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11/24/2017 Practices

PIP's designator system provides for each Practice a clear, understandable identifying code that can be readily
incorporated in a database system and searched by computer.

The eight-character alpha-numeric sequence for each PIP Practice contains identification for the engineering
discipline, the intended audience and the PIP sequential numbering system.

The first two characters identify the Function Team or technology area; for example, "CV" for civil, "PC" for
process control. The third character is a section identifier; two examples: "S" for specification or "I" for
installation details.

The last five characters are reserved for the Function Team use, and vary somewhat from discipline to discipline.
Generally, the fourth and fifth digits are categories or sub-discipline codes, and the last three characters are
sequential numbers for the Practices within a discipline or category (the technology).

Example Practices:

Structural Example (


Civil Example (


Architectural Example (


Available Practices
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Topographic and Plant Surveys Specification

CVS02005 APRIL 2016
Complete Revision

Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Specification

CVS02010 MARCH 2016
Complete Revision

Site Preparation Excavation and Backfill Specification 2/3