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Patient Name: - Rab Dino S/O Mola Bux Age: 50Y Sex: Male Ward No: 12 Bed No: 12 Marital Status: Married
Medical Diagnoses: Hemorrhoids Address : SAKRAND OCCUPATION: Farmer Date: 19--03-2007


Acute pain After 8 hours of 1. Encourage patient to 1. May try to tolerate After 8 hours of
SUBJECTIVE: may nursing report pain. rather than request nursing
I've been be related to interventions, the 2. Assess reports of analgesics. interventions,
having inflammation patient will report abdominal cramping or 2. Changes in pain the
trouble/pain and edema pain is relieved or pain, noting location, characteristics may patient was
pooping as of controlled. duration, intensity (0-10 indicate spread of able
verbalized by prolapsed scale). Investigate and disease or developing to report pain
the varices. report changes in pain complications. was relieved or
patient. characteristics. controlled.
3. Note nonverbal cues
such as restlessness, 3. Body language/nonver
reluctance to move and bal cues may be both
abdominal guarding. physiological and
psychological and may
be used in conjunction
OBJECTIVE: with verbal cues to
• Guarding determine the extent or
behavior 4. Review factors that severity of the problem.
• Restlessnes aggravate or alleviate 4. May pinpoint
s pain. precipitating or
• Facial mask aggravating factors such
of pain as stressful events, food
• V/S taken intolerance or to identify
as follows: 5. Encourage patient to developing
T: 37.2 assume position of complications.
P: 90 comfort. 5. Reduces abdominal
R: 20 tension and promotes
BP: 120/80 6. Provide comfort sense of control.
measures. 6. Promotes relaxation,
refocuses attention, and
may enhance coping
Carpenito. L .J. (1995). Nursing Diagnosis (6th Ed.), New Jersey J.B.Lippincott Company.
Student name: Akbar Ali Arain Discipline B.Sc. N-1(2007-9)