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Presenter name, Associates, and Collaborators

Department of, College of ..., University of.


Writing Style: RESULTS

The writing style for scientific Text
posters should match the Be sure to spell check all text
guidelines for your particular and have trusted colleagues
research discipline. Use the Images CONCLUSION
proofread the poster. In general,
campus Writing Style Guide for authors should: TIFFs are the preferred file format for images
general guidance with academic appearing in printed posters. Avoid the use of low- Summarize statisfically
titles, names of campus buildings, Use the active tense
resolution jpgs, especially those downloaded from significant data
the correct way to refer to the Simplify text by using bullet the Internet, as they will reproduce poorly.
campus, etc. points
Campus Guidelines Use colored graphs and charts
In order to insert an image, use the menu toolbar at
Authors should be aware of and
Use bold to provide emphasis; the top of your screen.
follow the guidelines of the
avoid capitals and underlining
Institutional Review Board and Select:
the guidelines for campus Avoid long numerical tables Check to make sure youve
1 Insert
copyright. acknowledged partner and funding
2 Picture agencies, either with text or with
Authors should re-write their their logos.
3 From file
paper so that it is suitable for the
brevity of the poster format. 4 Find and select the correct file on your computer
AIM Respect your audienceas a
general rule, less is more. Use a 5 Press OK
How to use this template generous amount of white space
Highlight this text and replace it to separate elements and avoid
with new text from a Microsoft data overkill. Refer to Web sites Be aware of the image size you are importing.
Word document or other text- or other sources to provide a
editing program. more in-depth understanding of
the research.