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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

1 Acronyms of SAE

Abbreviations English Definition

3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project

AAA Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
ADMF Administration Function
AF Assured Forwarding
APN Access Point Name
ATCA Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode

BFD Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
BM-SC Broadcast Multicast Service Centre
BSC Base Station Controller

CC Content of Communication

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

Abbreviations English Definition

CDMA Code Division Multiple Access

CG Charging Gateway
CHR Call History Record
CMM Capability Maturity Model
CN Core Network
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
CPCI Compact Peripheral Component Interconnect
CPU Center Processing Unit

DF Delivery Function
DF2 Delivery Function 2
DF3 Delivery Function 3
DiffServ Differential Services
DL Down link
DNS Domain Name Service
DOPRA Distributed Object-Oriented Programmable Real-Time

DPI Deep Packet Inspection

DSCP Differentiated Services Code Point
DSP Destination Signaling Point

ECM EPS Connection Management
ECU Enhanced Control Plane Unit
EDGE Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution
EEC Ethernet Electric Interface PMC Card
EFC Ethernet Fiber Interface PMC Card
EIR Equipment Identification Register

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

Abbreviations English Definition

eNodeB Evolved NodeB

EPC Evolved Packet Core
EPS Evolved Packet System
EPU Enhanced Packet forward Unit
ETI E1/TI Interface
E-UTRAN Evolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network

FE Fast Ethernet
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FTPS File Transfer Protocol Security

GE Gigabit Ethernet
GERAN GSM/EDGE Radio Access Network
GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications
GTP GPRS Tunneling Protocol
GTP-C GPRS Tunneling Protocol for Control Plane
GUI Graphic User Interface

HSS Home Subscriber Server

ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

Abbreviations English Definition

IE Information Element
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IGP Interior Gateway Protocol
IKE Internet Key Exchange protocol
IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem
IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity
IP Internet Protocol
IPSec Internet Protocol Security Extensions
IRI Intercept Related Information
ISAKMP Internet Security Association and Key Management
IS-IS Intermedia System-Intermedia System
ITU-T International Telecommunication
Union-Telecommunication Standardization Sector

LEA Law enforcement agency
LMT Local Maintenance Terminal
LTE Long Term Evolution

M3UA SS7 MTP3-User Adaptation Layer
MAP Mobile Application Part
MBMS Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service
MBR Mobility Binding Record
MCC Mobile Country Code
MM Mobility Management
MME Mobility Management Entity
MML Human-Machine Language (formerly Man-Machine

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

Abbreviations English Definition

MMU Multiplication and Management Unit

MNC Mobile Network Code
MRTIE Maximum Relative Time Interval Error
MSISDN Mobile Station International ISDN Number
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTTR Mean Time To Repair

NAS Non-Access Stratum
NEBS Network Equipment Building System
NTP Network Time Protocol

OAM Operations, Administration and Maintenance
OM Operation Maintenance
OMU Operation & Maintenance Unit
OSPF Open Shortest Path First

PC Personal Computer
PCC Policy and Charging Control?
PCRF Policy and Charging Rules Function
PDN Public Data Network
PDP Packet Data Protocol
PDSN Packet Data Serving Node
PFI Packet Forward Interface
P-GW PDN Gateway
PLMN Public Land Mobile Network

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

Abbreviations English Definition

PMM Packet Mobility Management

POS Packet Over SDH

QoS Quality of Service

RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial in User Service
RIP Routing Information Protocol
RNC Radio Network Controller
RSA Revest-Shamir-Adleman Algorithm

SAE System Architecture Evolution
SCTP Simple control transmission protocol
SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDM Subrack Data Manage
SGSN Serving GPRS Support Node
S-GW Serving Gateway
SMM Subrack Maintenance Management
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
SRNS Serving Radio Network System
SS7 CCITT Signaling System No.7
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
STM-1 SDH Transport Module -1
STM-4 SDH Transport Module -4
SWU Switch Unit

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

Abbreviations English Definition

TA Terminal Adaptor
TAU Tracking Area Update
TCP Transport Control Protocol
TLS Transport Layer Security
TMI Time Master Interface
TSI Time Slave Interface

USN Unified Serving Node
UGW Unified GateWay
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UE User Equipment
UI Unit Interval
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunication Services/Universal
Mobile Telecommunications System
UP User Plane
USI Universal Service Interface
UTRAN UMTS Terrestrial radio access network

VPN Virtual Private Network

WebUI Web User Interface

RRC Radio Resource Control; Radio Resource Control

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

Abbreviations English Definition

AMC Advanced Mezzanine Card

E3G Enhanced 3G
EMM EPS Mobility Management
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute

GUMMEI Globally Unique MME Identifier
GUTI Globally Unique Temporary Identity

QCI QoS Class Identifier

S101-AP S101 Application Protocol
S1-AP S1 Application Protocol
SDF Service Data Flow

TAI Tracking Area Identity

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

2 Acronyms of Transmission

ACL Access Control List

ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

AF Assured Forwarding

AIS Alarm Indication Signal

AM Adaptive and Modulation

APS Automatic Protection Switching

ARP Address Resolution Protocol

ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode

ATM ATM Permanent Virtual Circuit


ATPC Automatic Transmit Power Control

AU Administrative Unit

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

BDI Backward Defect Indicator

BGP Border Gateway Protocol

BSC Base Station Controller

BTS Base Transceiver Station

CAR Committed Access Rate

CBR Constant Bit Rate

CBS Committed Burst Size

CC Connectivity Check

CCDP Co-Channel Dual Polarization

CCM Continuity Check Message

CE Customer Edge

CES Circuit Emulation Service

CF Compact Flash

CIR Committed Information Rate

CoS Class of Service

CR-LDP Constraint-Routing Label Distribution


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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

CSPF Constraint-based Shortest Path First

CV Connectivity Verification

DCC Data Communication Channel

DCE Data Circuit-Terminal Equipment

DCN Data Communication Network

DDF Digital Distribution Frame

DDN Digital Data Network

DS Differentiated Services

DSCP Differentiated Services Code Point

DWDM Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

E-Aggr Ethernet Aggregation

ECC Embedded Control Channel

EFM Ethernet First Mile

E-LAN Ethernet LAN

E-Line Ethernet Line

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility

EPL Ethernet Private Line

EPLAN Ethernet Private LAN

ETH-C Ethernet Continuity Check


ETH-L Ethernet Loopback


ETH-LT Ethernet Link Trace

E-Tree Ethernet Tree

ETS European Telecommunication Standards

ETSI European Telecommunications Standards


EVPL Ethernet Virtual Private Line

EVPLA Ethernet Virtual Private LAN


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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

FD Frequency Diversity

FDI Forward Defect Indicator

FEC Forwarding Equivalence Class

FEC Forward Error Correction

FFD Fast Failure Detection

FRR Fast Reroute

GCP GMPLS Control Plane

GE Gigabit Ethernet

GFP Generic Framing Procedure

GPS Global Positioning System

GR Graceful Restart

HA High Availability

HDL High-level Data Link Control


HP Higher Order Path

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

H-Qo Hierarchical Quality of Service


HSB Hot Standby

HSM Hitless Switch Mode

HSDP High Speed Downlink Packet Access


HTB High Tributary Bus

IEC International Electrotechnical Commission

IDU Indoor Unit

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IF Intermediate Frequency

IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol

IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol Snooping


IGP Interior Gateway Protocol

IMA Inverse Multiplexing over ATM

IMA Inverse Multiplexing for ATM

IP Internet Protocol

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

IS-IS Intermediate System to Intermediate System

ITU-T International Telecommunication Union -

Telecommunication Standardization Sector

N Layer 2 Virtual Private Network

L3VP Layer3 Virtual Private Network


LACP Link Aggregation Control Protocol

LAG Link aggregation group

LAN Local Area Network

LCAS Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme

LDP Label Distribution Protocol

LMP Link Management Protocol

LMSP Linear Multiplex Section Protection

LOF Loss Of Frame

LOM Loss Of Multiframe

LOP Loss Of Pointer

LOS Loss Of Signal

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

LP Lower Order Path

LPT Link State Path Through

LSA Link State Advertisement

LSDB Link-State Database

LSP Label Switched Path

LSR Label Switching Router

MA Maintenance Association

MAC Media Access Control

MCF Message Communication Function

MD Maintenance Domain

MEP Maintenance Association End Point

MEP Maintenance End Point

MIP Maintenance Intermediate Point

MLM Multi-Longitudinal Mode

ML-P Multilink Point-to-point protocol


ML-P Multi Link Point to Point Protocol


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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

MO Managed Object

MP Merge Point

MP Maintenance Point

MPLS MultiProtocol Label Switching

MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching Traffic

TE Engineering

MS Multiplex Section

MSP Multiplex Section Protection

MSTP Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol

MTU Maximum Transmission Unit

P Next-Hop

NNH Next-Next-Hop

NNI Network to Network Interface

NSAP Network Service Access Point

NSAP network service access point.

NSF Non-Stop Forwarding

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

NSMI Network Serial Multiplexed Interface

OAM Operation, Administration and Maintenance

ODF Optical Distribution Frame

ODU Outdoor Unit

OSP OptiX Software Platform

OSPF Open Shortest Path First

PBS Peak Burst Size

PCB Printed Circuit Board

PDH Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy

PDU Power Distribution Unit

PDU Protocol Data Unit

PE Provider Edge

PHP Penultimate Hop Popping

PIR Peak Information Rate

PLR Point of Local Repair

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

POS Packet over SDH/SONET

PPP Point-to-Point Protocol

PPVP Provider Provisioned VPN


PRC Primary Reference Clock

PSN Packet Switched Network

PTN Packet Transport Network

PW Pseudo Wire

PWE3 Pseudo Wire Emulation Edge to Edge

QoS Quality of Service

QPSK Quadrature Phase Shift Keying

RDI Remote Defect Indication

REI Remote Error Indication

RIP Routing Information Protocol

RMON Remote Network Monitoring

RNC Radio Network Controller

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

RSTP Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

RSVP Resource Reservation Protocol

RTN Radio Transmission Node

SD Signal Degrade

SD Space Diversity

SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

SDP Serious Disturbance Period

SEMF Synchronous Equipment Management Function

SES Severely Errored Second

SF Signal Fail

SHDS Single-line High Speed Digital Subscriber Line


SLA Service Level Agreement

SLM Single-Longitudinal Mode

SLM Single- Longitudinal Mode

STP Spanning Tree Protocol

SVC Static Virtual Circuit

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

P Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TDM Time Division Multiplexing

TDM Time Division Multiplex

TE Traffic Engineering

TEDB Traffic Engineering Database

TIM Trace Identifier Mismatch

TPS Tributary Protection Switching

TTL Time to Live

UAS Unavailable Second

UNI User Network Interface

UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

VC Virtual Channel

VCC Virtual Channel Connection

VCI Virtual Channel Identifier

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

VLAN Virtual Local Area Network

V-NNI Virtual Network-Network Interface

VP Virtual Path

VPC Virtual Path Connection

VPI Virtual Path Identifier

VPLS Virtual Private LAN Service

VPN Virtual Private Network

VPWS Virtual Private Wire Service

VRF Virtual Routing and Forwarding

VSI Virtual Switch Interface

V-UNI Virtual-User Interface

V-UNI Virtual User-Network Interface

WFQ Weighted Fair Queuing

WMS Wholesale Managed Services

WRED Weighted Random Early Detection

WTR Wait to Restore

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

xDSL x Digital Subscriber Line

XPIC Cross-polarization interference cancellation

3 Acronyms of Wireless

Abbreviation Expansion
AMC Automatic Modulation Control
APM Advanced Power Module
ANR Automatic Neighboring Relation
BBC Battery Backup Cabinet
BBU BaseBand control Unit
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CME Configuration Management Express
CPRI Common Public Radio Interface
DRB Data radio bearer
E-UTRAN Evolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network
EPC Evolved Packet Core
FAN Fan Unit
FE Fast Ethernet
GE Gigabit Ethernet

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

Abbreviation Expansion
GPS Global Positioning System
GSM Global System for Mobile communications
HRPD High Rate Packet Data
ICIC Inter-cell Interference Coordination
IP Internet Protocol
LBBP LTE BaseBand Processing Unit
LMPT LTE Main Processing&Transmission Unit
LMT Local Maintenance Terminal
LTE Long Term Evolution
MIMO Multiple Input Multiple Output
MRO Mobility Robust Optimization
MME Mobility Management Entity
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTTR Mean Time To Recovery
OM Operation and Maintenance
OPEX Operating Expenditure
P-GW PacketDataNetwork Gateway
PCI Physical Cell Identifier
RET Remote Electrical Ttilt
RRM Radio Resource Management
RFU Radio Frequency Unit
S-GW Serving Gateway
SON Self Organization Network
TA Tracking Area
TCO Total Cost of Ownership
TMC Transmission Cabinet
UE User Equipment
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

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Acronyms of HUAWEI LTE

Abbreviation Expansion
UPEU Universal Power and Environment Interface Unit
USB Universal Serial Bus
UTRA UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access (ETSI)
UTRAN UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network

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