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innovative solutions for global use

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On our website we provide you with comprehensive details of our lighting
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Great Ideas, Reliable Solutions,
Perfect Lighting: R. STAHL!

Do you need reliable and safe lighting solutions On the next few pages, discover our:
for rough operating conditions and areas at risk
- linear luminaires
of explosion?
- tubular light fittings
Our innovative and internationally certified products - floodlights
will delight you with their: - hand lamps
- compact light fittings
- efficiency
- emergency lighting / central battery units
- ease of maintenance
- individual turnkey solutions
- vibration resistance
- software for lighting planning
- seawater resistance
- broad temperature range

Germany: LED lighting technology for heavy land-based drilling rigs

Land-based drilling rigs suitable for global operation need to have specialist lighting
technology. The luminaires must cover a broad temperature range, must be space-
saving, and resistant to vibration and seismic movement. The slimline LED tubular
light fittings 6036 and 6039 are pre-destined for this kind of application. They are easy
to install, are virtually zero-maintenance units and are characterized by their
long service life.

Italy: 10-fold service life at extremely high ambient temperatures

Due to high ambient temperatures and the lamp technology employed, the service
life was less than 5,000 operating hours. Our ingeniously designed driver technology
with temperature management in our LED luminaires enables these systems to be
used in high ambient temperatures. Even at +70C the service life of the LED pendant
light fitting 6050/5 and that of the LED tubular light fitting 6039 can last up to 60,000
operating hours.

Germany: Lighting system promotes safety in the chemical industry

The existing lighting in a chemical plant failed to deliver the recommended lighting
intensity defined in standard DIN EN 12464-1 Lighting of workplaces - workplaces in
interior locations. In response to this, R. STAHL created a new lighting concept. The
linear luminaire EXLUX 6400 satisfies the requirements for various different working
areas. Good lighting enables production operations to run without malfunction, and labels
are identified with a zero error rate. Good visibility of stairs and obstacles contributes to
passive health & safety at work (H&SW).

Global Projects
Success stories from R. STAHL

Australia: Inspection in plant reduces on-site cost

Explosion-protected products with ignition protection status nR (restricted breathing)

require a vacuum test to be conducted after installation. We developed an nR solution
that greatly simplifies the on-site installation work for the operator. This solution is
used e.g. in our pendant light fitting 6470. After installation of the lighting, all that is
required is a visual inspection.

India: LED linear luminaires combine cost savings with future-proofing.

Our new LED linear luminaires EXLUX 6002, zone 1 and EXLUX 6402, zone 2 are con-
vincing with a service life of up to 100,000 operating hours and illumination efficiency
of 115 lm/W. At consistent illuminance and reduced current intake, the LED linear
luminaire replaces its counterpart for fluorescent lighting.

Bright, Brighter, LED!
R.STAHL Lights in tune with the latest trends

Ever since the efficiency of white LEDs has exceeded the efficiency
of conventional light sources, R. STAHL has been offering also LED
luminaires for general lighting. Apart from explosion protection,
state-of-the-art solutions for light sources and electronic equipment
play a decisive role.
LED luminaires from R. STAHL have a large number of tangible
benefits that are unique on the market. Consider in particular the
facts that are important for your system, such as service life,
efficiency, weight and temperature range!

LED Inspection Light 6149/2 LED Tubular Light Fitting 6036 LED Tubular Light Fitting 6039


Page 16 Page 8 Page 8

Very Low Light- Extreme Long Very Low Light- Extreme Long Very Low Light- Extreme Long
economical maintenance weight temperatures service life economical maintenance weight temperatures service life economical maintenance weight temperatures service life

LED Portable Lamp 6148 LED Linear Luminaire 6002 LED Pendant Light Fitting 6050

Page 16 Page 9 Page 15

Very Low Light- Extreme Long Very Low Light- Extreme Long Very Low Light- Extreme Long
economical maintenance weight temperatures service life economical maintenance weight temperatures service life economical maintenance weight temperatures service life

LED Tubular Light Fittings & Linear Luminaires

LED Tubular Light Fitting 6036 The versatile pioneer among LED lighting: 6036 LED
tubular light fitting

The LED tubular light fitting 6036 is a very lightweight and vibration-
resistant light with high-performance LEDs based on an innovative
design. Nevertheless, it is characterized by outstanding ruggedness.
In everyday working life, they can be used as general lighting. The
LED tubular light fitting 6036 is distinguished by an extremely long
service life and very low weight.

+60 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6036A
-40 C ZONE 2/22

LED Tubular Light Fitting 6039 The smallest LED tubular light fitting

The LED tubular light fitting 6039 is at the same technological

status as the LED tubular light fitting 6036. Its advantage lies in
the different variants of connected load. It is available for 12 V DC,
24 ... 48 V AC/DC and 110 ... 240 V AC/DC.

+70 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6036A
-40 C ZONE 2/22

LED Linear Luminaire EXLUX 6002

The EXLUX 6002 linear luminaire is the new flagship

product, equipped with LED high-performance technology.

This luminaire combines all of the advantages of safe and economical High-quality LED modules and the related ballast guarantee very
illumination of zones 1 and 21: at the same lighting intensity and lower long service life of up to 100,000 hours. Also at extreme ambient
power intake, the LED linear luminaire replaces its counterpart for flu- temperatures, this luminaire delivers its service with great reliability.
orescent lamps 2 x 18 W or 2 x 36 W. At the same time, EXLUX 6002 is
easy to maintain and cuts operating costs by virtue of its superlative The EXLUX 6002 is intended for use on drilling rigs, in refineries
energy efficiency. and buildings.

With the compact new enclosure, weight is reduced by about one With the accessories offer, a bulkhead mounting, or even as a
third. The robust enclosure satisfies the requirements for degree of pole mounted light fitting, are all entirely feasible options.
protection IP66/67, enabling it to resist powerful jets of water and
brief periods of immersion.

+55 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6002A
-30 C ZONE 2/22

LED linear luminaire EXLUX 6402: example with leading

technology for zone 2/22
LED Linear Luminaire EXLUX 6402
The EXLUX 6402 LED linear luminaire can be used as a bulkhead light
fitting or as pole mounted light fitting. The efficient and long-life LED
technology replaces luminaires with 2 x 18 W or 2 x 36 W fluorescent
lamps. Thanks to its central lock and its LED module, LEDs and ballast
fitted on a replaceable panel, the luminaire is extremely easy to maintain.

+55 C

WebCode 6402A
-30 C ZONE 2/22

Linear Luminaires
The robust generation of linear luminaires for fluorescent lamps
EXLUX 6001 and 6009 certified in acc. with IECEX 60079-0 (dated 2007-10)
has been designed for long-term and future-proof service. The emergency
lighting variant EXLUX 6009 simplifies maintenance through
automatic self-tests.

EXLUX 6001 The EXLUX 6001 can be installed as a bulkhead light fitting or as
a pole mounted light fitting. The luminaire for fluorescent lamps is
available in versions 2 x 18 W, 2 x 36 W and 2 x 58 W and serves
as general lighting.

+60 C ZONE 1/21

Convertible to LED
LED with upgrade kit
WebCode 6001A
-30 C ZONE 2/22

Emergency Luminaire EXLUX 6009 The emergency luminaire for fluorescent lamps EXLUX 6009 is availa-
ble in versions 2 x 18 W and 2 x 36 W. The central lock that shuts
down all terminals on the power supply can be used for replacing
lamps and the battery without disconnecting the lighting from the
mains. The weekly function test and the annual operating period test
support maintenance. A status LED signals the status of the lamp.

+50 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6009A
-30 C ZONE 2/22

The enclosure of the linear luminaire 6600 consists of glass-
fibre-reinforced polyester resin and the translucent cover consists
of impact-resistant polycarbonate. Fast-acting connections enable
the luminaire to open and close rapidly. Frequently, this luminaire is
used for general lighting

+55 C ZONE 21

WebCode 6600A
-25 C ZONE 2/22

The Economy model has an internal battery and an emergency

light service of 1.5 hours. The emergency service life of the standard
version is variable, with a choice of anywhere between 1.5 and 3.0
hours. An external battery box facilitates fast and simple replace-
ment of the battery.

+50 C ZONE 21

WebCode 6608A/6608B
-20 C ZONE 2/22

Sheet Steel Light Fittings
ECOLUX Metal 6010/6610 The sheet steel light fitting 6010/6610 is equipped with a glass panel
made of plastic and complies with the new IECEx standard. Its special
design is particularly suitable for use on ships and platforms. The
enclosure is available in the variants of powder-coated sheet steel
as well as stainless steel S304 or S316.

+60 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6010A/6610A
-20 C ZONE 2/22

Sheet Steel Luminaire 6014/6414 The sheet steel luminaire 6014/6414 can be used as pendant light
fitting. With available accessories, it can be used as a wall-mounted
light or as a built-in luminaire.

+60 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6014B/6414B
-35 C ZONE 2/22

The sheet steel emergency luminaires 6018/6418 are designed for

Sheet Steel Emergency Luminaire 6018/6418 emergency lighting service for 1.5 or for 3.0 hours. The weekly function
test and the choice of annual endurance operational test facilitate
maintenance work. The low-charge failsafe and the charge voltage
limitation protect the battery against premature failure.

+55 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6018B/6418B
-30 C ZONE 2/22

Sheet Steel Luminaire 6012/6412 The sheet steel luminaire with an installation height of just 80 mm is
ideally suited for installation in flat suspended ceilings. With accesso-
ries, this luminaire can also be installed in clean rooms.

+60 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6012B/6412B
-35 C ZONE 2/22
Compact Light Fittings

The compact light fitting 6100 for general lighting and 6108 for Compact Light Fitting 6100
emergency lighting are suitable for bulkhead mounting locations.
When used as escape route lighting, these are equipped during manu-
Compact Emergency Luminaire 6108
facture with a choice of escape sign. With an internal switch, the all-ter-
minal switch-off on the power supply is assured whenever the lighting
units are opened up.

+50 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6100A/6108A
-20 C ZONE 2/22

The enclosure of the compact sheet steel light fitting is available in two Compact Sheet Steel Light Fitting 6114
variants: powder-coated sheet steel and stainless steel S304 or S316.
They are equipped with the same functions as the compact light fittings
Compact Sheet Steel Emergency Luminaire 6118
6100 and 6118 respectively.

+55 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6114B/6118B
-30 C

The bulkhead light fitting 6388 is suitable for general-purpose lamps of Bulkhead Light Fitting 6388/6788
up to 100 W and halogen incandescent lamps of up to 150 W. Connection
can involve In/Out wiring. This prevents the need for installing additional
junction boxes.

+60 C ZONE 1

WebCode 6388A/6788A
-20 C ZONE 2


Floodlight 6121 The 6121 floodlight used for gas group IIC is available for halogen
incandescent lamps (QT) up to 500 W as well as for sodium vapour
high-pressure lamps (HST) or metal vapour lamps (HIT) up to 400 W.
The externally mounted enclosure for the ballast permits applications
at ambient temperatures of up to +60 C. The inclined angle can be
adjusted in 15 increments. Specialist materials for reflector and glass
pane increase lighting efficiency.

+60 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6121B
-60 C ZONE 2/22

Floodlight 6521 Floodlight 6521/4 is certified with type of protection nR. The advantage
is a great selection of lighting types and lamp performance levels.
Variant 6521/5 is approved for type of protection nA. The choice of
lamps is restricted to 250 W or 400 W sodium vapour high-pressure
lamps. The advantage is the low cost of installation and maintenance
because no inspection has to be carried out for restricted breathing.
The enclosures of both floodlight variants are available in powder-
coated sheet steel and stainless steel S304 or S316.

+50 C ZONE 21

WebCode 6521B/6521C
-50 C ZONE 2/22

Pendant Light Fittings & Tank Inspection Lights
The enclosure of the pendant light fitting 6050 comprises a seawater-
resistance aluminium alloy. There is also the option of a powder coa-
Pendant Light Fitting 6050
ting. In variants 6050/1 and 6050/3 there is a big selection of lighting
power and lighting types. The LED pendant light fitting 6050/5 with
luminous flux of 5300 lm and a total power intake rating of 65 W is
particularly efficient. The combination of internal and external reflector
offers a great variety of lighting patterns. Both reflectors are optional.

+55 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6050A
-40 C ZONE 2/22

A particular feature of the pendant light fitting 6470 is the diverse

range of variants for the enclosure cover. These offer scope for instal-
Pendant Light Fitting 6470
ling the lighting as a pole mounted light fitting, luminaire with bulkhead
boom, or as a pendant light fitting. The pendant light fitting variant can
also be mounted with two brackets, directly on the ceiling or with a
bracket for pivot-mounting on bulkheads.

+55 C ZONE 21

WebCode 6470A
-50 C ZONE 2/22

The tank inspection light 6121 can be mounted with tilting hinges,
mounting brackets or flange collars. It has a corrosion-resistant light
Tank Inspection Light 6122
alloy enclosure and can either have a cast connecting cable or a
connection chamber. Primarily, this light is used for the illumination
of storage tanks, stirred reactors, distillation columns or through-flow
inspection window fittings.

+40 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6122A
-20 C ZONE 2/22

Hand Lamps

LED Portable Lamp 6148 The LED portable lamp 6148 delivers convincingly long battery service
life and a lighting head that can be swivelled through 190. With a
190 weight of less than 1.6 kg, it can be worn comfortably for an extended
period. The battery, which can be recharged in 12 hours, can operate
the high-beam lighting LEDs for up to 8 hours, or the low-beam lighting
LEDs for up to 20 hours. Up to 2 lenses can be stored inside the porta-
ble lamp. These are available in various colours. The engagement/
disengagement functions, flashing and dimming of high-beam LEDs
and engagement/disengagement of low-beam LEDs are selected by
actuating an ergonomically fitted pushbutton.
+50 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6148A
-20 C ZONE 2/22

LED Inspection Light 6149/2 The LED inspection light 6149/2 is suitable for connecting 12 V DC,
24 voltages ... 48 V AC/DC and 110 ... 240 V AC/DC. A locking attach-
ment hook and an immobiliser inhibit in the handle help the user to
direct the light beam for the illumination task. The use of high-quality
LEDs guarantees long service life.

+60 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6149B
-40 C ZONE 2/22

The hand lamp 6141/61 for alkaline batteries with degree of
protection IP 68 is in possession of ATEX and IECEx approval.
LED Hand Lamp 6141/61
The lamp used is an LED.

This hand lamp is extremely compact and very lightweight.

+40 C ZONE 1

WebCode 6141B
-20 C ZONE 2

The hand lamp 6141/62 for alkaline batteries with degree of

protection IP 68 is waterproof and is in possession of ATEX and
LED Hand Lamp 6141/62
IECEx approval. The lamp used is an LED.

This model is characterized by a longer LED service life and a

higher luminous intensity.

+40 C ZONE 1/21

WebCode 6141B
-20 C ZONE 2/22

Emergency Lighting Technology
Group and Central Battery Units

System Circuit Diagram for FZB Central Battery

FZB Central Battery Unit
The FZB range of central battery units provides the controllers for
your safety technology. The freely programmable system permits
flexible design and simple installation with adaptation for optimum
switch variants for your general lighting. Plug-in end current circuit
modules guarantee redundancy and safety. The connected safety
technology is individually addressed or current-monitored and are
continuously monitored by the system.

Group Battery System

The compact, freely programmable, microprocessor-controlled
group battery system defined in accordance with DIN VDE 0108-100
is suitable for individual and group monitoring of lighting. The system
can be designed for one-hour or three-hour operation. The safety and
escape symbol lighting is checked automatically and the result is saved
in the electronic inspection log.

Installation Equipment

R.STAHL offers one of the widest product ranges of explosion-

protected components and equipment for the supply, connection
and distribution of electrical power. We supply certified products
for a vast and diverse range of installation technologies.
Our portfolio offers you suitable installation accessories
for connecting all lights.

1 3 5 7

2 4 6

1 Switch ConSig 8040, large rotary actuator, lockable

2 Installation switch 8030
3 Switch ConSig 8040, small rotary actuator
4 Switch ConSig 8040, pushbutton
5 Junction box 8118
6 Terminal box Ex d aluminium 8252
7 Plug and socket device 8570

Light calculation using R.STAHLs planning software

During the planning phases of construction projects and/or

the modernization of industrial facilities, lighting is increasingly
becoming a focal point of attention. The aim of lighting is to
provide assistance to human activities and it is therefore
governing by defined standards and guidelines. With ezyLum
and our plug-in catalogue, you will obtain the optimum
calculation for your lighting needs. You can also obtain a
free software and plug-in catalogue from

System requirements
> Processor: P IV or later
> Frequency: 1.4 GHz or faster
> Main memory: 1GB RAM
> Graphic card: OpenGL able graphic card
> Resolution: 1280 x 1024 px

Supported operating systems

> Windows Vista
> Windows XP
> Windows 7

R. STAHLs convenient ezyLum software allows you to plan lighting
indoors and outdoors (incl. street lighting). It allows you to reproduce
any building geometry and various lighting scenarios. Whether you
want to import drawings or export the planned lighting: ezyLum
contains time-saving functions in 26 languages.

Our support team will be pleased to plan and support you.

With our plug-in catalogue including filter functions, you remain
at the latest status.

The export function enables you to transmit lighting data to ezyLum

in German or English (other language versions are being produced
at this time).

System requirements
> Processor: P IV or higher
> Frequency: 1.4 GHz or higher
> Memory: 1GB RAM
> Graphics card: OpenGL-capable
> Resolution: 1280 x 1024 px

Supported operating systems:

> Windows Vista

> Windows XP
> Windows 7

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