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emotional or weak. You are case-hardened.

Nor is it natural for

lawyers to love their enemies.
Love and Lawyering to Save A Soul Everything I am working for right now seems to be the
complete opposite of my mission.
But it is not, because:
Being lost is easily done. Ive been there. Youve probably Number 1, I love the law. Second is that I cannot stay in my
been there too. comfort zone living out my mission of giving love and third is that I
This is the state of not being in the place where you feel am not like the others.
you are meant to be. Like youre misplaced or left behind or My choice of being a lawyer is a privilege to try unchartered
underdeveloped. A runner who lost his legs may feel this. The waters. How often does God call someone to share love in the legal
painter who became blind may notice this. The musician who turned system?
deaf ponders over this. The funny thing is that Ive always wanted to be a lawyer
In fact, this could happen to just about everyone. Whether since I was a kid but I recently found my life purpose, 3 years ago.
youre the manager working day and night or the housewife who had Its only a means of fashioning your career.
every potential to be a professional or the beggar on the street. Im not about to ignore Gods calling because I have set my
As for law students, we get lost in our studies. life straight from the very beginning to become a lawyer.
Its a good kind of lost. The exception to the rule, probably. The desire came from Him, I know. Nobody gives you the
Investment, a voice in my head whispers. drive to want something if not for good reasons (except lust, as we
The downside of it, though, is that it is a transient know it, people get tired eventually of lasciviousness. Its an itch, not
distraction. Knowledge is not everything nor is studying the most a drive).
important aspect of life. Nor is intellect as worthy. There are far The law is what I want. God wants me to share His love.
greater and more essential things than the success that we seek. Eh sino mag-aadjust? Hehe joke lang.
Law and law school is not all there is. I realized later on that my legal career will be more than
I ask, then what is? just the usual lawyering. It is for a plan, more diverse than man-
What is the most important thing in life? made rules of conduct, deeper than my want for it. More than
Case to case basis, for a lawyers answer. society, more than pleasing myself, more than battles against other
Love, for my answer. lawyers, more than excellence.
Love is what I hold dear the most. It is Gods command. Gods glory.
Three years ago, I found my life purpose. It was a seed planted for me to use. The tool, the vehicle
It was so simple, so easy, yet requires a lot. for my life mission.
It asked of me to shift my whole life of dreams and pursuit. Everything was laid before me. I knew what I wanted to be,
To love. I knew where I was going but before I didnt know what it was for.
Thats it. 2 words. I am called to touch lives.
Never had it been so clear to me. I had been living my I am called to lead by example.
mission all my life - the purpose of my existence was for love. I am called to save souls.
Its not even law. I am called to prove, futile I may be, but strong in
Sometimes, it makes me laugh on my own. Law school is a determination, to show people that it is possible, still, to choose love
never ending meat grinder. Love and law does not go well together, over and over again EVEN BY BEING A LAWYER.
and yet I am here. Inflicting self-pain. I am called to tell people that the things we do in law
I am not lost. Every bone in my body knows it. My heart cannot be so far from love.
knows it, and that makes me glad. It is inseparable.
The thing is, there is a plan. A divine, blessed plan It is interconnected.
designed just for you and I. Customized, they say; personalized, It is love in another form, in a different name.
some proclaim. It is love in the most limited thing we can give, because we
Everything that happens in my life, every second, every are humans.
twists and turns of fate, I know, leads to my life purpose. Even law Voice for the oppressed, help for the poor, order for chaos,
school. peace, liberty and civility.
Law is not the end in itself. It is the means. My law life revolves around love, as long as I look with
Why love? eyes of belief.
Because it is a manifestation of God. To give love and As I entered law school, I came with me more than want of
share love, in thoughts, words and action is the only human thing I being a lawyer.
can do - to show the world God. It is His character, His being. It is so Some days, I get so exhausted I lose sight of all this but
everyone may know God through me. when I look up the sky, I get reminded.
I know it sounds absurd. Love is a charitys profession Law will not turn me into a monster. I refuse to.
which has no room in law. In law, there is only justice.
To be honest, being a lawyer is not just mere concern for
the general public. Law requires resilience and resolute. It is a
ruthless profession and unless you are willing to be hell-bent on
moving forward, the tide leaves you. You cannot waver when faced
front with other lawyers and you are not allowed to be tired or