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November 09 2017

Mr. Adeel Hassan

Sales Manager ME&A
INTECH Process Automation Inc.
Warehouse RA08-ZC01
JAFZA, Dubai
POBox 61479

Subject: EtaPRO based Performance and Condition Monitoring System for Solar PV
Power Plants

GP Strategies industry leading real-time EtaPRO Performance and Condition Monitoring
solution has been designed for single as well as fleet power generation plants utilizing various
types of generation technology including Solar PV and Solar CSP Power Plants.
The EtaPRO system can be applied to Thermal Performance monitoring, Asset Reliability
monitoring (using Predictive Analytics) and Predictive Maintenance monitoring using patented
diagnostics algorithms.
Generic Scope
For a typical Solar PV Plant, GP Strategies would supply the following EtaPRO licensed software
components including:
EtaPRO Software licenses
EtaPRO Server Software Version 10.3,
EtaPRO Client Software for unlimited number of customer users without any additional
EtaPRO Web Client runs using HTML 5 on PC, Mac, iPad, Android, iPhone, and
EtaPRO APR Software for early detection of developing anomalies,
EtaPRO Display Configuration Software,
EPLog Software, an electronic operating and availability log, for manual and automated

GP Strategies Corporation 716 799 1080

25 Northpointe Parkway Suite 100 fax 716 799 1081
Amherst, NY 14228-1891 USA
November 09 2017
Mr. Adeel Hassan
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capturing of equipment start-up and shutdown,

EPTrendSetter Software for data filtering and trend analyses,
EPReporter Software for automated and on-demand Excel-based reporting,
EPAlert Software for automatic notification to remote devices of alarm events, and
EPArchive for archiving process data and EtaPRO System results, which includes
EPAccumulator for tracking stops, starts, run hours, etc.
EtaPRO System Configuration. As part of the deliverables GP Strategies would normally
configure the following EtaPRO user interface and client screens:
Allow users to enter comments into EPLog,
Display online graphical screens of operating parameters and calculated performance of
Show trends of any of the process tags, and/or calculated parameters,
Calculate expected performance with a comparison to actual performance,
Compare key performance indicators in a tabular screen presentation,
Setup visual and audio alarms to denote incremental change in performance, and
Generate reports based on an Excel format for the process and EtaPRO calculated results;
these reports can be generated automatically or on demand.
To determine ideal production from the sites, GP Strategies would proposes to utilize the PV
USA methodology based upon the following equation:
Power= ([POA irradiance (W/m2)] *( A + B * [POA irradiance (W/m2)] + C * [Tamb (degC)] + D * [Windspeed m/s])

As part of the Asset Reliability Monitoring package, the EtaPRO ConcernsViewer gives the user
summary information at a glance including current status, historical issues and issue tracking.
Additional graphics screens can be easily configured by the user based on their individual
November 09 2017
Mr. Adeel Hassan
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Proposed Additional System Functionality

To simplify tracking of performance changes at each solar site, GP Strategies would implement
advance pattern recognition (APR) software models. These models detect anomalies in
equipment conditions by continuously comparing current values to detailed empirical models of
normal data based on historical information.
The APR software would monitor key parameters for each inverter such as AC active power
across all phases, AC current, inverter DC recombined current, etc. Faults may occur at the solar
array level meaning that one array may be under generating. This would be detected by a lower
recombiner current. As an example, 14 inverters each with 18 recombiners mean that EtaPRO
can detect under performance of a single recombiner, which in our experience can be as much
as 0.4% of the site capacity.
Abnormalities of the voltages and currents of the three phases can be detected. The trend below
shows normal operation where the actual and expected values plot on top of each other.

Abnormal inverter temperatures can be detected. This is of importance when inverters are
beginning to overheat.
As an example, the following trends show normal operation.

However, weather related events can cause Over Generation on some recombiner arrays,
while other arrays have normal production.
November 09 2017
Mr. Adeel Hassan
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Under generation over a longer term may mean that there is array fouling (dust on the array).
Under generation of AC power over a longer term, given sufficient DC power, may mean a
decrease in inverter efficiency.
With the anomaly detection, GP Strategies would provide our standard three (3) months of
remote monitoring service to the customer. The objectives of the remote monitoring services
are to ensure that the models are effectively monitoring the conditions as conditions change and
help the customers staff become proficient in long-term use of the EtaPRO APR Software. During
this monitoring period, GP Strategies will maintain the EtaPRO Assets as appropriate for new
operating conditions.
Included in the Remote Monitoring Services are the following:
Daily monitoring (normal Amherst business hours) of the EtaPRO APR Concern Viewer
(subject to availability of remote access),
Email notifications of Concerns after GP Strategies investigation and validation,
Weekly email summary of issues identified, and
Monthly conference calls with customers staff to review concern reports, provide trouble
shooting and diagnostic support, and review of monitoring issues identified during the month.
November 09 2017
Mr. Adeel Hassan
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Attachment A EtaPRO Overview Documentation

EtaPRO Performance & Condition Monitoring Suite

EtaPRO is a real-time performance and condition

monitoring system that combines thermal performance,
anomaly detection, and machinery dynamics to maintain
the health of your plant and equipment. A high-speed data
historian, on-line log book, report and alert engines round
out the Industrys premier platform for improving plant
availability, capacity, and efficiency.

Installed on over 450,000 MW of power generation in 38

countries, EtaPRO provides unprecedented technology for
power plant condition and performance monitoring: With EtaPRO, youll:
EtaPRO APR process and equipment anomaly detection using
advanced pattern recognition Recognize Plant Anomalies Sooner
Using advanced pattern recognition, EtaPRO APR provides
EtaPRO Predictor advanced machinery dynamics for vibration highly granular process and equipment predictive models for
analysis and fault diagnosis identifying changes in condition before they become critical.
VirtualPlant best-achievable thermal performance with plant-specific
thermodynamic models Accurately Predict Best-Achievable

EtaPRO Archive high-speed data historian for trending and reporting Performance
EtaPRO Log secure, on-line log book for capturing plant events EtaPROs VirtualPlant uses plant design information and
automatically or by manual entry first engineering principles to predict online and offline
target performance, as well as forecast plant heat rate and
capacity for market participation.

Detect Rotating Machinery Faults Earlier

EtaPRO Predictor detects rotating machinery faults at
their earliest stages by automatically tracking changes
in vibration signatures. It provides automated diagnosis
of specific machinery faults such as misalignment,
imbalance, rubbing, cavitation, and blade faults as well as
a comprehensive history of diagnostic measurements such
as spectral maps, shaft orbits, and polar plots.
Store Results Cost-Effectively Save Time with Automated Reporting
EtaPRO Archive is EtaPROs embedded, high-speed data historian Design your report in MS Excel using daily, weekly, monthly,
capable of storing all your EtaPRO results as well as process data. yearly, or contract-to-date statistics for energy production, fuel
Automated reporting and ad-hoc data mining are accomplished consumption, operating hours, equipment starts/stops, time
using the EtaPRO Excel add-in, while EtaPRO Archives above or below target, etc. Reports can be scheduled to run
Accumulator counts, totalizes, averages, or integrates any EtaPRO automatically and be distributed at the frequency you choose.
data stream. Available real-time data interfaces include OPC DA,
Modbus, ODBC, text, and PI. Have EtaPRO Access Via Mobile Devices
EtaPRO comes with a web server for aggregating one or more
Better Manage Off-Target Performance EtaPRO servers on a single web page. Enterprise users can access
EtaPROs Concerns Viewer provides a single, asset-oriented display real-time displays, trends, footprints, and reports. This includes
from which to track and manage anomalies and degradation full-function EPTrendSetter, EPLog, and Concerns Viewer along
identified by GP Strategies detection technologies. At-a-glance with support of existing EtaPRO security credentials. Supports
anomaly history speeds review of plant condition and saves time multiple browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) and devices
for end users. (PC, Mac, iPad, Android, and iPhone).

Quickly Diagnose Plant Problems

EtaPROs proven diagnostic engine provides full integration with
VirtualPlant, APR, and Predictor results. Diagnostic routines run
interactively or automatically online with diagnostic messages
logged or emailed.

Your Power Plant Productivity Suite

Thermodynamic Anomaly Machinery Process

Modeling Detection Dynamics History

GP Strategies Corporation performance-condition-monitoring-etapro
25 Northpointe Parkway, Suite 100 1.716.799.1080
Amherst, NY 14228 USA

2017 GP Strategies Corporation. All rights reserved. GP Strategies and GP Strategies with logo design are registered trademarks of GP Strategies Corporation.
All other trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
Ref. Code: EtaPRO Flysht 3.20.17.indd
November 09 2017
Mr. Adeel Hassan
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Attachment B EtaPRO Asset Reliability Monitoring Tools

(Predictive Analytics)
EtaPROAdvanced Pattern Recognition

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) reports typical savings of $500,000 to $1,000,000 per year from
early warning of impending equipment failure and successful intervention.

Unplanned and corrective maintenance of plant equipment remains

one of the most significant power generation O&M expenses.
To provide this early warning and reduce unplanned maintenance, GP Strategies integrated advanced
pattern recognition (APR) technology into Version 10 of its world-class EtaPRO Performance and
Condition Monitoring System. EtaPRO APR models are used to detect anomalies in plant or equipment
conditions by continuously comparing current values to detailed empirical models of normal data. This
technology offers detailed resolution and is highly effective in tracking equipment health parameters such as
shaft vibration and bearing temperatures. For the first time, APR technology is available fully integrated with
comprehensive, first-principles thermodynamic models through GP Strategies EtaPRO and VirtualPlant systems.
This integrated solution delivers the capability to identify and diagnose root causes of system abnormalities AND
quantify their impact on plant availability, efficiency, and operating costs.
Drivers and Trends
As power generating companies seek to reduce operating costs, employees have
been given more responsibility, leaving less time for monitoring
equipment condition and plant performance. As such, subtle and slowly
developing failures go undetected, often resulting in unnecessary forced outages
and lost revenue. Early detection of an incipient failure allows for a
planned outage at an economically advantageous time, reduces damage to
equipment, and shortens repair times.

Proven Experience
GP Strategies has been developing and implementing APR-based equipment
condition monitoring solutions for over two decades. Our power proven
engineers use their deep knowledge and understanding of power
plant performance to deliver reliable APR solutions with fewer false positives
than competing alternatives.

EtaPRO APR Technology Circulating Water Pump bearing/race as found

EtaPRO APR features localized modeling to eliminate the effects of data that are after APR notification of abnormal conditions
not applicable to the current equipment operation, for example, data records
from full load operation when the unit is operating at 50% load. This unique Demonstrated Results
approach provides inherent recognition of different operating modes, such as start-
up, steady-state, and load following, resulting in improved model accuracy across EtaPRO APR extracts information from plant
the entire operating range. historical data and alerts personnel to equipment
issues requiring action.
Reduces forced outage rates by providing
GP Strategies APR Implementation Features early warning of equipment problems
Extensive data filtering using software tools and domain expertise Allows for planned outages and repairs
to establish accurate and comprehensive reference models before a catastrophic event occurs
Intelligent alarm thresholds and a modeling approach that Uses management-by-exception techniques
minimizes false alarms while maintaining the earliest notification to increase effectiveness of plant and
of process anomalies engineering staff
Comprehensive hierarchical display for viewing, trending, Focuses attention on actionable issues,
and managing APR-driven alerts eliminating the need to review data when
Integrated first-principles calculations providing enhanced diagnostic things are performing well
capabilities and quantification of heat rate and capacity effects Increases lead time for repair and minimizes
A proven user interface with unlimited distribution and flexibility for unplanned maintenance activities
monitoring, trending, logging, alarming, and alerting critical
operational information
Knowledge of how power plants and their components work call 1.716.799.1080
and interrelate email
End-user training for technology transfer visit

GP Strategies Corporation

25 Northpointe Parkway, Suite 100 1.716.799.1080
Amherst, NY 14228 USA

2013 GP Strategies Corporation. All rights reserved. GP Strategies and GP Strategies with logo design are trademarks of GP Strategies Corporation.
All other trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
Ref. Code: EtaPRO APRFlysht 6.17.13.pmd
November 09 2017
Mr. Adeel Hassan
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Attachment C EtaPRO Predictive Maintenance Monitoring Tools

Knowledge. Performance. Impact.

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Knowledge. Performance. Impact.

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