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SAP Live access

Prepared By : Ravindranath P Reddy, SAP Learning consultant, India

Date : 10th April 2017

Stage 1: Finding your Live Access Coupon Code.

1. Login to the Learning Hub

b. User id :
c. Password :
d. If you do not have an access to SAP learning hub, please raise an access request in

2. Press Learning Room under the menu Home in Top left side menu

3. Select IBM Learning Room under Groups Dropdown list

4. Select Live access Tab as shown in below diagram

5. Select the Live access code

6. Live access code will be valid for 20 Hours of Login time in 30 days Period.

Stage 2: Redeem the Live access code

1. Redeem your access activation code by using an S User id. (You can find the help document how
you can redeem the Live access code) just below the access code)
2. Select the course by using the Access code.
3. Login with User Id as your IBM Intranet ID and Password. If this is the first time you are login,
Register the user id with the required details
4. Click on Redeem access code
5. Enter the Access code (FD7C316DDBB2FF21C636) and press REDEEM
6. Enter the details in Popup menu and save
7. A confirmation window show up with message that your activation code has verified. To
proceed with enrollment, please log on with SAP User account.
8. Check the Terms and conditions check box and Submit
9. Activation code redemption confirmation note displayed in next screen with an Order number

Stage 3: Deploy your live access System

1. Open SAP Live access portal ( and login with LH Access User id and
2. Find the course ID you are intended for server access in the search box
3. Press Deploy Course under the Actions column of selected training. Note that I you see Buy
New Contingent under Actions column, your access code was not redeemed. Wait for some
time till this will changed to Deploy Course.
4. Confirm the Selected CONTINGENT in Pop up screen to complete the Deployment.
5. Follow the System set up guide before accessing the SAP Training system.
6. Set up guide lines including the user id and password to access SAP Training system to your IBM
Mail address in few hours.
7. You will get 2 email confirmation after 1 system Created, then log in to
8. Click it on RESUME.. it will take some to resume the system
9. Word document will open with specific user id and password

Happy Learning.