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Kate Van Den Brink

BA1041 009
Theresa Little
12 November 2017
Academic Narrative

As of now (late-October 2017/mid-November 2017), I plan on majoring in finance.

Before I decided to go the business route (as opposed to the engineering route), I knew that if I

did business, I would want to do something with Finance. I was never interested in anything like

Marketing or Economics or Insurance or Real Estate. Also, because I am very math-science

brained, numbers and math just make sense to me. I am very analytical and enjoy solving

problems that have concrete data, information, and results. Additionally, as I am not a natural

people-person, I thought that Finance would give me the opportunity to talk when I needed to

(ex: with clients, analysts, team members, etc.), but not be so reliant on people as something like

Marketing may be (I know I may be thinking a little abstractly, but this is what makes sense to

me). Through talking with professionals and hearing company presentations I have learned that

the people in charge of the finances and the money of the company are some of the most

knowledgeable and aware of all employees. This is because everyone company needs money to

fund whatever they may be doing, in addition to all the other expenses it costs just to run the

company (whether thats buildings, employees, supplies, etc.). And I like this aspect. Though

some people may view this as an unfavorable trait, I acknowledge the benefit of knowing as

much as I can about something, all its ins and outs. So, if I were to go into Finance, I would have

the opportunity to know much of what there is to know for the company (though maybe not right

away). Ill have to ability to meet with all departments as budgeting and analyzing the costs of

activities is an important to saving the company money and growing its profits.

Listening to Dr. Appeadu, I was reassured that I will be successful in a financial career.

He spoke on three attributes: competence, integrity, and passion to serve people. In my day-to-
Kate Van Den Brink
BA1041 009
Theresa Little
12 November 2017
day life, I try to be more than competent, learning as much as I can about and excelling in

whatever I am doing. I also value integrity, which goes along with honesty: I do not like people

that lie or scam or pretend to be better than they actually or try to change who they are just to

cozy up to with someone. I have also volunteered for much of my life, and I love helping people

and seeing the difference I can make in their life, whether its large or small. As he also touched

on the definition of finance, it solidified the fact that I am very interested in doing something

with money, whether thats banking, investments, assets, etc.

I certainly do not know much about the field of finance now, but I can only hope to gain

more awareness through courses and co-oping/interning in the field (which is why, in my

academic plan, there are spaces without classes). On that note as well, I plan to not have another

back-to-back semester of school after my freshman year. It is my plan that I either take an

internship in the field or study abroad. During the internship, I may also be able to take classes,

but it depends on the depth and location of the job. As for complementing the Finance, per

suggestions from my family and other people in the field, I plan on double-majoring in

Accounting to gain a better, all-encompassing view on how the companys money is looked at.

The skills and theories learned in Accounting will make me more competent to analyze and solve

problems in the financial field. Maureen Bruns presentation on Accounting also solidified its

compatibility not only with Finance, but with my personality as it requires analytical, organized,

and detail-oriented people.

As for the electives chosen, in Finance I may be interested in the Analytic Finance

Academy track because I think the challenge and the content will prepare me best for jobs down

the road. Dr. Appeadu also described it as something for ambitious high-achievers, offering more
Kate Van Den Brink
BA1041 009
Theresa Little
12 November 2017
advanced training. I always try to know the most I can possibly know and be the best I can

possibly be, so this seems to be a good thing for me to try. Because I am interested in the

innerworkings of how a company makes and (efficiently) uses their monetary assets, I think

Portfolio Management (where the companys assets may be found), Alternative Investments

(how assets can be used to increase assets), and Markets and Trading (learning how the market

and stocks may influence the companys assets) would be interesting. It is also essential to

understand risk, hence Risk Management. And I think the knowledge of the content in Mergers-

Acquisitions will be beneficial as companies are bought and sold all the time, so an awareness of

the processes behind this would be helpful. I also plan to study abroad, so I hope that a course I

take can be translated over to International Finance.

As for Accounting, there are no free electives; all the courses are required to fulfill the

major. I also do not need to take any free electives in general because I came in with credit. The

only additional general education courses I need to take are the second level English course and

the business core classes (such as communications and study abroad/language).

Going back to why I chose Finance, I want to clarify that I am have no idea what I want

to do. I dont know where I want to see myself in the next four, five, ten years. During the

Finance major presentation, I was presented with the four traditional paths of Finance: corporate

finance, investment banking, investments and wealth management, and banking and financial

services. Of these, I still dont have an idea of which way I am leaning. Ideally, I want to be

knowledgeable and competent in every area, but I know that is very unrealistic. And in the

coming months, too, I hope to find aspects of Finance that Im really not interested in, which will

help me narrow down my path. I would also like to gain a title, but I dont know if I would like
Kate Van Den Brink
BA1041 009
Theresa Little
12 November 2017
to be a CFP or CFA or CAIA. There also is a lot of studying and preparation required for these

distinctions, which I would have to balance with either schoolwork or my actual job. So we will

see where I end up and what I end up doing. It will be fascinating to look back in a few years and

see where Ive come from and the path I ultimately took.