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I. VOCABULARY (30 points)

A. Write the word with the correct definition:

Millennial global issues self-confident flood social network

native make decisions blackout come out alone

a) A dedicated website or other application to communicate with each other by posting information,
comments, messages, images, etc.: .
b) Having no one else present; on one's own: ..
c) An overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines, especially over
what is normally dry land:..
d) An important topic or problem for debate or discussion related to the whole world:
e) A person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000: ..
f) A failure of electrical power supply: ..
g) Trusting in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment: .
h) Making a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration:.
i) Be shown for the first time:.
j) Associated with the country, region, or circumstances of a person's birth:..

B. Complete the article with the words in the box:

send shop tweet downloading google blog

browse post uploading play online check

I love social networks and Internet! First, I started with emails. I.emails to my
friends and..their emails when I receive every day, although I
preferwith them because I have Twitter and short messages are better than
emails. I and get files from the Web andabout
my life and preferences in my webpage. I too. My favorite
social network is Facebook. and videos there. I
enjoy.home videos to Youtube too. look for information
for my homework, but I neverin Internet, because I am afraid because of
writing my credit card keyword or give my personal information. But I usually love being
connected and the internet to look at different websites.

C. Look at the picture and circle the correct answer.

e) Shes upset about / excited about failing the

a) Shes worried about / amazed by losing her
Math exam.

b) Hes shocked by / angry at his best friend for f) Hes amazed by / happy about getting a good
lying him. score in his exam.

c) Shes interested in / shocked by the bad

news on TV. g) He isnt shocked by / interested in buying

d) Hes upset about / surprised by winning a h) Hes excited about / angry at his trip to
contest. Machupicchu.

II. GRAMMAR (20 points)

D. Complete with the Past Progressive of the verbs in parentheses:

1. A: I didnt sleep because the baby(cry) all night.

B: He..(not cry), he..(scream)!
A: Yeah, I know!
2. While my mom.(cook), I..(study)
for my Math test.
3. A: at ten oclock last night?
B: Well, I...(watch) the news on TV with my husband.
4. Pam..(wash) the car while Sam
...(clean) the windows.
5. Kate..(not study) yesterday afternoon. She
.....(sit) in the kitchen and .(talk)
with her mother all afternoon.
6. A: WhereJohn(go) yesterday morning?
B: He..(not go) anywhere. He stayed at home.
7. While I...(do) the laundry, Marcus and Jane
.. (not do) anything. They
...(listen) to music.
8. A: Whyyou.(cheat) on the English exam?
B: Im sorry, teacher.
9. Yesterday evening I(make) a delicious cake.
10. .you..(drive) all night?

III. LISTENING (20 points)

E. Look at the Youtube video about Past

Simple and Past Progressive (Continuous) and complete the examples:

The past simple describes finished past actions.
The past continuous describes actions in progress.
a) This morning, it ..
b) I met many interesting people while I .
c) It was so cold yesterday because .
d) When I woke up this morning, it ...
e) At 3 am last night, of course, I ..
f) Why . you in the library when I called you?
g) We.. a wonderful .. last night.
h) We .. a wonderful when you called.
i) I. English yesterday.
j) I . at 3 pm yesterday.

F. Look at the Youtube video about Past

Simple and Past Progressive (Continuous) and complete the examples:

Past Simple: Interruptions (Stop an activity in progress)
a) I was taking a shower when she..
b) He arrived while they..
c) We were watching a movie when you .

When + past simple
While + past continuous

d) I saw her while she .

e) She was walking home when I.

Past Simple and Past Simple in a sentence: To explain the order of events

f) I .. and a shower.
g) What .. you when you .. the news?
h) She .. when she . the mouse.

Past Continuous and Past Continuous in a sentence: to describe two actions happening at
the same time.

i) I while it . outside.
j) The man . me while I .