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A. Background
Technology is one thing that is not easily removed from human life.
Because the technology has existed since centuries ago and still continues to
grow. In the absence of human technology would be difficult to communicate
and convey information. One technology that is currently growing rapidly in
the world, mobile-based technologies such as Android.
Android is a mobile-based operating system for mobile phones.
Android is one of the new technological developments that are currently
being intensively. Internet access increasingly become the main driver
supports android development. Android is an OS used on smartphones.
The development of telecommunications technology is very
sophisticated smartphone that also has a very significant influence among the
community. Now, not only among business people who use advanced
technology such as the smartphone, but from all walks of life, from the public
and even to the students. From the age of children, teenagers, parents, even
the elderly can use a smart phone called the smartphone.
Smartphones are not only used as a means of communication such as
telephone and SMS, but used also in the social, employment, and education.
Talking about the influence of the smartphone, there certainly are a
positive influence and there is also a negative influence. The influence of the
smartphone that really stands out is the effect on children is among students.

B. Formulate of the Problem

The formulation of the problem in writing this paper is:
1. What does the term android?
2. What are the causes of android to be popular?
3. What is the effect of android for students?

C. Aims of Paper
Objective of this paper is:
1. Knowing the sense android.
2. Knowing the cause of android became popular.
3. Determine the influence of android for students.


A. Understanding Android System

Android is an operating system developed for Linux-based mobile
devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. Android is a mobile OS
that grows in the midst of developing other OS today. Other OS such as
Windows Mobile, i-Phone OS, Symbian, and many also offer a wealth of
content and the optimal running over existing hardware devices. However,
the existing OS is running prioritize core applications are built on their own
without seeing a huge potential of third party applications. Therefore, the
limitations of third-party applications to obtain the original data of mobile
phones, to communicate between processes and the limited distribution of
third-party applications for their platform. But the Android OS provides an
open platform for developers to create their own applications. Android also
offers a different environment for its development. Every application has at
the same level. Android does not differentiate between core applications with
third party applications. API provided access to the hardware, or even cell
phone data, or the data system itself. Even the user can remove and replace
the core applications with third party applications.
Android is an Operating System (OS) or operating system is very
popular of late. Undeniably this operating system has been much attention the
world community and the people of Indonesia of course. Gadget and mobile
phone companies competing to make devices using the Android operating
system. It is therefore surprising that almost every day we see new gadgets on
the market that use the operating system made by Google.

B. Cause Android Became Popular

Android OS made by Google into user with a percentage up to 43%
worldwide, which means that nearly half the people in the world who has a
mobile phone using Android. For information, in addition to the android there
is another operating system used on smartphones/cell. Symbian (22%),

Apple's iOS (18%), RIM 12%, Windows Phone (2%), Bada (2%), other (java,
etc rest).
There are many factors that cause why Android is so popular today
although the mobile operating system at this time a lot of which has
outstanding technology, Here are some factors that cause android so popular:
1. Android today is owned by Google and continues to be funded and
developed into a technology better operating system and be able to
compete. The service from google so abundant, from e-mail,
applications, funding, the search engines. All can be applied in android
os besutannya and we use it in the android os that we use, and some
Google applications to be used in an android phone, for example google
2. Android is based on open source and free, thus giving opportunity to
companies to join the world of mobile devices using the Android
operating system without having to pay for licenses, they are free to
develop modifying the android operating system for use on smart phones
that they have.
3. Android application development open to anyone. One thing that is an
excess android is that they present the application developer that is open
source and free, this is causing the world competing programmers to
create Android applications that can run on mobile devices that use the
Android operating system. The application makes the ecosystem more
stable android os android and make more attractive to use for many
applications that can support us in the use of smartphones.
4. The service is managed by the google android. All matters relating to
android application services professionally managed by Google, users
can easily download android apps available in the google play store ready
to be downloaded anytime and anywhere.
5. Their advertising partnership with android application developers.
Google offered to collaborate with application developers in the form of
an advertisement, the developer can put an ad in android application that

they made and they will get a commission from the ads they post too,
which makes the spirit of the developers motivated.
6. The simple interface. The interface presented android operating system is
very simple so it is very userfriendly and much preferred by the user.

C. Android Influence for Students

Smartphones are not only used as a means of communication such as
telephone and SMS, but used also in the social, employment, and education.
Talking about the influence of the smartphone, there certainly are a positive
influence and there is also a negative influence. The influence of the
smartphone that really stands out is the effect on children is among students.
Effect of smartphones for children of students are positive, or can be
referred to the usefulness and utilization including the following:
1. Smartphones are equipped with the operating system that can connect to
the Internet, enables students to access the Internet for information or
material subject who want or being faced by leveraging existing browser
2. As a new learning tool in learning. With smartphones available email
applications, enabling students to send email without having to search for
internet cafes (cafe).
3. Students can search for information worldwide, and even communicate
very wide without having face to face with the person.
4. As a means of communication between students and parents, or vice
versa, and to expand other parts of the world communication.
5. Can obtain comprehensive knowledge quickly and precisely.
6. Provide a virtual sense of empathy to her friend with the features
chattting and social media in a mobile phone.
7. Can make students more reserved and bashful can bring myself to
socialize with friends.
The negative effects can be referred to as the negative impact,
including the following:

1. Smartphone can disturb the concentration of study, this is because the

smartphone has many features that interfere with learning concentration.
For example, the smartphone bordering incoming call, no text entry, a
message from the social network, and so when learning takes place.
2. Smartphone can interfere with the health of users. The use of
smartphones is too long and continuously can damage the health of its
eye on.
3. Smartphones may make the cause of traffic accidents. Quite often
students who use a smartphone while driving a vehicle, it is very
dangerous to traffic safety because it makes no focus on the vehicle he
was driving along the road in its path.
4. Smartphone make students dependence on existing features and
applications, such as students dependency with a calculator application in
the smartphone application, students dependence on a dictionary
application installed on the smartphone in doing schoolwork.
5. The existence of features and applications in the smartphone game,
making the student can choose the game and play without time limit and
even exclude liability regardless of their learning, and often addicted to
the game.
6. Smartphone can waste time in vain nor forgotten the time to study
7. Smartphones make profligate money. This is because it is often activated
with a smartphone that also requires a pulse, often times they are willing
to spend money to buy credits for operational purposes smartphone.
8. Smartphone easily access the Internet, often used by students to access
sites that blend pornography. For example, the smartphone is used to
access or download pornographic videos.
9. The social network applications installed on the smartphone can be
connected and used at any time, often used for pleasure that exceeds the
limit. With social networks can communicate with people in a virtual
world without knowing the person you are communicating with in the

real world, this may lead to the inclusion of culture or habits that are
negative communication opponent imitated.
10. With the smartphone, students sometimes make it as a communication
tool in the mix, and often they are wrong in the mix. Student to be
unconcerned with the environment and do not understand the ethics of
socializing. In a way to socialize and student life. With the gadget or
mobile phone in their hands in social ethics were fading, they are very
rarely spoken real life, they are relying on a mobile phone as a means to
communicate. As an example of the attitude in interacting with the
teacher as if there is no difference, respect only behavior that is false in
fact tends to be subjective. They just showed their respect when they
need to. Sometimes indifferent to the teacher beside him, was busy
playing a handphone.
11. The inside we will see how the conduct or integrity of the students have
changed with their mobile phones, for example in a math, chemistry,
physics them if the math problem solving immediately alert issued cell
phone in their pocket and use the calculator application to obtain results
of calculations without having to analyze and want to get the right result,
this is certainly bad for the development of symptoms of reason or logic
thinking of students because they do not believe in his mind, slowly use
the mind or reason and even lazy doodle factor because it is more
practical to mobile phones. Because when the study, children do not want
to search for data and are not challenged to do the analysis. Kids want
something fast-paced and immediate visible results. There is no process
to achieve the final result was ignored.
12. Gadgets make children lazy to write and read. With the gadget, then the
activity becomes easier to write, it affects writing skills of children. Not
only that, the visual device look more attractive and tempting, because it
can be demonstrated in accordance with reality. As a result, children
become lazy to read. Therefore, reading requires children to develop the
imagination of the conclusions read.

13. This we can see for yourself how the student can not be separated from
the cell phone, from waking up, eating, until they miss any mobile phone
is a scary thing for them, because the students themselves have been
affected by the effects of the mobile phone
14. Mobile also can affect the lifestyle of a student is to make students
behave consumptive, we can see by the frequent appears a new type of
mobile phone types, which not only offers the latest technology but also
new design tailored to the tastes of consumers, thus attracting users to
mutually phone. In addition, by their mobile phone in their hands have
made them increasingly selfish and cultured show off to friends around,
we can see the use of smartphones among students is significantly
enhanced by the shape and features of a mobile phone they have to
cultivate the attitude of showing off.
15. Even more worrying problem is in answering test questions with the help
of a friend via SMS or chat in smartphone services.


A. Conclusion
The conclusion of this paper is that a technology will be able to
assist in human life when used with the appropriate functionality and capacity
of its own, because it's a good technology mobile phone or any other kind of
gadget that a very important role in life. There is nothing wrong with the
sophistication of the technology, which makes the device feels is negative not
because of how the use of the owner itself. Any sophisticated tool, it is just a
small robot that was created to be controlled by humans, do not pose the
question of "who controls and who is it controlled?". So we must pay
attention to aspects of its use, especially its use among students.

B. Advice
Separate advice is that these criteria are expected:
1. For parents. Should be the parents who are clueless and smarter than
students because they thus we were able to watch and find out what has
been done by the students of its own mobile gadgets. Then always
supervise and restrict students in the use of the mobile phone itself.
2. For those students. Students should be able to reduce his life with mobile
phones in order to improve the quality of learning, to concentrate and to
socialize well.
3. For the general public. Against the increasingly advanced technology we
should be smart users and not be user controlled by advanced technology.