improved 'How to upload and Validate Files' document and a new 'Health Check' document. Please take time to have a look through the documentation, it will help!


**3. Exemplar Awards** A "thank you" to all of you that submitted an entry for the NSG Exemplar Awards, they have made for good reading and show how Local Street Gazetteers are making differences in the delivery of services to citizens and are making demonstrable efficiencies internally. We look forward to seeing many of you at the Exemplar Awards on the October 16th. There is still time to register if you haven’t already done so and there is a link on the homepage of the [1]The NSG


**4. Regional Meetings** In conjunction with the Regional Chairs, all but 2 regional meetings have been organised in November. Dates, Venues and times will be sent through to you from your Regional Chair. If you are a West Midlands Authority and would like to benefit from the information supplied in the Regional Meetings, please call, Baz Lokat, the NSG Coordinator on 020 7747 3500 or email [1]Baz Lokat.