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MasterPozzolith 402R

Set retarding and water reducing concrete admixture

DESCRIPTION Superior finishing characteristic

Controlled retardation depending on the
MasterPozzolith 402R is a ready-to-use, liquid
admixture for producing quality concrete with rate of addition
consistent performance. Provides flexibility in scheduling of
placing and finishing
It reduces the quantity of mixing water required Offset effects of too early hardening
to produce concrete of a given workability with during extended delays between mixing
greater economy for a given strength. The and placing.
retarding nature of the admixture also aids Helps eliminate cold joints
placing and finishing of concrete. Lower peak temperature and/or rate of
MasterPozzolith 402R meets ASTM temperature rise in mass concrete
C494/C494M 08a Type B (Retarding) and reduces thermal cracking
Type D (water-reducing and retarding)
admixtures. It does not contain chloride- based DOSAGE
ingredients and will not initiate or promote Master Pozzolith 402R admixture is
corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete. recommended for use at the rate of 200 - 400 ml
FIELDS OF APPLICATION per 100 kg of cementitious content for most
concrete mixes using typical concrete ingredients.

MasterPozzolith 402R RT admixture is Because of variations in job conditions and
recommended for use in all types of concrete concrete materials, dosage rates other than
where moderate to extended retardation of set recommended amounts may be required. In
and improved performance are desired. The such cases, contact your local Master Builders
admixture improves workability of pumped Solutions representatives.
concrete, shotcrete (wet mix) and conventionally
placed concrete. PACKAGING

MasterPozzolith 402R can be used with high
MasterPozzolith 402R is available in 205L
content of manufactured sand and with air drum, IBC 1,000 L and in bulk delivery.
entraining admixtures approved under ASTM.
When used in conjunction with another SHELF LIFE
admixture, each admixture must be dispensed
separately into the mix. By itself, Master MasterPozzolith 402R admixture has a minimum

Pozzolith 402R admixture does not entrain air. shelf life of 12 months. Depending on storage

conditions, the shelf life may be greater than
Concrete produced with MasterPozzolith 402R stated. Please contact you Master Builders
admixture will have appreciable strength Solutions representative regarding suitability for
development after initial set occurs. If retardation use and dosage recommendations if the shelf life of
is within the normal ASTM C 494/C494M 08a MasterPozzolith

402R admixture has been

types B and D specifications, MasterPozzolith exceeded.
402R admixture will develop higher early (24
hours) and higher ultimate strengths than plain PRECAUTIONS
concrete when used within the recommended
dosage range and under normal, comparable Health: MasterPozzolith 402R does not
curing conditions. contain any hazardous substances requiring
labelling. It is safe for use with standard
FEATURES AND BENEFITS precautions followed in the construction industry,

such as use of hand gloves, safety goggles, etc.
MasterPozzolith 402R used at optimum For detailed Health, Safety and Environmental
dosage enhances the performance of concrete recommendations, please consult and follow a
providing the following special qualities: instructions in the product Material Safety Data
Improved workability Sheet.
Reduced segregation
MasterPozzolith 402R

AN/ Master Pozzolith 402R //v1/190313

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