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Faten El Azwat

Reflexive pronouns

Grade 2Grade

Subject English Language Arts

Length of Lesson 1hour

Lesson Students will reinforce control of English Language by

Overview / Rationale reflexive pronouns.

Curriculum Language Standards K-5 English Language Arts:

Framework /Standard Use reflexive pronouns (e.g., myself, ourselves). Page26

Learning Objectives 1-Students will be able to identify the reflexive pronouns.

2-Students will distinguish between the personal / reflexive
3- Students will be able to list the reflexive pronouns.
4-Students will be able to use reflexive pronouns correctly in a

Technology uses 1- Computer /LCD

Materials 1- Magnet word flash card

2-Song video

Procedure 1- Mirroring activity: the teacher looks at the mirror and says:
See myself in the mirror , 2 students say: We see ourselves --
3-Based on some examples he will explain the use of reflexive
Pronoun and shows Similarity between subject/object.
4-students will classify reflexive pronouns singular/plural.
5-Students will watch a song movie, figure out the pronouns.
Faten El Azwat

6-Game: divided into 2 groups students use word flash card,

Group who find matching personal/reflexive pronouns first
7-Students will create a mini dialogue using P/R Pronouns.
Assessment 1-students solve a worksheet, teacher monitor and check.

English Language Art Rubric 2nd Grade

Student Name:........................................................................score.Grade

Needs Improvement Satisfactory Excellent


Understand Show a complete lack Demonstrate limited Demonstrate a clear

The concept of understanding . understanding . and complete
Can not identify Can identify ,and understanding .
reflexive pronouns ,or differentiate between Can identify and tell
distinguish between some R/P pronouns. the difference
reflexive/personal Uses of these between all R/P
pronouns. pronouns correctly pronouns.
Uses of these sometimes in a Uses a variety of
pronouns incorrectly sentence .3pts these pronouns
in a sentence .1pt correctly.6pts

Assessment Worksheet is not Worksheet is Show perfect

Worksheet completed correctly completed with help. performance .
,and contains a lot of It is partially correct Worksheet is
mistakes .1pt with no major completed correctly
mistakes.3pts with zero mistakes

Group teamwork Do not work well Finish individual Always work to

with others. work , but do not complete all group
No interest in assist team members. work.4pts
completing group 2pts

Faten El Azwat



8pts 15pts