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Letter No/ Date: 2017

The Asst. Inspector General of Police (R),
Assam, Guwahati

Sub: Submission of report regarding digitization of Case Diaries, Registers and IIF 1-5
forms in CCTNS Assam

Ref.: G/VI/10/2015/CCTNS/Pt-I/127 Date. 22/06/2017

With reference to the subject cited above, I am submitting herewith the action taken
report for successful implementation of CCTNS project in Dibrugarh distrct.The following are the
steps which have been undertaken so far -

1) Directions which were discussed in the meeting on CCTNS held at AP HQ, Guwahati were
shared with all O/Cs and 2nd O/Cs. Necessary instructions are issued to all PSs as well.

2) O/Cs should monitor CCTNS Operators for data entry process activity of CCTNS in the
respective PSs. They will also ensure 100% timely entry of FIRs, other IIF forms and other registers
into CCTNS.

3) SI Programmer is imparting training to the police personal with good computer proficiency
in each PS to handle CCTNS CAS, as the application needs knowledge of software, hardware,
networking and overall troubleshooting.

4) The process of making entry of completed cases have already been started from the year
2016. Further, focus is put on cent percent entry of complete cases.

5) All OCs and IOs are directed to submit all the IIF forms (IIF1-IIF5) and Case Dairies in
CCTNS system before producing to the Honorable Court and it is mandated prior to forwarding of
case diaries from the Superintendent of Police Dibrugarh.

6) As CCTNS resource personnel are limited and target is very high, so instruction is passed to
the all O/Cs and 2nd O/Cs to engage the CCTNS operators solely in CCTNS work only, so as to
achieve cent percent timely entry of data.

Submitted for your kind perusal.

Yours faithfully,

Superintendent of Police
Memo No: Dated:

Copy to:
1. The Addl. Director General of Police (CID) & State Nodal Officer, CCTNS Project, Assam, Ulubari,
Guwahati for favour of kind information.
2. The Inspector General of Police (ER), Assam, Jorhat for favour of kind information.

Superintendent of Police,
Dibrugarh Assam