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Vocabulary + Definitions English for Business Studies

14 Banking debit card Bankomatkarte

mortgages Hypotheken

debt Schulden

mortgages-backed security hypotheken-gesicherte Wertpapiere

collateralized debt obligation besicherte Schuldverschreibung

pension funds Pension Fond

mutual funds Anlagefond

credit rating Kreditfhigkeit

default Zahlungsverzug

collateralized besichert

loan Darlehen

write off Abschreibung

property Besitz

asset Vermgenswert

overdraft berziehungskredit

stockbrokers Aktienhndler

bankrupt bankrott

deregulation Deregulierung

conglomerate Grokonzern

interest Zinsen

debit Schulden

cash flow Liquiditt

shares Anteile

bonds Anleihe

15 Venture capital persuade berzeugen

appendix Anhang

competition Konkurrenz

competitive advantage Wettbewerbsfhigkeit

sustainable nachhaltig

cater to ausrichten

Vocabulary + Definitions English for Business Studies

sales forecast Umsatzprognose

break-even point Rentabilittsschwelle

projections Prognosen

requirements Voraussetzungen

implementation plan Durchfhrungsplan

distribution Verteilung

founder Grnder

business record Werdegang

appointed bestimmt

briefly kurz

inadequate ungeeignet

emphasizing betonend

venture Risiko

implementation Umsetzung

advertising Werbung

personnel Personal

establish herstellen, grnden

16 Bonds issue erstellen

stock market Aktienmarkt

internally intern

equity finance Eigenkapital-Finanzierung

maturity date Flligkeitsdatum

interest payment Zinszahlung

coupon Zinsschein

stocks Aktien, Anteile

debt financing Fremdfinanzierung

deductible abzugsfhig

deduct abziehen

dividends Dividenden (Gewinnausschttung)

treasury Finanzministerium

obliged verpflichtet

Vocabulary + Definitions English for Business Studies

tax revenue Steuerertrag

insufficient unzureichend

treasury note Banknoten, Bundesanleihen

treasury bonds Staatsanleihen

maturity Laufzeit

yield Gewinn

principal Kapitalsumme

17 Stocks and shares recession Rckgang

tech bubble .com Blase Spekulationsblase

geared to abgestimmt auf

demand verlangen Nachfrage

bear market Markt mit stetig fallenden Preisen

trade handeln

rocket hochschiessen

revelation Offenbarung

upped hinaufgeschoben

revive wiederbeleben

slip on ausrutschen

looming sich anbahnend

plummet abstrzen

advanced vorgerckt

bailout Notverkauf

plunge strzen

19 Accounting and accounting Buchhaltung

financial statements
financial statement Vermgensbilanz

expenditure Aufwand / Ausgabe

liability Verbindlichkeit / Passivposten

account Forderung

asset Aktivposten

revenue Einnahme

debit Soll / Schuldposten

Vocabulary + Definitions English for Business Studies

credit haben

debt Verbindlichkeit / Passivposten

current laufend aktuell

intangible immateriell

tangible materiell

accrued fllig

deferred verzgert / zurckgestellt

incurred anfallen

receivable ausstehend

accounts receivable Forderungen

invoiced in Rechnung gestellt

postponed aufgeschoben

payable zahlbar

retained einbehalten

auditing Wirtschaftsprfung

bookkeeping Buchfhrung

cost accounting Betriebsabrechnung

creative accounting Bilanzkosmetik

managerial / managment
internes Rechnungswesen

tax accounting Bilanzsteuerrecht

expenses Kosten

Vocabulary + Definitions English for Business Studies

1 Managment

consultant Berater a person who provides expert advice to a company

crisis Krise a situation of danger or difficulty

innovation Neuerung a new idea or method

objective Ziel something you plan to do or achieve

promotion Befrderung when someone is raised to a higher or more important position

public sector the section of the economy under government control

strategy Strategie a plan for achieving success

subordinate Untergebener a person with a less important position in an organization

2 Work and Motivation

labour interactions between employers and employees, or managers and
relations workers

job security knowing that there is little risk of losing ones employment

wages Lhne money paid (per hour or day or week) to manual workers

benefits Zusatzleistungen advantages that come with a job, apart from pay

incentives Anreiz things that encourage people to do something

promotion Befrderung to be raised to a higher rank or better job

unskilled ungelernt without any particular abilities acquired by training

job rotation regularly switching between different tasks

corporate Unternehmens- a companys shared attitudes, beliefs, practices and work

culture kultur relationships

3 Company structure

hierarchy or a system of authority with different levels, one above the other, e.g.
chain of Weisungskette series of managment positions, whose holders can make decisions,
command or give orders and instructions

function Ttigkeit a specific activity in a company, e.g. production, marketing, finance

independent, able to take decisions without consulting someone at

autonomous selbststndig
the same level or higher in the chain of command

Weisungs- the power to give instructions to people at the level below in the
line authority befugnis chain of command

jdm. unterstellt
to report to to be responsible to someone and to take instructions from them

Vocabulary + Definitions English for Business Studies

to give someone else responsibility for doing something instead of

to delegate abordnen

7 The different sectors of the economy

exported Exportwaren products sold to other countries


property: buildings such as offices, houses, flats (BrE) or apartments

real estate Grundbesitz

labour Arbeit work done in return for money

to delocalize delokalisieren to move your factories to another region or country

to use the other companies to do work your company previously did

to outscore etwas auslagern

8 Production

Inventar, a companys reserves of raw materials, parts, work in process and
(AmE) or stock
Lagerbestand finished products

component Bestandteil any of the pieces or parts that make up a product or machine

the (maximum) rate of output that can be achieved from a production
capacity Leistungsfhig-

a collective word for all the buildings, machines, equipment, and

plant Betrieb
other facilities used in the production process

location Ort means the geographical situation of a factory or other facility

Wertschpfungs- a network of organizations involved in producing and delivering

supply chain kette goods or a service

means buying products or processed materials from other

outsourcing Fremdbezug
companies rather than manufacturing them

economies of
Betriebsgren- the cost savings arising from large scale production
scale ersparnisse

the time needed to perform an activity such as manufacturing a

lead time Durchlaufzeit
product or delivering it to a customer

9 Logistics

accurate genau correct, exact and without any mistakes

agile agil able to move quickly and easily

estimate (n.) Schtzung a guess of what the size or amount of something might be

forecast (n.) Vorhersage a statement of what is expected to happen in the future

lean (adj.) schlanke

using small quantities and avoiding any waste
of production Produktion

Vocabulary + Definitions English for Business Studies

designing and managing the flow of goods, information and other

logistics Logistik

manual handgemacht done with the hands

replenish wieder auffllen to fill something up again

10 Quality

bountiful reichlich providing a large amount of good things

headaches Kopfschmerzen things that cause difficulties

regulation Regulierung official rules or the act of controlling something

reworking Bearbeitung changing or improving a product or service

scrapping Verschrottung getting rid of things which are no longer useful or wanted

service Wartung to examine a machine and repair any faulty parts

guarantees: written promises to repair or replace products that

warranties Garantien
develop a fault

14 Banking

deposit Einzahlung money placed in a bank

loan Kredit a sum of money borrowed from a bank

capital Kapital the money invested in a business

stocks/ shares Anteile, Aktien certificates representing part-ownership of a company

certificates of debt issued by governments or companies to raise

bonds Anleihen

merger when one company combines with another one

takeover bid when one company offers to buy or acquire another one

stockbroking Aktienhandel buying and selling stocks or shares for clients

portfolio all the investments owned by an individual or organization

returns Einnahmen the profit made on investments

bankrupt bankrott unable to pay debts or continue to do business

deregulation Deregulierung the ending or relaxing of legal restrictions

a group of companies, operating in different fields, which have joined

conglomerate Mischkonzern

interest Zinsen the price paid for borrowing money, paid to the lenders

Vocabulary + Definitions English for Business Studies

credit rating Kreditfhigkeit estimates of peoples ability to fulfill their financial commitments

default Zahlungsverzug failure to repay a loan

collateralized besichert with property or another asset used as a guarantee of payment

cash flow Liquiditt the money generated by an investment

write off Abschreibung cancel a bad debt or a worthless asset from an account

15 Venture capital

competitive Wettbewerbs-
what an organization can do better than its competitors
advantage fhigkeit

sustainable nachhaltig able to continue over a period of time

sales forecasts Umsatzprognose the sales businesses expect to achieve in a particular period of time

break-even Rentabilitts- were total costs equal total income from sales and the company
point schwelle makes neither a profit nor a loss

Einkommen, the total income received by a business before any expenses are
revenue Ertrag paid

Ausstiegs- an investors plan for getting their investment back and potentially
exit strategy strategie realizing a profit

founders Grnder the people who establish a company or other organization

personnel Personal the people who are employed in an organization


16 Bonds

the money a company receives minus the money it spends during a

cash flows Liquiditt
certain period

equity Anteilskapital part ownership of a company in the form of stocks or shares

funds operated by investment companies that invest peoples money

mutual funds Anlagefonds
in various assets

funds that invest money that will be paid to people after they retire
pension funds Pensionsfond
from work

principal Kapitalsumme the amount of capital making up a bond or other loan

maturity Laufzeit the length of time for which a bond is issued (until it is repaid)

coupon Zinsschein the amount of interest that a bond pays

insolvent or bankrott unable to pay debts


creditors Glubiger people or institutions to whom money is owed

dividends payments by companies to their shareholders

market makers Marktmacher businesses that buy and sell securities

Vocabulary + Definitions English for Business Studies

the price at which a buyer is prepared to buy a security at a

bid (price) Angebotspreis
particular time

the price at which a buyer is prepared to sell a security at a

offer (price) Ausgabepreis
particular time

yield Gewinn the rate of income an investor receive from a security

19 Accounting and financial statements

income Einnahmen all the money received from business activities during a given period

Aufwand, all the money that a business spends on goods or services during a
expenditure Ausgabe given period

budget Budget a financial operating plan showing expected income and expenditure

anything owned by a business - cash, buildings, machines,

asset Aktivposten
equipment, etc.

Passivposten / all the money that a company will have to pay to someone else in
liabilities Verbindlichkeiten the future, including debts, taxes and interest payments

debit Soll an entry in an account, recording a payment made

credit Haben an entry in an account, recording a payment received

adjective describing something without a material existence, which

intangible immateriell
you cant touch

adjective describing a liability which has been incurred but not yet
accrued fllig
invoiced to the company

deferred verzgert delayed or postponed until a later time