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Extend your IP research overseas without leaving your desk

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International Intellectual Property offers you convenient, one- Treatises, Guides, and Periodicals
stop access to global patent, trademark and copyright law and
The collections analytical and news resources include respected
analysis. It delivers up-to-date information from West, Sweet &
titles, such as:
Maxwell, ELLIS Publications and other trusted publishers. It can
help you quickly locate information about IP assets, ownership, Intellectual Property Quarterly and European Intellectual
legislation and litigation in the European Union, United Kingdom, Property Review
and the British Commonwealth. Eckstroms Licensing in Foreign and Domestic Operations
Primary Law Entertainment and Media Law Reports and Entertainment
Law Review
With International Intellectual Property on Westlaw International,
youll have access to a vast collection of full-text law, including: Trademarks Throughout the World and Patents Throughout
the World
Fleet Street Reports - IP court decisions from 1966 to date,
from the U.K., the European Court of Justice and tribunals or Timely Internet Coverage
boards Also included in International Intellectual Property are a country-
Decisions of the European Communities Court of Justice, Court by-country breakdown of internet registration authorities; current
of First Instance and designated trademark and domestic information about registering and protecting domain names; and
courts since 1996 the full text of Computer and Telecommunications Law Review.
Decisions, judgments and orders from the U.K. Patent Office
and courts since 1977
Decisions from the European Patent Office and its boards of
appeals since 1979
European copyright and design cases since 2000
IP transcripts and statutes from the U.K.
Trademark applications and legislation

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complete, current list.
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Content Includes
COMPTLR Computer and Telecommunications Law Review
COPYWORLD Copyright Throughout the World
DOMAIN-GPP Domain Names-Global Practice and Procedure
DUWORLD Designs and Utility Models Throughout the World
ECD-RPTS European Copyright and Design Reports
ECKLICN Eckstroms Licensing in Foreign and Domestic Operations
EIPR European Intellectual Property Review
EML-RPTS Entertainment and Media Law Reports
ENP-RPTS European National Patent Reports
ENTLREV Entertainment Law Review
EPO-RPTS European Patent Office Reports
ETR-RPTS European Trade Mark Reports
EUIP-LEG European Union Intellectual Property-Legislation
FLEET-RPTS Fleet Street Reports
IP-RPTS-ALL U.K. Intellectual Property-Law Reports All
IP-TREATIES Intellectual Property Treaties
IPQ Intellectual Property Quarterly
JPNPATLIT Japanese Patent Litigation
PATWORLD Patents Throughout the World
RPC-RPTS Reports of Patent Cases
TMPRWLD Trademark Practice Throughout the World
TMPRWLD-FRAN Trademark Practice Throughout the World: Franchising
TMWORLD Trademarks Throughout the World
UKCA-IP United Kingdom Current Awareness Intellectual Property
UKIP-CASELOC United Kingdom Intellectual Property Case Law Locator
UKIP-JLR United Kingdom Intellectual Property-Journals
UKIP-LEGISLOC United Kingdom Intellectual Property Legislation Locator
UKIP-LIF United Kingdom Intellectual Property-Law in Force
UKIP-LJI United Kingdom Intellectual Property-Legal Journals Index
UKIP-MISC United Kingdom Intellectual Property-Miscellaneous
UKIP-SI United Kingdom Intellectual Property-Statutory Instruments
UKIP-ST United Kingdom Intellectual Property-Statutes
UKIP-TRANS United Kingdom Intellectual Property-Transcripts
UKIP-TREATIES United Kingdom Intellectual Property-Treaties