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The Punjab State Co-operative Agricultural Development Bank Limited, which was

previously known as The Punjab State Co-operative Land Mortgage Bank Ltd., was
registered on 26.02.1958, under the Cooperative Societies Act basically with the object
to grant long term loans to the owners of land or other immovable property so as to
enable them to discharge their debts, to carry out Agricultural improvements, to acquire
land for the formation of economic holdings and other purposes, thereby to promote
thrift and self help among them.
Working AreaAt the initial stage, the Bank had started functioning through the Central
Cooperative Banks, by appointing them as its Agents. The Agency system was
discontinued in the year 1962 when 14 Primary Cooperative Land Mortgage Banks ,
now known as Primary Cooperative Agricultural Development Banks came into
existence and were affiliated to the then-The Punjab State Co-operative Agricultural
Development Bank, for the purpose of advancing long term loans to the farmers in the
The long term structure in the Punjab State, as such, is a Federal Structure with Punjab
State Cooperative Agricultural Development Bank (in short, SADB) as an Apex
Institution with Primary Cooperative Agricultural Development Banks as its members (in
short, PADB). At present, the number of the Primary Cooperative Agricultural
Development Banks in the State is 89, besides two other members i.e. Punjab State
Electricity Board and Punjab State Tubewell Corporation. Each PADB, while seeking
membership to the SADB is required to purchase atleast, one share of the value of Rs.
1000/- and pay Rs. 1000/- as Admission Fee.
Loaning Procedure

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A person applying for a loan from a PADB has to first become an A Class Member of

that PADB by purchasing Five shares of Rs. 100/- each. A person can become a

member and enjoy certain rights without applying for loan. The Application for

Membership and Loan can be submitted in the PADB simultaneously or separately. All

the applications have to be addressed to the Manager of the Bank in the prescribed
format, which is provided free of cost by the PADBs. Every application for Loan is

disposed off by the bank within a period of 15 days but applications from women are

disposed off within 7 days.

Now the bank has laid more emphasis on small loans so as to cover large number of

farmer families.


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Staff Training Center, SADB

(Accredited Centre of BIRD, Lucknow, NABARD)

Cooperatives are the biggest consortium of Manpower. In India , the legal

recognition to the role of cooperatives were first recognized by an enactment introduced

by way of passage of Cooperative Credit Societies Act, 1904. The Govt Policy about

the Cooperatives became more comprehensive by an amendment in the act in the year

1912. Maclagaon committee advocated in 1915 There should be one cooperative for

every village and every village should be covered by the cooperatives. Thereafter, the

cooperatives became provincial state subject in the year 1919. The cooperatives

remained a mass movement of masses and this model will remain in existence till the
existence of mankind.

The importance and sustainability of this model had been further

strengthened by the role of network of training institutions not only in the country but

through out the globe starting from the International Cooperative Alliance at the top and

replicating to the level of village level society in every country. On the similar lines

almost every cooperative sector in India is covered through the network of training

institutes. The Agricultural Development Banks (LDBs) across the country are providing

training to its employees through the training centres under the aegis (JLTCs) in the

country. These training centres are getting reimbursements from National Bank for

Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) under its SOFTCOB norms (policy).




Year Total No. of Total No. of No. of No. of No. of

Programmes Participants Programmes Programmes Programmes
held trained held at JLT held at RICM held at
Centre PICT

2010-11 32 777 08 09 15

2011-12 54 1140 37 00 17
2012-13 21 462 4 01 11

Personal Loans

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This scheme aims at providing credit facility for meeting out socioeconomic needs of

employees such as Child's education, Furnishing your home, Buying a Computer,

Son/Daughter Marriage, Holiday Tour with family or any other basic requirements

without giving any purpose of the loan.


Class Employees of this Bank working in SADB & PADBs

and employees of Punjab Govt. in the State of Punjab
& Chandigarh

Age Minimum 21 years and maximum 57 years

Service 1 year after the confirmation/regularization

Loan Limit 10 months gross salary or Rs. 4 lakh(whichever is


Tenure 12,18,24,30,36,42,48,60 and 84 months as decided by

the borrower

Rate of 14% on reducing balance with half yearly/six monthly

Interest rests subject to change from time to time by the Bank.
The amount of overdue installment will carry 1%
more interest than the normal rate of interest.

Repayment of Loan is repayable in equated monthly installments in

loan the form of post dated cheques. 1st installment will
start after one month. The loan will be repaid before

Security No collateral security is required. Only two

guarantors known to the bank.

Option to Loanee will have option to prepay the loan at one

prepay loan time during the tenure of the loan in lump-sum. A pre-
payment fee of 1% will be payable on the outstanding
loan amount. No part prepayment is allowed

General No employee will be given this loan in facility who

has default in repayment of loan in any other scheme

Sanctioning Any of the two officers amongst the Manager/Asstt.

Authority General Manager/DGM/RO is the competent
authority to sanction the personal loan. Sanctioning
authority will sign the Loan Agreement on behalf of
the Bank.

Repayment of The loan should be repayable in monthly instalments.

Loan The total duration of loan should not exceed five
years in any case. The borrower should give post
dated cheques of total repayment instalment
instalment. In case the post dated cheque is
dishonoured on a due date, the action against the
borrower will be taken under the law.

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The Bank is implementing the schemes for the following major purposes :-

1. Minor Irrigation2. Land Development3. Farm Mechanisation4. Diversified loaning5.

Plantation & Horticulture6. Storage Godowns7. Non Conventional Energy Sources8.

Farm Forestry9. Non Farm Sector10.Others

The Bank is also playing a vital role in elimination of unemployment in the State. For this

purpose, the Bank provides gainful self employment to the educated unemployed
youths for establishment of Dairy Units of 10, 20, 30 & 50 animals etc.Switched over to

Non-Farm Sector in the year 1993 - 94 and started financing ventures of Self-

Employment in Manufacturing, Processing and Service Activities.

S.No Major Sub- Name of the scheme Repayment Grace Mode of Repayment
Purpose Purpose period Period of Loan
Code Code (inclusive
of Grace


1 103 Borewell with Pumpset 9 Yrs - 9 Yearly equated


2 105 Tubewell 9 Yrs - 9 Yearly equated


3 106 Tubewell with Pumpset 9 Yrs - 9 Yearly equated


4 107 Replacement / 9 Yrs - 9 Yearly equated

Renovation of Installments

5 108 Purchase of Pump Set 9 Yrs - 9 Yearly equated


6 110 Drip Irrigation 9 Yrs - 9 Yearly equated



S.No Name Designation PADB

1. S.Sukhdarshan Singh Mrar s/o S.Narain Chairman Muktsar

Singh, Village-Mrar, Muktsar

2. S.Baljit Singh s/o S.Natha Singh, Village Vice Chairman Moga

Mangewala, PO Thamanwala, Tehsil &
District Moga

3. S. Jagdeep Singh s/o S. Surinder Singh Director Ludhiana

4. S. Jatinder Singh Dhaliwal s/o S. Munsha Director Amloh


5. S. Harvinder Singh Saidipur s/o S.Seesa Director Samana

Singh , Village Saidipur, Tehsil Samana,
District Patiala
6. S. Kulwant SinghJollian s/o S.Harbhajan Director Bhawanigarh

7. S.Bhupinder Singh s/o S.Baldev Singh Director Sunam

8. S.Jagjeet Singh s/o S.Bir Singh Director Bathinda

9. S.Shamsher Singh Brar s/o S.Malkiat Singh Director Bagha Purana

10. S.Kanwarpal Singh s/o S. DesRaj Director Dera Bassi

11. S. Lakhwinder Singh s/o S.Amrik Singh Director Jalalabad

12. S.Jasbir Singh s/o S. Makhan Singh Director Tarn Taran

13. S.Ravinder Singh s/o S.Avtar Singh Director Jalandhar

14. S.Sucha Singh Johal s/o S. Naranjan Singh Director Goraya

15. S. Manmohan Singh s/o S.Rashpal Singh Director Dera Baba Nanak

16. S.Rawel Singh s/o S.Joginder Singh Director Amritsar

17. S. Jesrat Singh Sandhoo s/o S. Gurinder Pal Director (Nominee C/o The Fazilka
Singh (Nominee of PSCB, Sec 34, of PSCB - Sector Central Coop. Bank
Chandigarh) 34, Chd.) Abohar

18. Financial Commissioner cooperation and Government

Secretary to Govt Punjab, Department of Nominee
Cooperation, mini secretariat, Sector-9,

19. Principal Secretary,Finance to Govt of Government

Punjab, Department of Finance, Punjab Civil Nominee
Secretariat Chandigarh

20. The Registrar, Cooperative Socities Punjab, Government

Chandigarh Nominee

21. Chief General Manager, NABARD, plot NABARD

No.3, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh Nominee


The Punjab State Cooperative Agricultural Development Bank Ltd.

SCO 53-54, Sector 17-B, Chandigarh-160017
Ph : 0172 5011708
Fax : 91-172-2705513

Patiala Division

Sr. Field Office Phone No

No. Offices With STD Code

R.O. Patiala SCO. 8, Near Sodhi Eye Hospital, S.S.T. Nagar, 0175-5002852,
Patiala. 147001 2370039, 501854

I AGM Patiala SCO 8, Near Sodhi Eye Hospital, S.S.T. Nagar, 0175-5002939,
Patiala. 147001 5012939

1 PATIALA S.C.O. 8, Near Sodhi Eye Hospital, S.S.T. 0175-5001188,

Nagar, Patiala. 147001 5012316
Sr. Field Office Phone No
No. Offices With STD Code

2 Devigarh Pehwa Road, Channa Mor,Devigarh. 147111 0175-2631023,


3 Nabha #398, Opp. College Ground, Hira Mahal, 01765-222584,

Nabha. 147201 504176

4 Rajpura SCO No. 4014-15 Near Railway Station & Bus 01762-501180,
Stand Rajpura.140401 222202

5 Ghanaur Ward No 2, Ghanaur 140702 01762-267379,


6 Samana Near Johri Hospital, Samana 147101 01764-220162,

500392, 500393

7 Patran Chunagra Road, Nr. Old Bus Stand, Patran 01764-244500,

147105 242033

II AGM Sirhind Cooperative Bhawan ,Jyoti Saroop Chowk 01763-510344

Fatehgarh Sahib 140406

1 SIRHIND Cooperative Bhawan ,Jyoti Saroop Chowk 01763-503233

Fatehgarh Sahib 14040

2 B. Pathana Market Committee building ,adjoining SSP 01763-509268

office , Bassi Pathana Distt :- Fatehgarh Sahib

3 Amloh Khanna Road , Near post office Amloh Distt 1765-509743,

Fatehgarh Sahib 147203 01765-231233
Sr. Field Office Phone No
No. Offices With STD Code

4 Khamano Grain market, opposite Market Committee 01628-268386

Office Khamano Distt Fatehgarh Sahib 141801

III AGM Ropar House No 316, Giani Zail Singh Nagar, Near 01881-228940,
LIC Building. Ropar 140001 01881-220176

1 ROPAR House No 316, Giani Zail Singh Nagar, Near 01881-222312,

LIC Building. Ropar 140001 01881-220476

2 Morinda Near PNB Bank, Opposite Axis Bank, Ludhiana- 0160-2633280

Changarh road, Morinda 140101

3 A.P. Sahib Mohalla Sis Ganj, Near Old Thana, Above 01887-233185,
Allahabad Bank. Anandpur Sahib. 140116 01887-230185

4 Kharar Opposite Satyam Medicos, Landran Road, 0160-5009476

Kharar 140301

5 Derabassi BDPO Complex, Opposite Bus Stand, 01762-506193,

Chandigarh-Ambala Road, Derabassi. 140507 01762-280567

IV AGM Barnala Opp. Bijli Board Office Barnala. 148101 01679-230672

1 BARNALA Opp. Bijli Board Office Barnala. 148101 01679-230272

2 Tapa Opp. Telephone Exchange Tapa. 148103 01679-272710

V AGM Opposite Dr. Dharampal Child 01676240151

Sangrur specialist,Sangrur.
Sr. Field Office Phone No
No. Offices With STD Code

1 SANGRUR Opposite Dr. Dharampal Child 01676232049


2 Bhawanigarh Shop no. 98, Grain Market,Bhawanigarh. 01672272062

3 M. Kotla Opposite Markfed Office, Dhuri Road, 01675254174

Malerkotla .

4 Lehragaga Chailpura Basti ,near Jakhal Railway Crossing, 016762723111


5 Sunam Near railway crossing ,Patiala Road, Sunam. 01676220085

6 Dirba Gamri Road ,near BSNL Exchange , Dirba. 01676243817

7 Dhuri Shop no.5, New grain market , Dhuri. 01675221217

8 Sherpur Krishna Colony, near Katron Road ,Sherpur. 01675234430

VI AGM AGM Office C/o The Ldh.Pri.Co-op 0161-2400671

Ludhiana Agri.Dev.Bank Ltd.Near Govt.College for
boys,Sant Nagar,Civil Lines Ludhiana

1 Ludhiana The Ldh Primary Co-op Agri. Dev Bank ,near 0161-2410804
Govt. College for Boys, Sant Nagar, Civil Lines , 0161-4616624
Ludhiana. Pin Code-141008

2 Maloud The Maloud Primary Co-op Agri. Dev. Bank Ltd. 0161-2857501
Near grain market,Payal Road, Maloud Pin
Sr. Field Office Phone No
No. Offices With STD Code

3 Jagraon The Jagraon Pri. Co-op Agri. Dev. Bank 01624-222419

Ltd,near State Bank of Patiala, link road,
Jagraon Pin Code-142026

4 Raikot The Raikot Pri. Co-op. Agri. Dev. Bank. 01624-264914

Ltd.near old tehsil complex , Raikot Pin Code-

5 Doraha The Doraha Pri.Co-op. Agri. Dev. Bank Ltd near 01628-257012
grain market,Doraha Pin Code-141421

6 Samrala The Samrala primary co-op. Agri dev. Bank 01628-262209

Ltd.near police station,Chandigarh-Ludhiana
road, Samrala Pin Code-141114

7 Machhiwara The Machhiwara Pri.Co-op .Agri. Dev. Bank ltd 01628-250951

near bus stand stand,Machhiwara Pin Code-

8 Khanna The Khanna Pri. Co-op Agri.Dev. Bank ltd., 01628-238498

SCF-29, Narottam nagar complex,opposite
telephone exchange,samadhi road, Khanna Pin

Jalandhar Division

Office phone
Field offices Address no. With std

R.O. Office 58/505 Opposite Jr. Model co-ed school , Shastri 181-4613337
Market, Nehru garden road, Jalandhar 181-2227943
Office phone
Field offices Address no. With std

AGM Jalandhar 58/505 Opposite Jr. Model co-ed school , Shastri 181-2457389
Market, Nehru garden road, Jalandhar

1 JALANDHAR 58/505 Opposite Jr. Model co-ed school , Shastri 181-2457103

Market, Nehru garden road, Jalandhar

2 Kartarpur Mohalla Chandan Nagar,behind Kartarpur Malwa 181-5006087

filling station, G.T Road Kartarpur.

3 Nakodar Near Onkar cinema , Nurmehal Road,Nakodar. 1821-500162

4 Shahkot Mohalla Azad Nagar, near police station , 1821-261296


5 Goraya Opposite Bank of Baroda , G.T. Road, Goraya. 1826-262194

6 Nurmehal G.N. Plaza market, Dana Mandi Road,near bus 1826-242806

stand, Nurmahal

AGM Old Court road, near S.S.P. office, teh. 1823-227199

Nawanshahar Nawanshahr, distt S.B.S Nagar

1 NAWANSHAHAR Old Court road, near S.S.P. office, teh. 1823-220199

Nawanshahr, distt S.B.S Nagar

2 Banga Opp Civil Hospital, Main road Manga, teh. 1823-260619

Nawanshahr, Distt S.B.S Nagar

4 Balachaur Near Guru Nanak Hospital, Bhadhi road 1885-220053

Balachaur,Teh.Nawanshahr,Distt S.B.S Nagar
Office phone
Field offices Address no. With std

AGM Gurdaspur Opposite Addl District Session Judge Residence, 1874-221962

Civil lines, Gurdaspur

1 GURDASPUR Opposite Addl District Session Judge Residence, 1874-221960

Civil lines, Gurdaspur

2 Kahnuwan New market, near Community Hospital 1872-259556


3 Batala Back side bus stand, Batala 1871-240396

4 Dera Baba W. No. 8 back side OBC Bank 1871-247095


5 Pathankot Opp Mala Hospital, Indra Colony, Pathankot. 186-2221469

AGM Hoshiarpur Cooperative Building, Railway Road, Hoshiarpur. 01882-


1 HOSHIARPUR Cooperative building, Railway Road, Hoshiarpur. 01882-


2 Dasuya Near SDM Chowk, GT Road, Dasuya. 01883-


3 Mukerian Opp pwd rest house,above Dawat Restaurant , 01883-

GT road, Mukerian. 244013

4 Garhshankar Triloki complex, Nangal road, Garhshankar 01884-

Office phone
Field offices Address no. With std

5 Mahilpur Bains Cooperative Society building, Mahilpur. 01884-


AGM Amritsar C/o Padb Amritsar,near Khanna surgicals,circular 0183-

road, Amritsar-143001 2422906-07

1 AMRITSAR Padb Amritsar,near Khanna Surgicals, Circular 0183-

Road, Amritsar-143001 2423259

2 Baba bakala Padb Baba Bakala,near PNB Bank,dulonangal 01853-

road,tehsil Baba Bakala, Distt Asr-143001 245651

3 Ajnala Padb Ajnala,near Ajnala Nagar Nigam 01858-

office,Chamyari road,tehsil Ajnala,distt Asr- 221046

23 Lopoke Padb Lopoke,Near Veer Singh Lopoke 01858-

Residence,Ranian Road, Post Office Lopoke, 244859
Tehsil Ajnala,Distt Asr-143001

AGM Taran Tarn Jandiala Road Opp. Sri Guru Harkrishan Public 01852-
School Tarn Taran 223096,

24 TARAN TARAN Jandiala Road Near Sri Guru Harkrishan Public 1852-222448
School Tarn Taran 01852-

25 Chohla sahib Near Central Co-Op Bank, Chohla Sahib 1859-248228

Office phone
Field offices Address no. With std

26 Patti Old Mandi ,Near Cheema Hospital , Patti 1851-24470

27 Bhikhiwind Gurudwara Near Bus Stand, Bhikhiwind 1851-272747

AGM Kapurthala Near Main G.P.O,Mall Road,Kapurthala 1822-230289

28 KAPURTHALA Near Main G.P.O,Mall Road,Kapurthala 1822-233362


29 Sultanpur Opposite S.D College For Women,Sultanpur 1828-222094

Lodhi. 1828-505000

30 Bholath Bhogpur Adda ,Bholath. 1822-244281


31 Phagwara Opposite Bus Stand ,G.T Road, Phagwara. 1824-261002


Ferozepur Division

Sr. Office Phone No

Field Offices Address
No. With Std Code

I Agm Near Church, The Mall Road, Ferozepur City 01632-501807


1 FEROZEPUR Near Church, The Mall Road, Ferozepur City 01632-242969

2 Guruharsahai Faridkot Road, Near Allahabad Bank, 01685-230487,

Guruharsahai 01685-230727
Sr. Office Phone No
Field Offices Address
No. With Std Code

3 Zira Near Hari Singh Market, New Talwandi Road, 01682-250709


4 Fazilka Near Truck Union, Abohar Road, Fazilka 01638-262740

5 Jalalabad Ramleela Chownk, Jalalabad (W),Distt. 01638-251337,

Fazilka, Pin Code- 152024 01638-251338

6 Abohar Oppsite Grain Market, Fazilka Road, Abohar 01634-223017

II Agm Office, Kotkapura Road, 01639-250891

Faridkot Opposite Harindra Nagar Gate,Faridkot

1 FARIDKOT Kotkapura Road, 01639-250192

Opposite Harindra Nagar Gate, Faridkot

2 Jaito Muktsar Road, Near Bsnl Exchange, Jaito - 01635- 230420


3 Agm Office, Adesh Nagar Kotkapura Road Opposite People 01633-269449

Muktsar Petrol Pump Muktsar

4 Muktsar Adesh Nagar Kotkapura Road Opposite People 01633-262449

Petrol Pump Muktsar

5 Gidderbaha Near A.R. Office, Bhatti Road, Gidderbaha 01637-230848,


6 Malout 1st Floor, Above Bank Of Baroda, Near 01637-262149,

Easyday, G.T. Road, Malout 01637-501149
Sr. Office Phone No
Field Offices Address
No. With Std Code

7 Lambi Opposite Sadar Thana, National Highway No. 01637-240349,

9, Lambi 01637-241649

III Agm Office, Near Children Park Opp. City Center Mall (Big 0164-2217562
Bathinda Cinemas) Civil Lines, Bathinda

1 BATHINDA Near Children Park Opp. City Center Mall (Big 0164-5007937,
Cinemas) Civil Lines, Bathinda 0164-5007932

2 Nathana Ganga Nathana Road, Nathana, Pin Code- 0164-2750251


3 Rampuraphul Shop No. 269,Patiala Mandi,Oppo. Panchayati 01651

Dharamshala,Rampura Phul - 151103 266230,266130

4 Talwandi Sabo Near Khanda Chowk, Bathinda Road , 1655220261

Talwandi Sabo

5 Raman Mandi Ward No.8,Near Goushalla Road Raman 01655-242249

Mandi, Tehsil Talwandi Sabo, Distt Bathinda

IV Agm Office, Near Bansal Oil Petrol Pump, Rambagh Road, 01652-230595
Mansa Mansa

1 MANSA Near Bansal Oil Petrol Pump, Rambagh Road, 01652-232695


2 Budhlada Railway Road, Gurudwara Singh Sabha, 01652-254293


3 Sardulgarh Shop No. 23, 1 st Floor, Grain Market, 01659-250127

Sr. Office Phone No
Field Offices Address
No. With Std Code


V Agm Office, Basement Hdfc Bank, Ferozepur Gt Road, 01636-283436

Moga Moga

1 MOGA Basement Hdfc Bank, Ferozepur Gt Road, 01636-222529


2 Dharamkot Shop No.6, New Grain Market, Dharamkot 01682-222445

142042,Distt- Moga

3 Baghapurana Kotakpura Road, Near Petol Pump, 01636-241427


4 Nihal Singh Paramjit Singh Market, Barnala Road, Nihal 01636-254293

Wala Singh Wala




The Management of the Bank is vested in its Board of Directors, which is constituted, as per
provision of Bye-law No.29 of the Bye-laws of the Bank which states:-

The Board is constituted in the following manner:-

i) A nominee of the State Cooperative Bank;

ii) One representative of NABARD to be nominated by NABARD.
iii) Not more than three officials to be nominated by the State Government as long as the
Government is a share holder;
iv) Registrar of Cooperative Societies or his nominee;
v) One Director from every zone of 5 contiguous member PADBs/Institutions shall be elected
provided if the number of PADBs/Institution is not divisible by 5 the left out member,
PADBs/Institutions shall be included in the adjoining zone in such a way that no zone has more
than 6 member PADBs/Institutions. However, if the number of left out members is more than 2,
a separate zone may be formed. The present Board of Directors has been constituted on
14.07.2016 and the Chairman was elected on 20.07.2016.

The Board of Directors lay down the broad policy guide-lines regarding the working of the Bank.

The present list of the members of the Board of Directors is given below:-

No. Name Designation PADB

1. Sh.D.P. Reddy, IAS Additional Chief Secretary-cum-

Financial Commissioner
Cooperation (Chairman)

2. S.Ravel Singh s/o Joginder Singh Director Amritsar

3. S.Tejinder Singh Middukhera s/o Gurnam Director Lambi


4. S. Jatinder Singh s/o Daljit Singh Director Zira

5. S. Ravinder Singh s/o Avtar Singh Director Jalandhar

6. S. Manmohan Singh s/o Rashpal Singh Director Dera Baba Nanak

7. S. Sucha Singh s/o Naranjan Singh Director Phillaur

No. Name Designation PADB

8. S. Bal Ram s/o Labhu Ram Director Balachaur

9. S. Kanwarpal Singh s/o Des Raj Director Derabassi

10. S. Ajaib Singh s/o Hazara Singh Director Ghanour

11. S. Balwinder Singh s/o Bikkar Singh Director Ludhiana

12. S. Jeet Singh s/o Hakam Singh Director Sangrur

13. S. Bhup Singh s/o Birbal Dass Director Sardulgarh

14. S. Jagtar Singh s/o Ruldu Singh Director Rampuraphul

15. S. Jesrat Singh Sandhoo s/o S. Gurinder Pal Director (Nominee of PSCB C/o The Fazilka
Singh (Nominee of PSCB, Sec 34, Sector 34, Chd.) Central Coop. Bank
Chandigarh) Abohar

16. Principal Secretary,Finance to Govt of Government Nominee

Punjab, Department of Finance, Punjab Civil
Secretariat Chandigarh

17. The Registrar, Cooperative Socities Punjab, Government Nominee


18. Chief General Manager, NABARD, plot NABARD Nominee

No.3, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh

The functioning at the Head Office is run through different Departments. For the purpose of
close supervision of the PADBs, the Bank has appointed one officer of the rank of AGM at each
District Head Quarter and for better coordination three Regional Offices at Jalandhar, Ferozepur
and Patiala have been created, which are manned by the officers of the
status of Deputy General Managers designated as Regional Officers.

S. H.S. Sidhu
Managing Director