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nvi 1400 series

quick start manual

for use with these nvi models:

1410, 1490

2009 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries

April 2009 190-01073-01 Rev. A Printed in Taiwan
Looking at Your nvi Using the Main Menu
See the Important Safety and Product
Information guide in the product box for

product warnings and other important
Power button:
Press to turn the nvi on and off.

GPS satellite strength.
Bluetooth technology status.
Touch to select a usage mode.
Current time. Touch to change
time settings.
Speaker Mini-USB
Battery status.
Touch to find a destination.
Touch to view the map.
microSD Touch to make a call when
card slot connected to a compatible
mobile phone.
Microphone Touch to adjust the volume.
Touch to use the tools, such as
settings and Help.
 nvi 1400 Series Quick Start Manual
Setting Up Your nvi
Before mounting the nvi, see the Important Safety and Product Information guide for information
about laws pertaining to windshield mounting.
Mounting Your nvi
1. Remove the clear plastic from the suction cup. Suction cup mount
Place the suction cup on the windshield.
2. Flip the lever back toward the windshield.
3. Snap the cradle onto the suction cup arm.
4. Plug the vehicle power cable into the back of
your nvi.
5. Plug the other end of the vehicle power cable
into a power outlet in your vehicle. Your unit
should turn on automatically if it is plugged in
and the vehicle is running. Follow the on-screen
6. Fit the bottom of your nvi into the cradle.
7. Tilt your nvi back until it snaps into place.
8. If you are using a traffic receiver in Europe,
connect the external antenna to the traffic Vehicle power cable
receiver and secure it to the windshield using
the suction cups. (Traffic receivers are included in some nvi packages.)
Warning: This product contains a lithium-ion battery. To prevent damage, remove the unit from the
vehicle when exiting or store it out of direct sunlight.

nvi 1400 Series Quick Start Manual 

Acquiring Satellites Resetting Your nvi
1. Go outdoors to an open area, If your nvi stops functioning, reset
away from tall buildings and trees.
your nvi by pressing and holding the
2. Turn on your nvi. Power button for 10 seconds.
Acquiring satellite signals can take a
few minutes. The bars indicate Finding Points of Interest
satellite strength. When at least one 1. Touch Where To? > Points of
of the bars is green, your nvi has Interest.
acquired satellite signals.
2. Select a category and a
subcategory, if necessary.
Using the Power Button 3. Select a destination, and touch
Press and quickly release the Power Go!.
button to view additional options: 4. If necessary, touch Start to
navigate the route.
Touch and to adjust the
screen brightness. To enter letters contained in the
Touch Lock Screen to prevent name, touch Where To? > Points of
accidental screen touches. Interest > Spell Name.
Touch Power Off to turn off your To search for a location in a different
nvi. You can also turn off the area, touch Where To? > Near.
nvi by holding the Power button
for 2 seconds.

 nvi 1400 Series Quick Start Manual

Following Your Route T ouch to view the Turn List
Your route is marked with a magenta page.
line. As you travel, your nvi guides Touch to view the Where Am I?
you to your destination with voice page.
prompts, arrows on the map, and
directions at the top of the map. If you Touch and to zoom in
depart from the original route, your and out.
nvi recalculates the route. Touch to return to the Main
Touch and drag the map to view a
different area of the map. Touch to change the data field.
Touch to view the Trip
A speed limit icon could appear as Computer.
you travel on major roadways.
Adding a Stop
1. While navigating a route, touch
> Where To?.

2. Search for the extra stop.
3. Touch Go!.

4. Touch Add as Via Point to
add this stop before your final
T ouch to view the Next Turn destination.

nvi 1400 Series Quick Start Manual 

Taking a Detour If a severe traffic delay occurs on
1. While navigating a route, touch . your route while you are navigating,
2. Touch . the nvi automatically recalculates
the route. The traffic icon changes
Using FM TMC Traffic color to indicate the severity of traffic
conditions on your route or on the
Note: Garmin is not responsible
for the accuracy of the traffic road you are currently traveling.
Note: Heated (metallized)
The FM Traffic Message Channel windows could degrade the
(TMC) traffic receiver is included in performance of the traffic receiver.
some nvi packages.
Viewing Offers
The traffic receiver and the nvi must (North America Only)
be in data range of an FM station If your nvi package includes a traffic
transmitting TMC data to receive receiver, you can receive location-
traffic information. You do not need relevant offers and coupons.
to activate the subscription included
Touch the offer on the screen to view
with your FM traffic receiver. The
more information.
subscription activates automatically
after your nvi acquires satellite caution: Do not attempt to
signals while receiving traffic signals write down the coupon codes while
from the pay service provider. Go to driving. or www for more information.
 nvi 1400 Series Quick Start Manual
Using Hands-Free Calling a Number
Features 1. From the Main menu, select
Phone > Dial.
Bluetooth wireless technology is
2. Enter the number, and touch Dial.
available on some nvi models.
3. To end a call, touch > End
To use the hands-free features, you Call.
must pair your phone and your nvi.
To pair and connect, your device and Receiving a Call
the nvi must be turned on and near When you receive a call, the
each other. Incoming Call window opens.
Touch Answer to answer the call.
Pairing Your Phone
1. Enable the Bluetooth component Touch Ignore to ignore the call
on your phone. and stop your phone from ringing.
2. On your nvi, touch Tools >
Settings > Bluetooth. Charging Your nvi
3. Touch the button below Bluetooth, Connect the vehicle power cable.
and touch Enabled > OK. Connect the USB cable.
4. Touch the button below Phone. Connect an AC adapter (optional
5. Select your phone, and touch OK. accessory).
6. Enter the Bluetooth PIN (1234) for
your nvi in your phone.

nvi 1400 Series Quick Start Manual 

Securing Your nvi for the free map update if you register
1. Ensure that you are at your by phone or wait longer than 60 days
security location and that your nvi after the first time you drive with your
is receiving satellite signals. nvi.
2. Touch Tools > Settings >
Security. More Information
3. Touch the button below Garmin For more information about your
Lock. nvi, select Tools > Help. Download
4. Enter a four-digit PIN. the latest version of the owners
5. Touch Set. manual from For
information on accessories, go to
NOTE: If you forget your PIN and or contact your
your security location, you must
send your nvi to Garmin to get
Garmin dealer.
it unlocked. You must also send a Garmin, the Garmin logo, and nvi are
trademarks of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries,
valid product registration or proof registered in the USA and other countries. Garmin
of purchase. Lock and nMaps Guarantee are trademarks of
Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries. These trademarks
may not be used without the express permission of
nMaps Guarantee Garmin. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are
owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of
To receive one free map update such name by Garmin is under license. microSD
(if available), register your nvi at is a trademark of SanDisk or its subsidiaries. within 60 days
of acquiring satellites and driving
with your nvi. You are not eligible

 nvi 1400 Series Quick Start Manual