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8 Fruit, delicious fruit!

Lesson 1

14 Follow the footprints. 15 Listen and sing the song.

This is a melon. This is a plum.
And these are strawberries, too
Fruit is sweet and delicious
Fruit is good for you!

This is a pineapple. This is a pear.
And these are cherries, too
Fruit is sweet and delicious
grapes Fruit is good for you!
This is a kiwi. This is a peach.
peach And these are raspberries, too
Fruit is sweet and delicious
Fruit is good for you!

strawberry Look, draw and say.

1 2


pineapple 3 4

5 6


Its a strawberry.

Theyre grapes.
62 Lesson 1 Vocabulary presentation
Lesson 2
CD3 T he coconut
17 Listen and act out the story.

1 Its a long way to the village. 2 Mmm! They look delicious!

Im very hungry.
Me, too! What are those
red things?

Stop! Dont eat those

Lets go and see! red berries! Theyre poisonous!

Who are you? Can you help us? Wow! Youre brilliant!
3 4 Were very hungry.
Im Mowgli. I live
Heres the
in the village. Would you like coconut. Are you
a coconut? ready to catch it?

Oh! Yes, please!
Oh! Amazing! Its the next piece of the map!
6 Watch out! 7
And the coconut is delicious!


Follow the
footprints map!
Go to the Pirate Camp!

Lesson 2 Language input and story 63

Lesson 3

18 Listen, circle and say.

1 2

3 4

Would you like a pear?

Yes, please!

Make and play with the picture cards. (Activity Book page 93)
Would you like some grapes? Would you like a peach?

Yes, please!

Here you are.

No, thank you.
Thank you!

Would you like a / some ? Yes, please. / No, thank you.

64 Lesson 3 Communication and grammar Here you are. Thank you.
Lesson 4

19 Listen and say the chant.

Whats that?
Can you guess?
Its big, green and sweet
And its nice to eat!
Its a
What are those?
Can you guess?
Theyre small, green and sweet
And theyre nice to eat!
Its big, yellow and sweet
Theyre small, red and sweet

Look, ask and say.

Whats that? Its a coconut.

What are those? Theyre raspberries.


21 Listen and say.

Frodos Peter prefers peaches to pears!

Polly prefers pineapples to plums!
word fun

Whats that? Its a

What are those? Theyre Lesson 4 Communication, grammar and pronunciation 65
earn about
Where is fruit from? L
How does fruit grow?

Lesson 5

22 Read, tick (4) and listen.

Fruit is from plants. Plants grow from seeds.
Some fruit grows on trees.
Some fruit grows on bushes.
Some fruit grows on the ground.
Some fruit has one big stone.
Some fruit has lots of small seeds.
Do they grow on trees?
1 2 3 4

apples peaches strawberries grapes
5 6 7 8

oranges melons raspberries cherries

Play a game.
Pears! Yes! They grow on trees!

66 Lesson 5 Content input

the world around you!
Lesson 6
CD3 ien
23 Match, listen and say. ce
1 2 3 4 5 6

a b c d e f

Whats that? Its a peach stone.

What are those? Theyre apple seeds.

Draw, write and say.

Whats your favourite fruit?
My favourite
fruit is


Lesson 6 Content and personalisation 67

lture corne
Lesson 7 Cu r


24 Listen and sing the song.

Bananas in pyjamas
Are coming down the stairs
Bananas in pyjamas
Are coming down in pairs
Bananas in pyjamas
Are chasing teddy bears
For tonight theyre trying
to catch them unawares!
Fruit is good for you!

Play Fruit salad!


68 Lesson 7 Childrens culture

Lesson 8

27 Listen and put on the stickers. Write the words.

peach grapes cherries raspberries kiwi plum strawberries pineapple melon pear

1 3 1 Whats that?
2 Its a melon .
2 What are those?
Theyre .
3 Whats that?
4 Its a .
5 4 What are those?
Theyre .
5 Whats that?
Its a .
7 6 Would you like a ?
Yes, please.
7 Would you like some ?
8 Yes, please.
8 Would you like a ?
9 Yes, please.
10 9 Would you like a ?
Yes, please.
10 Would you like some ?
Yes, please.

Look, write and say. coconut grapes pineapple strawberries

1 2 3 4

1 Its a pineapple . 2 Theyre .

3 . 4 .

Lesson 8 Unit review / All About Me Portfolio Booklet 69